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Looker’s intuitive approach to data exploration makes the spread of a curiosity-driven culture both efficient and effective. An intuitive, web-based interface enables business users to tap into the genius of your data analytics team. They can build and share reports on the fly, so other functional groups can benefit from the questions they’re asking and the knowledge they’ve created. And since the whole Looker experience delivers such satisfying results, they start looking to the data to drive their business decisions and activities.

At the heart of Looker data discovery is a new way to create these web-based experiences. Using a flexible easy-to-learn language called LookML, your data analysts can create mini-applications that add power and efficiencies to data exploration. The LookML syntax simplifies the development of robust models for any organization, while enhancing the capabilities of SQL. There’s no need to expend time and resources coding queries on an ad hoc basis or setting up complex business intelligence (BI) software platforms. This language-based approach results in faster query execution, optimizing performance along the way.


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Vincent Walsh

Controlled Analytics Exploration

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-05-17
Review Source: Capterra

Like I said, it's a great tool for analysts that don't need a lot of flexibility or maybe just aren't used to working with a lot of data. To get the full value out of this software, you'll need a core group of experienced Data Analysts that can learn fast (to learn Lookers Table Calculation code which is similar to SQL) who can build a bunch of dashboards and views. You really don't want people who aren't savvy with data doing a lot of the creating because measures are always aggregated based on the dimensions you pull into each table...if a user forgets to add a specific dimension then measures could show the wrong value. This could be offset by having really good developers who architect the data in a way that doesn't allow this to happen. It's a great data exploration tool for users who normally would get anxious when given a large dataset in something like Excel. It's generally simple to use and there can be unlimited Viewers (users at the lowest permissions level) through the enterprise product. Data Visualization is essentially done for you and Exploers (users at the second level of permissions) can build new visualizations & turn them into interactive dashboards. On the Looker platform, Explorers can locate a view (called an Explore) and then are given a list of dimensions and measures they can pull into a table. Users can create new dimensions using calculated fields and then save their views so any users with Viewer permissions (and up) can see what was put together.

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Justin Norris

Powerful for the Data Scientist, Friendly for the Business User

Reviewed 2015-08-05
Review Source: Software Advice

When I first saw Looker (during a long BI evaluation process where we demo'd perhaps 5-10 tools) I knew it was what I had been hoping for in a BI vendor. The ease of dragging dimensions and metrics onto a canvas, the fluid way that you could generate reports, and the simplicity of drilling down into the source data all suggested this was a tool that had been built well from the ground up. Other vendors seemed to trap you into a narrow view of your metrics, but with Looker the only restrictions were the ones built into your data model. It could easily flex to accommodate whatever data you wanted to look at. The LookML language and the way Looker is designed to interact with your data is pretty brilliant. Even a non-data scientist and non-SQL user like me could get the hang of the basics ;) The range of options, the configurability, the flexibility...all aces. Really you only get stuck by your imagination, the tool is powerful enough that you can solve most problems if you have the know-how. The team is also great. Awesome culture, friendly support. They have a continual flow of new features and improvements.

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Teena Blaydes

Looker allows everyone in your company, even the less tech-savvy, to make data-driven decisions.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-12-13
Review Source: Capterra

We get to force-multiply our impact by making it easy for users in all departments to make data-driven decisions and help allow that to drive their day-to-day.I love the customization of Looker, and that you can put large amounts of data into the hands of anyone -- in a way that makes sense [to them]! While their product is great, it speaks volumes to the team. It's an amazing group of people that continue to receive feedback from their customers and iterate time and time again on their product. They truly care about data and their customers, and they want to empower them the best they can.

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Daniel de Sybel

Looker transforms companies

Reviewed 2015-08-04
Review Source: Software Advice

It's a great product for giving people in all departments of your company access to data and allow them to explore what your data can provide. Rather than having to always go to the Business Intelligence or Analytics team, people of any level can query data without any SQL knowledge or understanding and yield results that are either directly actionable or ask more questions that can be answered using Looker. We ran an initial 30 days trial with a view that only our analysts and BI team members would use it. By the end of the 30 days, everyone from the COO down to the account teams were using it. It's amazing. Furthermore, the vendor is smart, responsive and constantly improving the product, delivering a new version approximately every month. Their customer service is second-to-none and they are always happy to hear about new features that you need in the product. Very pleased overall with their service, strategy and plan to expand our use of them to our clients over the next few months.

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We've been using Looker since about an year. Our leadership loves it!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-10-06
Review Source: Capterra

Our business users love the self-serv options that this provides. It drastically cut down the effort our analysts have to spend answering routine questions and allow them to focus more on the value added activities.Things I like about this product: 1. Ease of use by our users - very intutive 2. Integration with our big data platform and databases. We use ours with Redshift and Aurora and they take most advantage of both systems. 3. Their super awesome customer support - always available chat who are really good at what they are doing. 4. Custom install options along with their hosted solutions. 5. Their whole team is involved with the product and customers top down. Really appreciate their responsiveness and customer-centric approach.

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Real Time Data
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Key features of Looker

  • Powerful tools for realtime data exploration & collaboration
  • Browser-based interface & customizable dashboards
  • Easy to build dashboards that work on any device.
  • Live connection to any SQL database, on any infrastructure
  • Extensible modeling language defines measures & dimensions
  • Modern IDE for agile development & embellishment
  • In-database architecture, so transformations happen at query
  • Fully customizable charts, reports and graphs.
  • APIs for integration into custom or third-party applications
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With Looker, it's not necessary to ETL or cube data. Because we operate 100% in-database, data is transformed at query time, so drill-paths are unlimited and infinite, leading to true data discovery.