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Connecting people with the data they need to drive business

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Domo overview

Domo is a cloud-based business management suite that integrates with multiple data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, social media and any existing cloud-based or on-premise software solution. It is suitable for company sizes ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, and is compatible with Windows or Mac platforms, iPad tablets, and also works on mobile devices.

Domo provides both micro- and macro-level visibility and analysis; from cash balances and top-selling product lines to forecasted revenue by region, marketing return on investment (ROI) by channel, and more. It offers real-time dashboards with data pertaining to multiple business areas and performance metrics (e.g., key performance indicators, ROI, etc.). Domo also offers interactive visualization tools and instant access to company-wide data via a centralized dashboard. Users can filter, combine, and personalize the data they want into one or multiple dashboards.


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Domo reviews

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Michelle Botma

Domo Review

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-10-10
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall we are very happy with the cloud -based BI solution and would recommend it to other companies.Beautiful interface and easy to use without any programming or SQL experience. Many important functions (variance calculation) that were missing have been added in the past months. ETL function makes it easy to combine various datasets from many different sources and many out-of-the-box connectors are already installed and ready to import data (google analytics, shopify, Instagram, Twitter, google sheets etc.). Reports can be exported into a customized powerpoint presentation with a button click and distributed to the company. The buzz messenger function allows our company to communicate quickly if there are issues with reports or if we see interesting trends and have questions. Great app that allows to view charts anywhere.

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Connecting people with the data they need to drive business

Vince Profaca

Domo Review

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-09-08
Review Source: Capterra

Domo provided for us a mobile-compatible platform with cloud delivery which makes its visualizations open to all users, regardless of their device or location. Because Domo offers both iOS and Android native apps this helped our organization with the multiple platforms that we use to be more efficient.Domo Business Cloud offers a great range of data connection possibilities. Users can get unrestricted access to all the data needed to make quality business decisions even if they lack technical knowledge and expertise. Domo offers attractive visualizations that are a far cry from classic rows and columns. The app. enables users to visualize data in the way they prefer and maintain full control of it. A major benefit is that the app. offers a unique social aspect that includes valuable conversations. The software also tracks behavior and interests and merges them with other data. Domo offers a mobile-compatible platform with cloud delivery which makes its visualizations open to all users, regardless of their device. The vendor offers both iOS and Android native apps.

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Connecting people with the data they need to drive business

Mark Shields

Business Intelligence Done Right!

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2016-12-05
Review Source: Capterra

Our organization implemented DOMO for our business intelligence tool about 6 months ago and we have been very pleased with our experience so far. We now have the ability to see several data sets in one place, which has vastly improved our reporting. DOMO has API's for all of our core applications, which includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickDimensions marketing platform, Google Adwords, and other SQL-based applications. Although it is expensive, we have experienced a lot of benefits from DOMO.DOMO has API's for just about any application out there, so it is very easy to integrate other applications to DOMO. It is fairly easy to build dashboards and connect your data. It doesn't require any advanced coding skills to use. Our data is easily transformed to fit exactly what we need, which has been a significant benefit for our business intelligence.

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Connecting people with the data they need to drive business

Susan Boggs

Domo How Do I Love Thee (A Creative Digital Analyst's Dream Come True)

Used weekly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-01-10
Review Source: Capterra

I hate to write a review where I gush about an app because the cynic in all of us is "suspect of that." But honestly this a 100% independent, I-am-just-a-fan kind of review! So there's my disclaimer, here's the review: Domo is the kind of app that closeted left-brain geeks masquerading as creative right-brain types LOVE to find! Data is at the heart of showcasing almost anything one might do online these days. And Domo is the app to help you truly "showcase" the numbers, without needing to write a gazillion lines of code in the process. As a creative marketer with a strong tech bent, I spend countless hours trying to visually show my clients what's what (clients who are rarely numbers savvy, yet always want to see "the numbers"). Domo has proven to be my "go to" place for accomplishing just that. The visualization capabilities are staggering. The ease of incorporating data sources into the platform is ridiculously simple (well, ok, not *ridiculously* simple, but simple enough that I think if you have any interest in data or numbers you could absolutely rock the platform). Domo is as simple as connecting your data and building a "card" - sort of a mini-dashboard. I use it to create easy to read reports on Analytics and Social for my clients. They love it! The only limit you may find in the Domo universe is the price point - while basic functions are free and come with a generous 100gb of space, may be a deal breaker for many consultants (as they only offer this as an annual payment option). If Domo would offer a pay by the month option, they would be golden! Finally, there's Domo for Developers (beta) that allows you to customize just about everything you can think of! What's not to love in that?? The free version comes with 80 data connection options and they offer a trial period (to expand to all 400 data connection options) so give it a whirl, you might like what you find!All in one, comprehensive data visualization platform that makes my clients happy! The free features are good enough to give anyone a decent jumpstart on data analysis.

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Connecting people with the data they need to drive business

Eric Lew

The future of cloud analytics

Reviewed 2016-05-17
Review Source: Software Advice

Domo's vision of analytics is that data from many SaaS apps can be aggregated, analyzed, and visualized in a single system. It aims to make analytics the new water cooler of company discussion, replacing slack or chatter as the main company chat app. It's visualizations, while less sophisticated than Tableau/Qlik are much easier to create and visually attractive out of the box, and many of the features are copied from best-in-class social apps: From Pinterest, Boards with a scrolling list of pins, from Tumblr the ability to "reblog" or remix individual charts into your own dashboards, and to "follow" specific dashboards, Slack, excellent contextual chat system with alerts and @notifications. Domo also recognizes that analytics requires at least some implementation services to get the data organized and talking to each other and they are ready to provide this (for a fee) for companies that are missing in-house analytics expertise.

