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Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Securely manage & collaborate on confidential documents

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Brainloop Secure Dataroom overview

Brainloop Secure Dataroom is a virtual data room solution for managing confidential information and secure collaboration on electronic files and documents, both internally and externally. Companies are able to set their own security policy and work beyond the firewall, as well as make data available within a protected environment. The software is useful for protecting boardroom communications, research and development processes, legal work, and more.

Brainloop provides users with an intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation tools. A personalized homepage gives an overview of all relevant activities, including a calendar for keeping up with project-specific deadlines. The Brainloop inbox enables quick access to messages, tasks, and various other communication items. Users can set up personalized alerts about important documents, folders or tasks, and have them sent by email or text (SMS) message.

Brainloop simplifies regulatory compliance by including a tamper-proof audit trail for all dataroom activities. Operator shielding helps protect organizations from any unauthorized intentional or unintentional access. Brainloop’s patented and secure document viewer prevents the downloading of private documents from the dataroom. Users can set security categories or the types of protection to be placed on certain documents, depending on their confidentiality level.

Brainloop offers dynamically-generated digital watermarking for additional protection against unauthorized forwarding of documents. The solution also provides automated backups and emergency restore processes, and traceability over the entire Brainloop workspace. The platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Lotus Notes, SAP, and other third-party applications. Dedicated Apple, Windows, and Android apps enable secure access for users who need dataroom access on-the-go.


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Brainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Click on folders for extra details and sending optionsBrainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Send documents securely by adjusting security levels Brainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: The Dataroom explorer provides details on recent user activities Brainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: The inbox provides quick access to all incoming and outgoing messages, tasks, and other communication itemsBrainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Open files directly from inbox messages and view detailsBrainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Access project folders and view, organize or modify contents Brainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Enter a PIN to get access to documents in the Dataroom or Dox SpaceBrainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Users can access files and folders via mobile phoneBrainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Search for secure documents via Android, Windows, or iOS devices Brainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Safely preview documents on-the-go Brainloop Secure Dataroom screenshot: Share files internally and externally for optimal collaboration

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Brainloop Secure Dataroom features

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Document Storage
Permission Management
SSL Security

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Additional information for Brainloop Secure Dataroom

Key features of Brainloop Secure Dataroom

  • Due diligence management
  • Secure preview
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Anonymity management
  • Data protection
  • Auditing
  • Data storage management
  • Document tagging
  • Procurement management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Confidential electronic documents
  • Based on security policy
  • Supports internal and external stakeholders
  • Protected environment
  • Encryption
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Audit trail of all activities
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Automated backup and emergency restore processes
  • Global availability
  • Personalized homepage
  • Overview of all relevant dataroom activities
  • Dataroom calendar
  • Inbox for quick access to all incoming and outgoing messages
  • Personalized alerts by email and text
  • Grouping of tasks and documents into milestones
  • Integrated approval process
  • Integration in Microsoft Office
  • Dynamically-generated watermark
  • Traceability of the entire communication process
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Brainroom's inbox enables users to efficiently view to all incoming and outgoing messages, tasks, and other communication items in one location.

Integration with Microsoft Office allows for convenient collaboration on documents, even without training.

The solution provides all-around protection with end-to-end encryption that enables access to data by authorized business users only.

Brainloop's integrated and secure document viewer feature prevents documents from being downloaded from the dataroom.

A secure audit trail of all activities simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements.