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Business analytics for IT business users

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Numerify overview

Numerify provides comprehensive analytics for business IT users. Numerify offers IT business users an analytics solution that allows them to integrate data from multiple IT systems such as service & asset management and business systems such as Finance, HR and Call Center.

Efficient, automated reporting from Numerify’s self-service, interactive dashboards offers IT users key insights into their business IT data. Numerify automates IT visibility for CIOs, hiding the complexities to offer insights through simple yet insightful dashboards.

Numerify enables everybody in IT to share a single source to analyze their business. IT users can drill-down into data and identify which area of their business incurs the highest costs of service.

Numerify users can analyze incidents across multiple dimensions, identify incident triggers and predict and prevent outages in the future. With precise incident origination, service desk staffing can be matched.

Ensure the integrity, consistency and security of your business IT data with Numerify.


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Numerify screenshot: Identify outage trends with NumerifyNumerify Solution OverviewNumerify screenshot: Numerify's open work overviewNumerify screenshot: An intuitive Numerify dashboardNumerify screenshot: A Numerify incident performance scorecardNumerify screenshot: Numerify mobile and iPad app for analytics on-the-goNumerify screenshot: Track and manage SLAs with NumerifyNumerify screenshot: Numerify's data visulaization maps enable the identification of geographic patternsNumerify screenshot: Reduce backlog with Numerify's proactive workload management

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Numerify features

Business Intelligence
Visual Analytics

API (126 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (95 other apps)
Ad hoc Reporting (63 other apps)
Charting (70 other apps)
Collaboration Tools (45 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (69 other apps)
Dashboard Creation (79 other apps)
Data Filtering (64 other apps)
Data Import/Export (74 other apps)
Data Visualization (98 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (54 other apps)
Graphical Data Presentation (47 other apps)
Monitoring (67 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (85 other apps)
Real Time Data (68 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (48 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (70 other apps)
Third Party Integration (61 other apps)

Additional information for Numerify

Key features of Numerify

  • Change management
  • Business intelligence
  • Business assets
  • Spend analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Task planning
  • Project tracking
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Reporting
  • IT cost management
  • Expense tracking
  • Compliance management
  • Contract resourcing
  • IT asset tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Visual analytics
  • Data mapping
  • Financial analysis
  • Business Analysis
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Get instant access to Numerify’s library of hundreds of metrics and role-based dashboards, designed by IT experts.

Use Numerify to find out which business assets are approaching expiry and the cost of their replacement. Asset aging analysis helps users to make the most financially viable decisions.

Identify geographic patterns and visually discover insights with Numerify’s data visualization maps.

An interactive iPad application and advanced mobile platform enable users to access analytics across all devices and get data insights on-the-go, in weeks.

Numerify’s change and outage analytics enable operations teams to analyze changes by different attributes. Outages, changes & incidents can be linked to each other to predict and prevent outages in the future.