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Virtual Data Room solution for businesses & advisers.

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FORDATA Virtual Data Room is a web-based solution which helps small to large organizations store and transfer confidential data over a secured connection. Key features include access control, file protection, activity monitoring, two-factor authentication, and user behavior analysis.

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Plumsail Documents logo

Document generation and automation software.

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This document automation software allows you to set up document creation, merging data from your apps to templates, document signing, and storage.

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Axero logo

Intranet software and collaboration solutions.

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Axero provides easy-to-use document management software that boosts productivity, unifies your people, and helps your company thrive. Increase productivity. Unite employees. Improve culture.

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SwipeGuide logo

CPG & Industrial Manufacturing

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Instructional how-to meets frontline know-how. Simplify the way people work and learn at the frontline.

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GoSign logo

E-Signature Solution, CSR

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GoSign by InfoCert simplifies signature processes, allowing for easy management of workflows and interactions with colleagues and customers. It reduces operational time and costs while enabling quick execution of decisions, anytime and anywhere.

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Biscom Digital Fax logo

Transform Your Enterprise and Free Up Your Resources

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Biscom Cloud Fax is a cloud-based fax solution that allows users to send and receive faxes from anywhere on any device. It also offers an easy-to-use mobile app and a comprehensive web services API.

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Liscio logo

Secure messaging, file sharing & eSignature platform

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Liscio is a secure sharing solution that simplifies communication and collaboration by creating a safe digital space to connect and work together.

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Layer2 Cloud Connector  logo

Data integration and synchronization solution

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Layer2 Cloud Connector is a simple web-based tool for integrating and synchronizing data between known IT systems and apps without programming.

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MediaFire logo

File sharing solution

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MediaFire is a file storage and sharing solution for companies of all sizes.

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Operation Center logo

File manager

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Operation Center allows users to copy and move files and folders easily with ”Operation Center“. This fast and reliable file manager contains two file windows, a file preview and FTP & ZIP support.

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ArchiSnapper logo

Take the Hassle Out of Punch Lists & Field Reports

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Quickly draft field reports on-site with your smartphone or tablet. By documenting all the necessary data — like text, photos, floor plan annotations, and more — immediately while on-site, you will have a professional and branded field report ready by the time you leave the construction site.

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FirmRoom logo

Virtual data room for document management & storage.

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FirmRoom is a secure, cloud-based platform for document management & storage. Features such as drag & drop, bulk upload, & smart search enable easy collaboration. Additional features include data analytics, audit trails, & customized notifications. FirmRoom is compliant w/ public company standards.

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Hubdoc logo

Import, archive and export financial documents in one place

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Hubdoc automatically collects financial documents securely within the cloud, syncing data from invoices, receipts and statements between accounting apps

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Planview ProjectPlace logo

Collaborative Work & Project Management Software

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Project teams use Projectplace to store, share, collaborate on, review and edit documents, images and files securely in the cloud from any device.

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Neat logo

Easy-to-use bookkeeping automation for small business

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Neat is your all-in-one small business accounting and bookkeeping software that replaces the guesswork of spreadsheets, handwritten records, and manual invoices. Try for free today!

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Lightico logo

In-call document eSigning & sharing solution

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Lightico is an electronic signature & document sharing solution which enables call agents to get customer IDs & signatures while speaking on the phone

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Onehub logo

Secure enterprise file sharing made easy.

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Onehub provides secure, easy-to-use file sharing for business. More than 1 million business users trust Onehub for file sharing, client portal and virtual data room needs.

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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform logo

Litigation document management and electronic discovery

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Lightning fast, highly affordable and secure cloud-based litigation document management trusted by more than 4000 eDiscovery professionals.

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Viewpoint For Projects logo

Viewpoint’s award-winning Common Data Environment

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Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) is a cloud-based, web and mobile common data environment (CDE) for ISO19650 compliant project information management, planning and delivery.

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Excel-to-Word Document Automation logo

Document management and CPQ software

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Excel-to-Word Document Automation is a CPQ software designed to help businesses convert information from a Microsoft Excel worksheet into a Microsoft Word format or a PowerPoint presentation. The platform enables managers to set up rules for the conversion process such as default page size for all new PowerPoint slide decks and hyperlinks.

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Nintex Process Platform logo

Cloud-based digital workflow management automation platform

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The Nintex Workflow Cloud solution enables users to automate complex business workflow processes with minimal deployment costs and multiple integrations

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Modio Health logo

Credentials management software for healthcare organizations

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Modio Health is a credentials management software which enables healthcare organizations to streamline credentials, licensure and careers management with one-click renewals, document storage, a CV generator, and workflow tracking, plus compliance and security tools

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Earth Class Mail logo

Cloud-based, secure virtual mail & address solutions.

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Users have scanned over 14 million mail items with Earth Class Mail. Easily access your snail mail online so you can focus on more important stuff. Set up multiple users, auto-rules, and integrate with other apps to make your mail work for you- not the other way around.

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PaperPort logo

Professional online document & file management

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PaperPort Professional is a productive and cost-effective way for everyone in your office to scan, organize, find, and share scanned paper, files, and photos.

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DocStar ECM logo

Document Management and AP Automation for Midsize Orgs.

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Designed for midsize organizations of 100-1,000+ employees, DocStar ECM securely scans, stores & retrieves documents quickly & easily. The best document management & business process automation solution, it empowers businesses to make better decisions and delivers fast ROI.

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