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AI enabled image analysis platform.

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What is Zegami?

Zegami easily works with both structured & unstructured data, from multiple sources: from images to documents and APIs to video. Based on Oxford University research, Zegami is being used by academics and commercial leaders across the world.


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United States, Canada, Australia, China, India and 4 other markets, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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Maria Kiourlappou

Zegami's functionality review

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-12-02
Review Source: Capterra

The overall experience with Zegami has been great! I really like using the software and it helps spots trends in my data much quicker than in any other way. I think is very visually pleasing and easy to use.

What I like most about the Zegami software are the different views one can have of the data, especially the graph and scatter view and the fact that one can change the axes. I also like the filtering functionality and also the fact that is so easy and smooth to create a collection and also edit it.

Sometimes the zoom functionality is not working as I would like e.g. sometimes it zooms too much into a tile and some other times it zoome and shows 4 half tiles.

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George Sainsbury

We are really excited about Zegami!

Reviewed 2015-03-26
Review Source: Capterra

The first image collection we loaded into Zegami is an experiment looking at nitrogen use in wheat growth. With our existing tools, we were able to see a significant drop in the Projected Shoot Area measurement on day 60 of the experiment. (Projected Shoot Area is the area in pixels of the plant viewable in that 2D image.) Looking at the images one-by-one, our initial reaction was that the drop was due to the plant entering the next phase of development - when energy goes from growing leaves into producing flowers. It wasn't until we used Zegami to look at the surrounding images that we realised that they actually looked much brighter. A bit more investigation turned up the fact that our imaging system had stopped for 3 hours in the early morning before being corrected. This meant that almost half of the nearly 500 plants were imaged in the middle of the day instead of the early morning for that day. While this outage had been noted somewhere, it wasn't expected that the changes in ambient light would have had such a drastic effect on the analytical results and Zegami made it incredibly easy to track down this blip in the results.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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Activity Dashboard
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Key features of Zegami

  • Access Control
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Filtered Views
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Visual Discovery
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Data visualisation made easy: create powerful infographics from multiple data sources
Accelerate your AI: deliver more accurate and robust Machine Learning models
Scale: Display tens of thousands of images to give an overview, and the ability to drill down to a single point
Secure: Robust security model to control who can access a collection, in the cloud and on premise – including corporate account single sign-on
Multi-platform: Multi device support – all modern browsers and devices, to access your data flexibly
Curate: Ease of collection generation with the administration portal without involvement of other parties
Multi-views: Grouping, Map and Scatterplot Filters so you can easily discover patterns and insights
Grouping, Map and Scatterplot Filters so you can easily discover patterns and insights
Integration: Plugin API that allows for the development of new functions and features, backed with consultancy support from Zegami