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RMS POS logo

Point of sale software for retail stores and restaurants

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RMS POS is a point of sale software designed to help hotels, retail stores, cafes, and other businesses manage reservations and guest details across properties. It enables administrators to automate booking rate adjustment based on occupancy levels and predetermined pricing rules.

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ChowNow logo

Online ordering and food delivery platform for restaurants

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ChowNow is an online ordering platform designed to help restaurants manage digital orders, customize food menus, track delivery locations, and more on a unified platform. Administrators can view top spenders, pull reports, and track old and new orders using a centralized dashboard.

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Paysafe logo

Web and mobile based payment solution

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Paysafe offers secure payment solutions for merchants to receive payments, digital wallet services for customers and a prepaid card for offline purchases

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Deliverect logo

Food delivery management and restaurant POS software

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Deliverect is a food delivery management tool designed to help businesses streamline order tracking, POS, and revenue management operations. It enables employees to create menus, configure workflows, and handle multiple online food delivery channels including UberEats, Foodora, Deliveroo, and more.

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Tray logo

Self-service kiosks, POS, and online food ordering

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TRAY is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and restaurants. Features include self-order kiosks, online ordering, mobile app ordering, third-party delivery integration, electronic waivers, party booking, and handheld device ordering systems.

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Point of sale solution for retail stores and businesses

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IVEPOS is a POS (point of sale) solution for restaurants, retail stores, bars, pharmacies, salons & other businesses. It offers tools for managing invoices, products, payments, inventory, accounting & more. The centralized dashboard lets users view sales summaries, average sales, bills, and taxes.

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Trackin logo

Restaurant orders and delivery management solution

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Trackin is a food and restaurant delivery management system, which helps businesses manage cost management, order processing, delivery tracking, communications & more. The platform enables organizations to define multiple delivery zones, add drivers, and monitor orders to ensure timely deliveries.

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Harbortouch POS logo

Online ordering and bar POS software for restaurants

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Harbortouch POS is an online ordering software designed to help businesses in the retail sector manage orders, reservations, inventory, payments, and reporting. Administrators can utilize the kitchen display systems (KDS) to streamline front and back-office communication flows.

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Aprego logo

POS software for managing hospitality industry operations

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Aprego is an all-inclusive hospitality POS software. It features a back-office module to easily manage inventory and terminals, as well as modules for fine dining, QSR, delivery, takeout, and more.

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Fleksa logo

Unleash your restaurant's full potential with Fleksa. Simpli

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Experience a revolution in restaurant management with Fleksa! Unleash the potential of your restaurant with our seamless all-in-one platform that simplifies everything from online ordering to reservations and point of sale operations. With Fleksa, manage third-party order, track orders with touch.

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DaYummy logo

Online food ordering and Online reservations

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Online ordering system that helps all types of Restaurants and Supermarkets with menu management, email marketing automation, payment processing, and more.

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TrueKonnects logo

Point-of-sale solution for salon businesses

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TrueKonnects is a cloud-based solution designed to help spa & salon businesses automate processes for booking & canceling appointments, accepting payments, & sending messages to deliver optimal service to clients. It lets users manage social media marketing, customer reviews, & marketing campaigns.

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MENUU logo

Online ordering system for restaurants & food delivery

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MENUU offers a fully integrated solution for click and collect, delivery, table ordering, curbside ordering, and virtual room service. It also offers fully customizable menus that customers love.

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ready2order logo

Cloud-based POS tool to handle payments, customers & stocks

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ready2order is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) software designed to help businesses process payments, manage customer data, track stock levels, and generate receipts in real-time.

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eTab logo

eTab order and delivery engine - links to any website + app.

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eTab the innovative online order & delivery platform. Industry leading design and functionality + the lowest fee structure. Our order & delivery engine accepts all orders. Takeout, curbside and delivery by Doordash or in house. Tools to automate promos and discounts. eTab links to any website & app

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Users also considered Payments Platform logo

Accept Online and POS Payments on one single platform

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Scan, order & pay – simplify the Ordering and Payment Process for your event visitors so that they will not miss a minute. With Mobile Order, you will enrich your visitors' experience and ensure that they enjoy their visit to your event, match, festival, or venue to the fullest.

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Speed WMS logo

Cloud-based and on-premise warehouse management software

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Speed WMS is a warehouse inventory management software developed and integrated by BK Systèmes. This solution enables users to manage logistics activities, optimize their processes and flows, and increase the productivity of their logistics activity. Speed WMS lets users increase the productivity of their logistics operations with customized settings.

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NOQ logo

Waitlist and online ordering management platform

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NOQ is a waitlist platform that helps bars, restaurants, and hotels generate more footfall and increase sales by offering a streamlined digital ordering experience. Users can improve customer satisfaction by providing services to reduce wait times at the bar or table.

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My Axis Point logo

Point of sale (POS) system for restaurants and bars

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MyAxisPoint is a point of sale (POS) system designed for businesses in the restaurant, bar, and quick-service industry to streamline gift card, rewards, and loyalty management operations. The platform aims to address the challenges faced by this sector, such as eroded consumer trust and outdated technology. MyAxisPoint offers a range of features including flexible system solutions, wired and wireless terminals, wireless tablets for room service, and access to POS data from anywhere.

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Luper for Business logo

Your business, your customers, your revenue - No Commission.

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With Luper, you can add your products / build your menu and start taking orders in-store, online and mobile quickly and with ease.

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RIMS logo

Cloud-based restaurant inventory management software

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RIMS is a cloud-based restaurant inventory management software that enables restaurants to manage online ordering, food delivery, table reservation, customer feedback, and customer management processes on a centralized platform.

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E-Delivery logo

Cloud-based food delivery solution

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E-Delivery is a cloud-based food delivery application that enables businesses to streamline processes related to order tracking, route optimization, payment processing, and customer communication. Customers can use the solution to view order histories, schedule deliveries & access store details.

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Lunchbox logo

Empowering Restaurants

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Lunchbox enables restaurants of all sizes to deliver the best digital ordering experiences to their customers by simplifying the solution. By creating powerful omnichannel systems restaurants are able to take back their digital real estate.

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tap4drink logo

Ordering system for bars, restaurants and delivery services

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tap4drink allows users to create a digital menu with order functions for their venues. The software is specifically designed for bars, restaurants and delivery services.

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Stravopys logo

Digital menu and QR code creator

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Stravopys is a cloud-based platform aimed at helping restaurants create digital menus easily, with promotion features, online orders, payments, reviews, and more.

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