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Connecting people with the data they need to drive business

Domo pricing

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Standard: $83 USD user/month

Professional: $160 USD user/month

Enterprise: $190 USD user/month

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Domo Pricing Reviews

  • Functionality, simplicity
  • No need for extra software.
  • Ease of use. Presentation capabilities
  • Easy to use and figure out. Great way to have all of your stuff in one place
  • Price
  • Cost / Benefitss may be low
  • Would like to see more features.
  • This is like the Cadillac of BI tools. Can get very expensive for organizations
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Domo features

Activity Dashboard
Ad hoc Reporting
Business Analysis
Business Intelligence
Dashboard Creation
Data Filtering
Data Visualization
Drag & Drop Interface
Graphical Data Presentation
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Data
Visual Analytics

Customizable Reporting (60 other apps)
Data Import/Export (64 other apps)
Monitoring (59 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (44 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (59 other apps)
Third Party Integration (49 other apps)

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GetApp Analysis

More than just another business intelligence solution, Domo is a web-based platform that actually makes companies smarter. From helping marketers understand channel ROI to enabling manufacturers to optimize production capacity, it brings all business data together into one intuitive, streamlined platform.

Designed for businesses in a number of industries, Domo is an executive management platform that connects the data that its users rely on from third-party services and pulls it into a centralized location. Everyone from CEOs to sales reps, marketers, and even contributors has the ability to uncover, visualize, and present business data in real time.

What is Domo?

A business management platform with sophisticated cloud-based features, Domo was created to guide fast, informed decision making patterns. When users connect all of their business data—linking sources such as SAP, Google Analytics, DocuSign, and Salesforce, among many others—they bring the information being generated by these sources out into the open. This empowers everyone to make more strategic business decisions, from CEOs and IT executives, all the way to customer service and sales reps.

Domo boasts top-line features such as automated reporting, management alerts, and efficient collaboration tools. Detailed charts using real-time business data can easily be generated in a few simple clicks. Using Domo allows professionals to make smarter, faster business decisions, and it often leads to fewer in-person meetings.

Who is Domo for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Education, financial services, healthcare, high tech, hospitality and transportation, manufacturing, media and entertainment, professional services, retail, wholesale, and CPGs, and many others
  • Business size: All business sizes
  • Departments/roles: CEO, finance, BI, marketing, operations, services, sales, and IT
  • Budget/point: Subscription pricing
  • Example customers: eBay, Capco, SABMiller

Main features

Connecting Sources

Connectors are necessary to quickly connect multiple data sources within the Domo platform. Domo offers its users hundreds of pre-built connectors to choose from, with around 40 one-click connector apps and 300 to 400 total connectors.

Connect to third-party data sources using Domo’s connectors. You don’t have to know how to code or interact with a third-party API to use the system. Just select the source from Domo’s list—for example, Facebook or Amazon Web Services—and click “Get.” Domo Connectors will manage your customer credentials, including notifications when passwords have expired, and data will refresh automatically in real time.

Transforming Data

The process of combining multiple data sources has traditionally been fraught with difficulties, particularly for people who don’t have technical backgrounds. Domo has changed that. The tools within Domo Magic enable users at all technical skill levels to transform their data to provide real business value.

With ETL capability, you can cleanse, combine, and transform your data in minutes. You can schedule jobs, as well. Meanwhile, Domo’s DataFusion allows you to select and merge various data sources. If you know common SQL commands, then you can access, join, cleanse, and transform data using DataFlows, as well.

Visualizing Data

Create meaningful data visualizations using Domo’s Card Builder feature. Card Builder interprets data for businesses and suggests how to visualize it for maximum clarity.

Select from an array of chart types to visualize your data using Domo’s Card Builder. Domo will automatically highlight any key takeaways from your data, along with important summary figures. You also have the ability to customize summary numbers using flexible options.

Facilitating Collaboration

Domo’s creators believed that collaboration should happen within a centralized environment, rather than being dispersed between dozens of third-party applications. For that reason, they built DomoBuzz, which gives users the ability to have conversations with their teammates right where their data lives.

Sign up to receive immediate notifications via text or email, or in-product alerts, whenever discussions are happening about metrics that matter to you personally. DomoBuzz preserves historical context by associating conversations with cards that are searchable within your company’s account in real-time.


Domo integrates with hundreds of third-party services and apps, including cloud-based apps, on-premise solutions, ERP/data warehouses, databases, spreadsheets, and social media platforms.


Domo is available with a subscription-pricing model. Businesses are encouraged to contact Domo directly for custom pricing information.

Bottom line

  • Cloud-based executive management platform
  • Enables businesses to see key data in real-time
  • Variety of analysis tools and intelligent notifications
  • Built for mobile, with a seamless experience across devices
  • Subscription pricing model

Videos and tutorials

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Key features of Domo

  • Build your dream dashboard
  • Stay connected anywhere you go
  • Business Cloud - Integrates all existing business data
  • Get true insights into your business data
  • Business Cloud - Connects all of your existing business data
  • Project Management - Assign tasks & projects
  • Buzz - Communication & messaging platform
  • Appstore - App bundles designed by 3rd party developers
  • Connect all of your existing business data together


Connect to any source of data:
- Spreadsheets
- Cloud-based apps
- On premise
- ERP/data warehouses
- Databases
- Social media

Collaborate with the team:
- Use Buzz to send and discuss important data
- Assign projects & tasks to different team members