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Zeenea Data Catalog

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Zeenea Data Catalog overview

What is Zeenea Data Catalog?

Zeenea Data Catalog is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate metadata curation from multiple sources in order to make the data understandable and discoverable. Key features include team collaboration, automation, data fingerprinting, mapping, and data democratization.

The application enables professionals to monitor and curate data on a unified platform and enhance data asset documentation within catalogs using descriptions, tags, or custom properties. Using the dashboard, supervisors can discover undocumented data, receive suggestions on dataset field names, and track user activities. It helps analysts verify the relevancy and quality of datasets for a particular use case and monitor relations associated with assets through visual representations. Moreover, administrators can manage multiple users and define role-based permissions to limit access to data.

Zeenea Data Catalog allows team members to index cataloged metadata and specify storage locations, meaning users can search for information via keywords and filters. The solution offers a data discovery API, which allows professionals to view new datasets stored during specific dates. It also comes with a glossary feature, which lets employees maintain a dictionary of terms relative to the enterprise and link them to different assets for identification.


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Zeenea Data Catalog features

Activity Dashboard
Data Import/Export
Data Visualization
Third Party Integrations
Visual Analytics

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Key features of Zeenea Data Catalog

  • Contextual Search
  • Customer Data
  • Data Capture
  • Data Classification
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Matching
  • Data Profililng
  • Data Quality Control
  • Information Governance
  • Roles Management
  • Sensitive Data Identification
  • Storage Management
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