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Aparavi logo

Data Intelligence & Automation Platform

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Aparavi is the data intelligence and automation platform that empowers organizations to truly control and exploit their data simply and without complexity. The Aparavi Platform lowers data costs, reduces risk, and provides greater insight for data-driven companies.

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Profisee logo

Cloud-based, multi-domain master data management solution

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Profisee is a cloud-based, multi-domain master data management (MDM) solution which enables small to large enterprises to handle database configuration, governance, quality, storage, and more. Its point and click logical modeling lets users create a physical schema for master and reference data.

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BigID logo

Know Your Data: Privacy - Protection - Perspective

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BigID is a modern data intelligence platform built with discovery-in-depth (classification, cataloging, cluster analysis and correlation), unmatched data coverage for all types of personal and sensitive data, and an app framework to take action on privacy, protection, and perspective.

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ManageEngine PAM360 logo

Complete privileged access security for enterprises

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ManageEngine PAM360 empowers enterprises looking to stay ahead of this growing risk with a robust privileged access management (PAM) program that ensures no privileged access pathway to mission-critical assets is left unmanaged, unknown, or unmonitored.

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KyruusOne logo

Better patient access starts with better provider data

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KyruusOne is an industry-leading data management platform that enables healthcare organizations to consolidate, enrich, and maintain provider data. The platform supports data ingestion, reconciliation, and custom business rules to power directory searches through Kyruus’ applications and API.

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MSIGHTS Platform logo

Data management software

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MSIGHTS Platform is a marketing data transformation and reporting tool that helps businesses centralize multi-channel marketing performance data. The platform enables managers to collect and centralize data from various sources, ensuring that all valuable marketing data is captured in one place.

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Alation logo

The Industry’s Leading Data Catalog

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One place to find, understand, trust, and collaborate on data — removing the barriers that come from huge volumes of data, complex environments, and organizational silos.

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Private Data Exchange logo

Cloud-based and on-premise data governance platform.

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Private Data Exchange is a cloud-based and on-premise data governance platform for businesses to share data across secure and personalized portals. The solution empowers organizations to establish private connections with strategic customers, suppliers, and partners while providing broad-based access to data through secure APIs.

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Tributech logo

Turning Data Into Facts

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Tributech is a cloud-based data governance platform that helps businesses prevent data sabotage attempts through advanced data security. The solution offers various features such as data collection, IoT data management, master data management, and open APIs.

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RansomDataProtect logo

Encryption of documents and emails

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RansomDataProtect is a data protection tool that effectively protects files and emails, encrypts data, and streamlines regulatory compliance. RansomDataProtect provides additional security to your existing securities.

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Master data management software

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TIBCO MDM is a master data management software designed to help businesses manage customers, products, services, assets, and suppliers at the level of a single record. It equips users with data-driven insights to improve business processes and deliver better customer experiences.

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Veza logo

The authorization platform for identity-first security

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Veza is a cloud-based platform specifically designed to address the primary concern in identity security today, which is authorization. Veza simplifies the process for organizations to navigate the disorder and actively visualize, handle, and regulate data permissions.

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Quantivate logo

SaaS-based governance, risk, and compliance software suite

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Quantivate's SaaS-based GRC Software Suite bundles seven standalone solutions spanning risk, compliance, auditing continuity, vendor and complaint management

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Tree Schema logo

Metadata management software with data dictionary

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Tree Schema is a web-based metadata management software designed to help businesses locate data from within the data ecosystem of their database. The platform lets teams automatically document data from existing data stores, view impact analysis of changes, and visualize relationships and connections.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based metadata management solution

learn more is a cloud-based metadata management software that helps businesses in streamlining data discovery, governance, and analysis processes. The platform can be used to organize data into charts, graphs, and reports. It also allows users to search for specific terms within documents which is helpful when they want to find particular information right away without having to go through each document individually.

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Elastio Cyber Recovery logo

Data Protection and Cyber Recovery as a Service

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Elastio Cyber Recovery is agentless, leverages AWS snapshots, and can ingest and secure existing snapshots. It provides real-time visibility into the recovery health of applications and enables teams to manage service-level objectives confidently. Teams are notified instantly of risks to application recovery health. It deeply inspects each backup for ransomware and malware in addition to air-gapped and immutable backups.

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SAP PowerDesigner logo

Enterprise Architecture Modeling

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SAP PowerDesigner is a collaborative enterprise data modeling solution that can build connections between company requirements, language, and models using enterprise-level data architecture tools.

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Ikara logo

Performance and compliance management platform

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Ikara is a performance and compliance management platform that helps businesses streamline their data governance strategy. Key features include an activity dashboard, performance feedback, real-time updates and reporting.

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Records Disposition Approval Module logo

The essential records management add-on for OpenText Content

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Driven by customers like you, RDA was built to make it easy for OpenText Content Server (OTCS) users to sign-off on records as well as to reduce the time it takes for records managers to process the records once they receive the approvals in their OpenText electronic document and records system (EDR

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Wiperapp logo

Data erasure solution

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WIPERAPP is certified and secure data erasure software that complies with international standards like NIST 800-88. It securely erases data from HDD, SSD, NVMe, PC, and laptop drives to make data recovery impossible while allowing reuse of the drives. WIPERAPP offers centralized cloud management, lifetime licenses, and hot swap capability to erase multiple drives simultaneously.

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erwin Data Governance logo

Data governance solution for business collaboration

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erwin Data Governance is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses track data for optimizing its value, security, and quality. It lets users streamline regulatory compliance and data privacy to facilitate decision making and drive digital transformation.

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Simflofy logo

Siloed content management with secure storage

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Simflofy is a cloud-based siloed content management system, which allows businesses to search for and manage documents from across multiple platforms. The solution offers features including federated search, document access and preview, content analytics, file migration, data discovery, and more.

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Privitar logo

Data security and privacy solution

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Privitar is a data security and privacy solution that protects user personal information from prying eyes

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OvalEdge logo

Cloud-based data governance solution

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OvalEdge is a cloud-based data cataloging and governance solution that helps businesses in healthcare, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, IT, management consulting, and other sectors streamline data lineage, literacy, and compliance operations. It utilizes AI and algorithms to handle data quality and accessibility processes. It enables employees to eliminate manual work, drives self-service adoption, and accelerates the process of creating trusted access to sensitive data.

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SAP Information Steward logo

Data stewardship and integrity solution

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SAP Information Steward is a software solution that helps businesses organize, structure, and manage their information. It is deployed on-premise and in the cloud, and it can be used by any type of business that needs to manage large amounts of data.

SAP Information Steward has a wide range of functionalities, including data governance tools, document management, data cleansing, and metadata management.

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