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Diligent Governance Intel

Business and competitive intelligence tool for executives

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Diligent Governance Intel overview

Diligent Governance Intel is a cloud-based competitive intelligence solution, which assists business managers, corporate leaders, and senior executives with trend analysis and news aggregation. Key features include competitor tracking, data sharing, market research, and reporting.

The Diligent Governance Intel platform helps users monitor news channels and information sources to track companies, competitors, topics, and industries that are relevant to their business. The platform provides managers with tools to streamline strategic decision-making, such as sentiment scoring, risk assessment, and opportunity identification. Plus, team members can share business intelligence with coworkers through mobile devices, automated emails, dashboards, newsletters, finished reports, and more.

Diligent Governance Intel includes an AI-based tool which analyzes large data-sets gathered from multiple sources and highlights key developments and trends. Diligent provides businesses with consolidated competitor insights and allows individual users to customize the platform by adjusting the sources, volume frequency, and modes of consumption. The solution also generates reports based on corporate health changes or specific events.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 6 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa

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