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Lessons Learned Database

A database for storing and searching for lessons learned

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Lessons Learned Database overview

Lessons Learned Database is a knowledge repository system which helps enterprise users capture, store and manage experiential knowledge from projects, events or operations. Features such as reports, categorization tools and search functionality serve to help users manage their organization’s knowledge for future reference. As a web-based application, users have the flexibility to access information on the move from any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Lessons Learned Database allows users to capture knowledge via online forms, in which users can enter a lesson description, title and recommended actions, as well as add comments and attachments. To help ensure data quality, Lessons Learned Database supports content validation through a review process. Categorization and search tools allow users to sort and filter lessons. Multiple filters including keywords, categories, events, and dates assist users in locating lessons.

Reporting capabilities allow users to generate reports, and with data export tools, users can export reporting data to popular formats such as PDF and Excel. Operating as a role-based system, Lessons Learned Database offers distinct capabilities for administrators, general users and reviewers. Administrators control system access, general users can add, search for and rate lessons, and reviewers are able to review and validate lesson submissions.


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Lessons Learned Database screenshot: Add, edit, or delete lesson categories The Secutor Solutions Lessons Learned DatabaseLessons Learned Database screenshot: Capture lessons by completing online forms with lesson titles, descriptions, and recommended actionsLessons Learned Database screenshot: Search for lessons and review lesson ratings Lessons Learned Database screenshot: Add, edit, and manage events from the Lessons Learned Database calendarLessons Learned Database screenshot: Search with multiple filters including keywords, categories, events, and date parameters Lessons Learned Database screenshot: Browse categories and top-rated items

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Randy Cadieux

Excellent System for Capturing Lessons-Learned

Reviewed 2016-03-22
Review Source: Capterra

The Lessons-Learned Database by Secutor Solutions appears to be an excellent system for an organization striving to move towards becoming a learning organization. Many organizations strive to improve on a regular basis and may even go so far as conducting debriefs after work is completed. However, the next step is capturing lessons-learned through a robust system that allows searching and review. Secutor Solutions' Lessons-Learned Database (LLDB) is a system that can be used for capturing information while it is fresh on a team's mind so that the information may be used during future planning. I found the software easy to use and the setup was pretty simple. After my initial login I was able to view a visual and textual tutorial in the "How It Works Section", which essentially allows the user to quickly understand the lessons-learned process. I was able to start entering information immediately and the search features are fairly intuitive. The fact that this system is cloud based and mobile friendly means that the information should be available on numerous devices. I like the fact that I did not have to be tied to a single desktop computer to use the system. One thing I really liked and appreciated was the simplicity of the screen layout. I work with numerous team-based organizations and many teams work in a fast-paced environment. A user interface that has too many icons, buttons, or boxes may seem cumbersome and may reduce the desire of workers in some industries to use the system. I found the Secutor Solutions LLDB to be simple enough to use, yet robust enough to capture required information. I think this system could have wide application to a number of industries.

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Lessons Learned Database

A database for storing and searching for lessons learned

Nicole Rosario

Great, Easy-to-Use, Cost Effective Tool

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-06-17
Review Source: Capterra

All of your lessons are saved and searchable in the same database accessible anywhere, anytime, 24/7. The tool is very straightforward unlike a lot of software systems today. It is laser focused on thing - lessons learned and not trying to being 100 things only.

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Lessons Learned Database

A database for storing and searching for lessons learned

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Key features of Lessons Learned Database

  • Data management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Search functionality
  • Role-based system
  • Email notifications
  • Discussion boards
  • Lesson ratings
  • Review process control
  • Knowledge repository
  • Event management
  • Lesson categorizing
  • Calendar management
  • Reports
  • Data export
  • Forms management
  • Multiple filters
  • Training management
  • Lessons learned
  • User management
  • Configuration management
  • Attachment management
  • Comments
  • Notification management
  • Event calendar
  • User access controls
  • Content validation


Capture knowledge from important projects, events or training using online forms which allow users to enter lesson descriptions, titles and recommended actions.

The Lessons Learned Database review process allows reviewers to validate the quality of all lesson content.

Multiple search filters based on keywords, categories, events and date ranges allow users to locate lessons efficiently.

Categorization tools enable users to organize lessons by category.

Reporting capabilities help users to generate reports and gain insight into Lessons Learned Database information.