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Therapy Notes Software

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Valant EHR Suite logo

Behavioral Health EHR, PM, Billing, and Telehealth software

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Valant is a cloud-based EHR software that provides clinicians and behavioral health professionals with tools to streamline administration and improve outcomes.

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Noteable logo

Practice management tool for behavioral service providers

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Noteable is an online suite of management tools designed for mental health care practices. It aims to simplify administrative aspects of mental health service management, freeing clinical staff to focus on care. Features include case note access, staff management, billing, and government compliance.

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Exym logo

Giving our customers the freedom to focus on care.

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Exym is an intuitive, user-friend EHR software solution that tracks everything your behavioral health agency needs. Easily manage your patient data, progress notes, clinician activities and billing.

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SimplePractice logo

Private practice made simple

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Sign up for a free trial today to see why more than 200,000 health and wellness practitioners trust SimplePractice to run their business.

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Online counseling practice management software

learn more is an online practice management solution for counselors, with secure messaging, two-way live video, appointment scheduling & reminders, and more

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TherapyNotes, LLC logo

Online mental health EMR and practice management software.

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Web-based practice management & electronic health records (EHR) software for behavioral health with thousands of active users, and unlimited customer support.

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TheraNest logo

Web-based mental health software for practitioners

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TheraNest Mental Health is a practice management and therapy notes tool that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing

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Family-owned and top-rated among 153 vendors, EHR Your Way specializes in behavioral health EHR. We help numerous agencies overcome workflow and billing challenges by tailoring EHR solutions to their preferences.

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IntakeQ logo

Web-based intake forms management software

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IntakeQ is an online intake form solution that enables healthcare professionals to securely exchange electronic forms with their patients prior to appointments

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Qualifacts Insync logo

Cloud-based EHR and practice management software.

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Improve patient care with Qualifacts InSync's integrated, user-friendly, cloud-based EHR solution tailored to your practice. Includes EHR, practice management, billing, telemedicine, e-prescribing, and patient portal for practices of any size.

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NueMD logo

Electronic health record software for medical practitioners

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NueMD helps medical practices streamline the administrative operations to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. It helps create patient records, scan and attach insurance and ID cards and instantly verify insurance eligibility.

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RXNT logo

Cloud-based Practice Management, EHR, and eRx Software

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RXNT is an integrated Clinical & Practice Management platform for healthcare professionals which helps you manage patient records and medical billing, e-prescribe medications, and schedule doctors, patients, and resources. Elevate your practice with our cloud-based EHR, eRx, and PM software.

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Kipu logo

Expert-designed software for better behavioral healthcare.

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Kipu empowers multi-provider and enterprise facilities specializing in SUD and behavioral health to operate efficiently with a comprehensive cloud-based platform that includes EMR, CRM, and RCM solutions.

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Alleva logo

We're the friendliest EMR platform around. Book a Demo!

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Our state-of-the-art platform will take your center into the 21st century and streamline the entire process of EMR. Our platform provides more efficient workflows, reducing burn-out, and improving the quality of care. Insights offers real-time data for better business decisions and easier reporting.

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Therasoft Online logo

Practice management toolbox for mental health professionals

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Practice management platform for psychologists, therapists and mental health professionals that provides tools for marketing, management and billing

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DrChrono logo

Cloud based EHR

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Cloud-based EHR with fully customizable medical templates and easy billing software with industry leading iPhone and iPad apps.

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CentralReach logo

Practice management & EHR for therapists and educators

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CentralReach is a practice management & EHR solution for therapists and educators with integrated features for scheduling, medical billing, payroll, clinical data collection & learning. CentralReach helps applied behavior analysis (ABA) clinicians to produce improved outcomes for people with autism.

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Practice Fusion logo

Cloud-based electronic health record platform

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Practice Fusion is a cloud-based electronic health record management solution offering features such as e-prescription, charting, scheduling and lab integration

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BestNotes logo

Cloud based electronic health records solution for clinics

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BestNotes is a cloud based electronic health record management solution for the behavioral health and substance abuse industry. Features include: scheduling, patient portal, audit-compliant documentation, medication administration, outcome tracking, e prescribing, lab tracking, and reporting

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Zoobook EHR logo

EHR and practice management for mental health facilities

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Zoobook offers cloud EHR and practice management software for mental health facilities, behavioral health facilities, psychiatry practices, addiction treatment centers

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OnCall Health logo

Everything you need to deliver the modern client experience

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Qualifacts OnCall Virtual Care Client Portal with built-in Telehealth Software to reduce administrative burden and deliver a simplified experience for clients and staff

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75health logo

Cloud-based EMR / EHR for doctors, clinics & hospitals

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75health platform is easy to use and helps doctors, clinics, and hospitals to stay up-to-date. Streamlining the process to cloud-based software gives them more time and energy.

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Luminello logo

Practice management software for mental health providers

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Luminello is a cloud-based EHR/EMR and practice management software for mental health providers which includes tools for charting and e-prescribing. The solution includes multiple note types, an appointment calendar, insurance billing, integrated credit card processing, e-referrals, and more.

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TherapyAppointment logo

You provide the therapy, we'll provide the rest.

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TherapyAppointment is an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant, EMR solution for individual and group mental health practices. Our secure, cloud-based web platform powers your practice (charting, billing, insurance filing, scheduling, appointment reminders, telehealth) from any computer or mobile device.

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Therabill logo

Practice management for rehab therapy & behavioral health

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TheraBill is a web-based practice management platform for mental and behavioral health specialists & speech therapists, offering scheduling, invoicing, and more

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