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Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data extraction system

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What is Xtract.io?

Xtract.io is a data extraction software that follows the ETL process to help companies extract, enrich, and migrate critical business data from various sources like websites, PDF files, or text files and securely. Data analysts can leverage this platform to conduct predictive analytics, handle image recognition, and streamline NLP operations using AI and ML technologies.

The platform can be used for data import/export, reporting, an activity dashboard, security management, and more. Businesses can use the platform to extract data and convert them into actionable insights to understand their competitors, markets, products, and customer trends.

Xtract.io provides API access to let businesses integrate the system with other third-party ERPs, CRM, and BI systems. Boost productivity, manage brand reputation, track ROIs, and forecast demands - all with Xtract.io.


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Automate your unstructured data extraction with pre-configured workflows to extract business critical data within minutes with Xtract.io.
We combine data from innumerable sources, clean it to remove duplicates, and enrich them to make it easily consumable for you.
AI/ML technologies like NLP, image recognition, and predictive analytics are used for creation of our suite of solutions and platforms to deliver accurate information.
Xtract.io’s powerful reports and dashboards will allow your analytics team and decision makers to make quick decisions based on the data.
Xtract.io delivers tailored and flexible data solutions to help you solve real-world business challenges.