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ConceptShare overview

What is ConceptShare?

ConceptShare is a creative operations platform used by enterprises of all sizes to share, communicate and collaborate on creative work. ConceptShare helps eliminate the clutter, chaos and inefficiency of paper and email-based review and approval processes. Through the web-based system, users can initiate, track and report on reviews and approvals, and easily communicate clear and actionable feedback on project assets. This leads to less revisions, reduced change requests and accelerated time to project completion.


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Vanessa B.

Conceptshare - Worth its money

Reviewed 2012-10-09
Review Source: GetApp

At the beginning I thought I wouldn´t need to pay for a tool like ConceptShare because there are some other tools on the market which are free. A friend then showed me its functionality and I decided to get a plan. As a graphic designer who works with freelancers it is very important to convey in an easy way how graphical material needs to be changed or what has to be done. This is ConceptShare´s stronges point. I only use it for visual material and its functions are brilliant and very useful.

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Additional information for ConceptShare

Key features of ConceptShare

  • Markup on digital assets like image, video webpage and more
  • Easily organize digital assets
  • Sleek and intuitive UI/UX
  • Quickly compare assets side-by-side
  • Track review and approval status
  • Easily share and playback rich media assets
  • Tie comments to markups on digital assets
  • Centralized information relating to reviews
  • One-click PDF Review Summary
  • Fully customizable email notifications
  • Robust security model
  • Discuss, Debate & Decide
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When you choose ConceptShare for creative review and approval, you will see bottom-line benefits such as:

Fewer mistakes and revisions. Making it easy to capture clear and actionable feedback results in fewer mistakes and reduces miscommunication, with the bottom line benefit of having to produce fewer revisions;

Reduced risk to project timelines. Having to produce fewer revisions means that your team is able to complete projects on time and not risk going over budget;

Reduce risk to missed expectations. Making it easy for stakeholders to communicate and collaborate with each other ensures everyone is working in sync, reducing or eliminating the risk of missed and misinterpreted expectations;

Productivity gains. The ability for stakeholders to communicate and collaborate across multiple projects in an organized fashion without the need for administrative overhead produces significant productivity gains

Increased margins and creative capacity. ConceptShare ultimately leads to the ability to produce higher margins and free up wasted time, which results in more creative capacity, and time to invest in other revenue generating projects.