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Manta Flow overview

Manta Flow is a data lineage visualization solution which extracts and analyzes metadata from report definitions, custom SQL code, and ETL workflows, to create data flows which span multiple systems and a range of technologies. Lineages are analyzed based on actual code, and both direct and indirect flows can be visualized. Data paths between files, report fields, database tables, and individual columns are revealed to users, and this information can be utilized in a range of roles.

All entities detected by Manta Flow, such as columns or procedures, are presented to users in a structure designed to simplify navigation. Users can search for any object in the repository, or within the visualization itself. Clicking on specific objects within the data flow highlights paths, and users can apply filters and manually unfilter individual connections. The visualization can also be rearranged to focus on a different object with a single click.


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Manta Flow features

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Key features of Manta Flow

  • Search functionality
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Indirect flow visualization
  • Data filters
  • Data lineage visualization
  • Database, table & column level analysis
  • Data lineage analysis
  • Third party integration
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Ad hoc analysis
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Manta Flow analyzes metadata from SQL scripts, ETL configuration, report definitions, and more, to create data flows that span multiple systems and technologies.

Results are visualized on a table or column level, with advanced capabilities including optional filtering.

Data lineages can be traced in detail, with information on what data fills each field, how data is transformed, and which data affects the path.

Manta Flow can be used for impact analysis before any changes are made, such as adding or removing database columns, by giving users insight into where and how changes propagate.

Information provided by Manta Flow on system complexity and subsystem relationships can be used for risk mitigation and cost control by data migration leads.