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Maxoptra overview

Maxoptra is a cloud-based delivery planning and scheduling software for the distribution and field service logistics industries with tools for route optimization and fleet tracking. Suitable for any size distribution or service management organization, Maxoptra offers dynamic delivery planning and multi drop optimization to aid with decision making, manage costs, maximize resource efficiency, and utilize time more effectively.

With Maxoptra businesses can benefit from automatic delivery scheduling and planning as the app is able to build optimized routes based on customers’ time frames, vehicle capacity, employee availability, required skills, and more. Routes can also be adjusted or built from scratch manually using the drag and drop interface, with Maxoptra providing assistance through driving duration calculations and optimization hints. Routes can also be monitored and adjusted once they are underway with real-time tracking via GPS or mobile devices, which facilitates progress tracking of the delivery route in order to keep customers updated.

The multi-drop route planning feature aims to provide businesses with a more efficient and cost effective solution to delivery management by cutting down on distance and fuel. Maxoptra creates multi-point schedules which are optimized by time and distance and allocates these jobs to the most suitable driver in order to meet the customer’s specified time window. Routes can be tracked via in-vehicle tracking units with GPS to compare actual performance with planned schedules, and customers can be provided with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) prediction in real time. Changes in schedule, such as delays, emergencies, or on-the-day modifications, can be reacted to in real time with the ability to notify customers and reschedule subsequent calls from within the application.


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Maxoptra screenshot: Routes can be planned and viewed on geographic mapsWhy Maxoptra daily dynamic routing  is more efficient than fixed routesMaxoptra screenshot: Jobs can be assigned to drivers based on their availability and working hoursMaxoptra screenshot: Open or unplanned order deliveries can be added to the route planner for fulfillment Maxoptra screenshot: Multi-drop routes can be created to fulfill more order deliveries with one vehicleMaxoptra screenshot: Routes can be planned using the drag and drop interface, and time and cost is estimated during planningMaxoptra screenshot: Administrators can customize settings for each driver including maximum driving limits and time per shift

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Richard Payne

Maxoptra has made the process of planning our routes a lot quicker and easier

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-04-05
Review Source: Capterra

We can now get a more accurate account of how much each truck is costing us each week and a clearer picture overall of our operation, It also integrates well with our Elucid system .The Pros include how easy it is to plan the drops, The drag and drop facility is great,Very clear overview of what is happening. It's very easy to undo anything you do wrong,The more information fed into the system the more accuracy we are getting.

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Maxoptra Lite: £35.00/vehicle/month

Maxoptra Complete: £50.00/vehicle/month

Maxoptra Premium: Pricing available upon application

Maxoptra features

Automatic Notifications
Delivery Tracking
Email Notifications
Geographic Maps
Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Updates
Route Optimization
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Additional information for Maxoptra

Key features of Maxoptra

  • Driver management
  • Mileage tracking
  • Vehicle information
  • Resource scheduling
  • Drag & drop scheduling
  • Route costing
  • Capacity planning
  • Driver management
  • Routing
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online scheduling
  • Delivery tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Route optimization
  • GPS
  • GPS integration
  • Planning tools
  • Task planning
  • Route management
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Asset management
  • Cost estimating
  • Real time monitoring
  • Performance management
  • Real time updates
  • Time planning
  • Employee location tracking
  • Geographic maps
  • Job scheduling
  • Automatic notifications
  • SMS integration
  • Email notifications
  • Dynamic workflow
  • Gantt charts
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Barcode scanning
  • Alerts / escalation
  • Performance reports
  • Summary reports
  • Customer experience management
  • Widgets
  • Third party integration
  • Resource management
  • Customer delivery experience
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Aim to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and generate more revenue from happy customers through customer notifications and real-time updates on delivery time or alterations to schedules.

Dispatch jobs to remote staff in real-time through mobile devices. Jobs can be automatically assigned to team members based on their availability, location, skills, and more.

Allow Maxoptra to plan and schedule routes automatically based on route optimization factors, or create routes from scratch with the drag and drop interface. Users can view their schedules for the day or week within Gantt charts.

Create multi-drop routes in order to deliver as many goods or services as possible within the same journey. Maxtropa automatically generates multi-point routes and schedules to make the best use of resources and time.

Benefit from real-time vehicle and employee tracking via GPS integration and measure employee productivity with reports on actual performance against predicted/planned progress.