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PureVPN logo

Secured VPN service offering limitless, anonymous web access

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Pure VPN, and PureVPN for Business, is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android that provides 256-bit secured, anonymous and P2P-enabled access to unrestricted internet browsing with features including IP address masking, split tunneling & more

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Incapsula logo

Safer, Faster Website

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Incapsula is a cloud-based web application security platform to optimize, protect and enhance website performance. It allows website traffic to route through Incapsula’s global network of high-powered servers that accelerate outgoing traffic and optimize it for faster load times.

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Symantec Enterprise Cloud logo

Cybersecurity platform for threat protection

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Symantec Enterprise Cloud is a cybersecurity platform that provides integrated solutions for various challenges faced by organizations. The system offers data-centric hybrid security for organizations both on-premises and in the cloud. Symantec Enterprise Cloud is designed to provide consistent compliance, secure remote work, and data and threat protection.

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Avast Premium Business Security logo
Category Leaders

Premium online security and privacy protection for SMB

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Avast Premium Business Security combines our next-gen antivirus with VPN and USB control to help your employees and their devices stay more private and safer online, as well as offline. 

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ConnectWise SIEM logo

Threat detection and response management software

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ConnectWise SIEM is a threat detection and response management software designed to help enterprises create, launch, and manage cybersecurity programs. The platform enables organizations to identify potential threats and malicious activities across networks & connected devices via a unified portal.

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GateKeeper Enterprise logo

Shared PC authentication, proximity, 2FA/MFA wireless token.

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GateKeeper Enterprise is an access management software which helps businesses in healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries handle proximity-based authentication for PCs and websites. It enables organizations to automatically lock employees’ unattended devices and securely store passwords.

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Commvault Cloud logo

Total Resilience. No Exceptions.

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Commvault® Cloud is the industry’s only platform for cyber resilience, built to meet the demands of the hybrid
enterprise at the lowest TCO, in the face of ransomware and other cyber threats.

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Guardio logo

Chrome extension for blocking malware and phishing attacks

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Guardio is a Google Chrome extension designed to help businesses provide protection against malware, phishing attacks, and identity theft and remove pop-up messages from the browser. It lets employees prevent unauthorized users from accessing web browsers and remove existing malware from devices via a unified platform.

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SafeDNS logo

Cloud-based web filtering and internet security software

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SafeDNS is a DNS-based internet security and web filtering service designed to help businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits protect their network against malware, phishing, inappropriate content, and more whilst maintaining compliance with statutory regulations.

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Sealit logo

Full Security - Just 1 Click.

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Sealit protects your data, no matter how it's shared. End-to-end email and file encryption for small businesses or individuals.

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Deep Freeze logo

Endpoint protection and remote machine management software

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Deep Freeze offers developers a set of enterprise solutions to protect, manage and optimize IT assets on a cloud-based platform. Key features include device management, activity tracking, application security, maintenance and scheduling, asset administration, data protection, and power management.

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Unitrends Backup logo

Data backup, recovery and protection solution

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Unitrends Backup is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to assist businesses of all sizes manage processes related to data recovery and protection. Features include pattern recognition, predictive analytics, email alerts, and data replication and deduplication.

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ESET Home Office Security Pack logo

Cloud-based cybersecurity solution for SMBs

learn more
ESET Home Office Security Pack is a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses and startups that need to protect digital equipment

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Falcon logo

Network monitoring and endpoint protection platform

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Falcon is a cloud-based endpoint protection platform designed to help enterprises detect, manage, and remediate threats in real-time to prevent data loss. Features include event recording, alerts, prioritization, credential management, and access control.

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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud logo

AI-powered data protection and cybersecurity

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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is truly a unique integration of backup, anti-malware, antivirus and endpoint protection. Such synergy solves complexity, allowing service providers to better protect customers while keeping the costs down.

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Workspace ONE logo

Digital workspace platform

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Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables organizations to simply and securely deliver and manage devices, apps, and data from a single, unified console, providing modern, cloud-native endpoint management and secure access to corporate resources.

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BLACKbox logo

Data protection solution

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BLACKbox is a data protection service that provides complete data loss protection and breach detection across laptops, desktops, on-premises servers, data centers, public cloud environments and more.

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ManageEngine ADAudit Plus logo

Active Directory change audit and reporting software

learn more
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a change audit software that provides detailed reports for changes made in Windows Active Directory and real-time compliance audits

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ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus logo

Vulnerability management with built-in remediation

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ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a prioritization-driven threat and vulnerability management software for enterprises that offers built-in patching.

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Acunetix logo

All-in-one automated web application security solution

learn more
Acunetix (by Invicti) is a cyber security solution offering automatic web security testing technology that enables organizations to scan and audit complex, authenticated, HTML5 and JavaScript-heavy websites to detect vulnerabilities such as XSS, SQL Injection, and more.

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Powertech Antivirus logo

Virus protection solution for Linux, AIX, and IBM i

learn more
Fortra's Powertech Antivirus is a cloud-based solution which provides malware protection to Linux, IBM i and AIX power servers from viruses, malware threats and worms. It lets users detect and resolve data privacy threats to save valuable IT resources, whilst ensuring enterprise compliance.

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DriveStrike logo

Data and device protection for businesses of all sizes

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DriveStrike is a cloud-based data and device protection solution which helps businesses of all sizes with data security and compliance. Key features include incident management, policy management, automated device recognition, real time monitoring, and remote locking.

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INLYSE Malware.AI logo


learn more
INLYSE Malware.AI is a revolutionary visual AI-based malware detection solution that utilizes cutting-edge technology to convert files into graphical representations and analyze them comprehensively for any signs of malware.

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Invicti logo

Security scanning & vulnerability management

learn more
Invicti, formerly Netsparker, web application security scanning solution automatically identifies XSS, SQL Injection and other vulnerabilities in websites, web applications and web services and lets enterprise-class businesses automate and scale their web security program.

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Apex One logo

Endpoint protection and threat intelligence software

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Apex One is an endpoint detection and response software designed to help businesses detect and investigate threats and protect the system against fileless and ransomware attacks. The platform offers a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS), which enables administrators to virtually patch vulnerabilities.

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