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Atomicorp OSSEC


Security & compliance solution for installed/hosted systems

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Atomic Enterprise OSSEC is a cloud-based security & compliance solution designed to help businesses automate processes for providing security for workloads in on-premise, cloud & hybrid environments. Built on an open-source security framework, users can monitor log events & route them to SIEMs.

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The #1 platform to start your Privacy by Design journey.

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Helps privacy teams implement Privacy by Design into product development processes.

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Enable websites to protect the privacy of their users.

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Cookiebot is a consent management platform that allows businesses to use and track cookies and considering user privacy and maintaining compliance with GDPR, ePR and CCPA regulations.

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ECOMPLY - All In Order

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ECOMPLY is the most modern and helpful data protection management system - to save you time and make sure that everything is in order.

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Risk, Audit, GDPR, ICS & Compliance SaaS Solution

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Modern, intuitive and affordable. HITGuard ensures that all requirements for your business are met and risks are managed in a comprehensible and effective manner.

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Obsequio Software


GDPR & PECR compliant Consent-as-a-Service application

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Obsequio is a GDPR & PECR compliant consent management application that helps organizations manage consent throughout the customer lifecycle, serving a variety of industries including recruitment, education, and hospitality. Customers are able to agree/withdraw consent at anytime, via mobile device.

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Data privacy platform that helps businesses remain compliant

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Osano is a cloud-based data privacy platform designed to help businesses ensure compliance with data governance laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) across websites.

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GDPR software for corporate data management and protection

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PRIVACYSOFT is designed to help internal or external data protection officers in companies, practices, businesses, associations, and all other organizations handle operational data protection. The software is used to organize data protection rules in accordance with EU GDPR provisions.

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Data privacy & GDPR compliance

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Privacy–Now is a solution for managing data privacy & GDPR which enables users to implement and maintain compliance over time with features for records of processing activities, PIA/DPIA automation, related risks, data subjects consents, access requests, data breaches, cookies and more

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Cloud-based GDPR compliance tool available in 11 languages

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PrivacyPerfect is a GDPR compliance software tool, offering multilingual support and a secure online dashboard for assessing personal data use within an organization, tracking and visualizing flow, running reports, processing notifications and informing supervisory authorities in the event of breach

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Cloud-based data discovery and classification platform

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Qostodian is a cloud-based data security platform, which assists businesses with data discovery, classification, access control, and risk assessment. Administrators can monitor data flows between teams and detect risky behavior in real-time.

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The OptimalCloud


Cloud-based identity and access management software

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The OptimalCloud helps organizations manage and provide secure access to various applications using single sign-on (SSO) capability. Users can submit registration requests, reset passwords, delegate administrative tasks to members across teams, and approve workflows via a unified portal.

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Tokenization, key and encryption management platform

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TokenEx partners with Armor to provide improved performance along with unsurpassed security for TokenEx’s cloud-tokenization, encryption, data-vaulting, and key-management solutions. Safely meet multiple compliance obligations and reduce GDPR scope.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) management platform

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VComply is a cloud-based governance, risk & compliance (GRC) management software which uses an Entrust, Verify, Analyze & Sustain (EVAS) framework to simplify compliance. The platform offers compliance dashboards, a compliance library and workroom, real-time alerts, risk management tools, and more.

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Data protection management simple and intelligent

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caralegal is a data protection management software that helps businesses meet GDPR requirements. The solution includes features such as a compliance dashboard, automated threshold analysis, records of processing activities, custom user permissions, task management, multi-factor authentication, and more.

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