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Digital Rights Management Software

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Vitrium Security logo

Protect Your Content. Protect Your Business

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Vitrium Systems is an Enterprise Content Protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution that offers file-level encryption, protection, access controls, and content engagement analytics.

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Brandfolder logo

Cloud-based digital asset management and sharing platform

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Brandfolder is an online digital asset management platform for PR purposes, providing a private and public-facing repository for sharing logos, videos and more

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Digify logo

Document Security Made Simple

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Digify is a secure virtual data room that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to protect and track documents, and keep control of their proprietary information

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Gumlet logo

Video and Image Management

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Gumlet transforms media delivery with rapid video streaming and image optimization, enhancing website speed and UX. Trusted by 8000+ businesses, it processes over 1.5 billion files daily, providing a seamless and optimized experience for users across the globe.

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Bynder logo

Digital Asset Management software to manage all your content

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Bynder's AI-powered Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is an industry-leading, cloud-based solution for organizations that want to easily manage all their digital content. DAM operates at the heart of your marketing ecosystem. A single source of truth for all your digital assets.

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Filecamp logo

Digital Asset Management software

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Filecamp is a digital asset management platform aimed at marketing professionals. It is designed to optimize the organization, sharing, tagging, & distribution of digital media. Users can create a searchable & centralized library of digital files and share them internally or externally.

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CapLinked logo

Caplinked Virtual Data Room Better Platform Better Price

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CapLinked is a web-based Virtual Data Room platform that provides a central platform for businesses and their partners to share business documents and sensitive data during critical business transactions.

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M-Files logo

Document Management Platform

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M-Files is the leading document management platform for knowledge work automation. With the M-Files platform, knowledge workers, project owners, and document controllers can find information faster, work smarter, and achieve more. M-Files features an innovative metadata-driven architecture.

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OpenAsset logo

Cloud-based digital asset management solution

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OpenAsset is a cloud-based solution which enables AEC and real estate businesses to store, organize, utilize and share all digital assets on a single platform. OpenAsset uses artificial intelligence & a project-based structure to help users tag, search, and batch edit assets.

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Yokoy logo

The intelligent spend management platform

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The proven, AI-powered spend management platform that delivers automation, transparency and control across all company spend, with purpose built modules for invoices, expenses, and payments.

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Tizra logo

Enterprise search software for content managers

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Tizra is a digital rights management software that helps businesses plan, create, and launch digital content stores and resource hubs. The platform enables administrators to organize different types of content including videos and documents in a centralized repository.

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Imagen logo

Digital asset management and content distribution platform

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Imagen is a digital asset management software that helps organizations and businesses in the sports and media industry store, search, view, distribute and handle videos, images, documents, and audio assets on a centralized platform.

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Rightsline logo

Intellectual property management software

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Rightsline is a cloud-based software designed to help sales, finance, and legal teams manage intellectual property catalogs, deals, inventory, and rights via a unified portal. The platform includes a customer relationship management (CRM) module, which lets organizations create and maintain a database of companions and parties involved in deals for future reference.

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NetX logo

Cloud based digital asset management for graphic designers

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NetX is a digital asset management platform for businesses of all sizes that enables users to search, browse, share and manage libraries of digital files

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brahms logo

The no-nonsense digital asset manager to control your brand

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brahms®enables companies to get their digital content creation, usage and sharing processes under control. Provides a clean management dashboard on which assets really contribute to the external and internal impact of their brand. Eliminates double-work and digital waste, thus saving time and money.

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TrackStreet logo

eCommerce & brand protection

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TrackStreet is a brand protection software which supports MAP (minimum advertised price), authorized dealer program compliance, and full internet sales channel visibility using proprietary website crawling technologies, automated reseller communications, actionable sales intelligence, and more

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Red Points logo

Red Points: The go-to for digital revenue gains

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Red Points is the most widely used AI-driven platform to recover digital revenue.

Red Points' software actively fights online fraud by scanning the Internet on behalf of its clients to automatically find and take down intellectual property infringements that are, in effect, stealing revenue.

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Cortex logo

Enterprise DAM platform - Robust | Versatile | Elegant

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For ambitious content creators in growing enterprises, Orange Logic provides a powerful DAM platform to increase control, creativity and commercial advantage.

Our infinitely scalable, user-friendly DAM solution streamlines content workflows, automates manual processes and enables collaboration.

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Sensitive Content Manager logo

Multi-purpose content distribution and management platform

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Sensitive Content Manager is a scalable cloud-based platform providing secure content distribution features across board or sales content management, e-learning publishing & more

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Widevine DRM logo

Digital Rights Management

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Widevine DRM protects video content on web browsers, mobile devices, and set-top boxes by helping keep consumers from copying protected content by sending any attempts at piracy to an enforcement server.

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Acviss logo

Brand protection and customer engagement platform

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Acviss enables businesses to combat frauds in the supply chain, protecting brand reputation and preserving revenue.

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Fasoo Enterprise DRM logo

All verticals in NA, Asia, and EMEA territories

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Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED) is the most advanced file-based security solution that allows organizations to protect, control, and track sensitive documents to meet internal and regulatory security requirements during all stages of the document lifecycle.

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Trevanna Tracks logo

Cloud-based workflow solution

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The premier workflow solution for budgeting, tracking and delivering music sync licenses used by the world's most forward thinking studios and content creators.

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Imatag  logo

Digital asset management and security

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Imatag is a digital rights management (DRM) and data leak protection (DLP) platform for brands, corporations, media outlets, and businesses relying on visual content. It offers tools to protect and monitor NDA's and classified documents, and trace brand leaks and copyright infringements.

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Swoop logo

Intellectual property and brand protection management

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Swoop, by SnapDragon, is a SaaS brand protection suite dedicated to fighting fakes and protecting brands. Using clients’ IP rights and backed by AI-driven technology, it monitors marketplaces, social media, domains, search engine results, apps, and NFT marketplaces.

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