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Engageware logo

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling Software

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Engageware Scheduler is the world’s leading Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling solution – serving businesses of all sizes – from the world’s largest retail, banking and technology organizations to thousands of small and midsize businesses.

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Elastic Enterprise Search logo

Search everything, anywhere

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Elastic Enterprise Search (Previously known as Swiftype) is Elasticsearch, with a complete set of specialized tools and extensible APIs that make it easy to build search solutions and give users the best answers, every time.

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eHabilis logo

Cloud-based knowledge and talent management software

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eHabilis is a knowledge and talent management software that allows you to develop a global teleworking system, integrating videoconferencing to organize online seminars, etc.
It's specially designed to make training processes, talent development and collaboration in organizations more effective.

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Starmind logo

Workforce and knowledge management software

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Starmind is a workforce and knowledge management software that is designed to assist multiple business sectors, such as human resources, sales, research & development, customer support, project staffing, and IT operations. It helps organizations manage content, share knowledge resources, handle networking, search specific information, and more from within a unified platform.

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HelpSpace logo

Customer Support Software for SMBs

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HelpSpace is a cloud-based customer support solution specifically built to provide support to teams and companies. To get a competitive edge in the market, the software provides users with features such as an intuitive interface, team inboxes, self-service sites, and multiple inbound channels.

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Obsidian logo

Cloud-based note-taking software

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Obsidian is a cloud-based note-taking application that offers an interface to help users create, organize, and link notes. The solution is customizable, enabling teams to edit notes accordingly before publishing them online.

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Igloo logo

Multi-channel communication platform for internal discovery

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With solutions designed to make all that intelligence accessible to the right people, you’ll realize your organization’s untapped potential. Self-serve IT. Branding that’s finally on-brand. Compliance with a click. And a new standard for productivity.

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Deskpro logo

Customer service software you can depend on

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Knowledge management software you can depend on, with ticketing for email, live chat and voice. Available on cloud and on-premise.

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ilos logo

Video's Most Interactive Platform

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VidGrid is an interactive video management software designed to help businesses record videos and improve participants' engagement through in-video questions, surveys, polls, and call-to-action. Administrators can monitor users' behavior and organize captured videos in multiple folders.

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Users also considered logo

The engine of growth. An all in one solution for user data.

learn more is marketing automation platform aimed at boosting engagement and improving conversion by using a single data source for your customers, reaching them through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, and many more; all available in one place.

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UseResponse logo

All-in-one Customer Support and Feedback Suite

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Organize online documentation, customer self-service and provide customer support with UseResponse's customer feedback software and help desk system.

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Honey logo

Social Networking and Information Sharing for Enterprises

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Honey helps to streamline information sharing among teams and offers a personalized and real-time feed.

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Citavi logo

Streamline your research and writing.

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For researchers, Citavi is the only all-in-one scholarly note-taking and reference management application that streamlines organizing and reviewing articles, taking notes, and writing papers in one place so that they can focus on what matters – research and publishing.

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Speakap logo

Stay on the pulse of your organization. From anywhere.

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Speakap is an enterprise social network and communication platform which enables organizations of all sizes to improve engagement with non-desk and customer-facing employees to share new knowledge, ideas, internal achievements, and more

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Happeo logo

An exclusive G Suite integrated Intranet & social platform

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Happeo is an intranet software focused on improving internal communications. It integrates exclusively with G Suite and provides users with a knowledge management system, employee activity analytics, permission management, social features, brand customization and the rest of the Google suite tools.

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SocialChorus logo

Work as One

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Give your employees the news and information they need to thrive. SocialChorus is the only employee communications platform for complex, distributed workforces.

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Elium logo

Make company knowledge available and actionable at all times

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Elium is the leading European SaaS for sharing knowledge around projects, processes and best practices, helping teams stay aligned and move faster. Available on desktop and mobile app, it integrates perfectly with Slack, Microsoft and Google G-Suite and is suitable for teams of all sizes and scope.

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FORM OpX logo

The Digital Assistant for the Frontline

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FORM OpX empowers teams to improve operational compliance by digitizing audits and inspections on mobile to reduce risk and improve safety and quality from the frontline.

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Schoox logo

Learning wherever work happens

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Schoox is an LMS with a people-first twist. It makes learning and career development easy, accessible, rewarding, and fun, so whatever your learners need to know just “clicks.”

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elevio logo

Self-service support & customer education platform

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Elevio offers on-demand, self-service customer support tools, including knowledge base management, in-app contextual help, support channel integrations, & more

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SeamlessDesk logo

Simple. Affordable. Service Desk Software.

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SeamlessDesk is a cloud-based service desk software suite designed to help organizations of all sizes streamline their customer support processes. Respond to tickets with Help Desk, manage assets with Asset Manager, publish customizable articles with Knowledgebase, and much more.

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ProProfs Knowledge Base logo

Create, design, and publish knowledge base, help center, FAQ

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ProProfs Knowledge Base Software helps firms manage their business knowledge at a central location. It enables all the employees to come together and contribute to building and managing knowledge, which enhances collaboration and promotes a knowledge-sharing culture.

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ProProfs Training Maker logo

Create Online Training Courses & Assessments Easily

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Training Maker is a cloud LMS that you can use to create and manage online training courses and tests. The tool can be integrated with a knowledge base consisting of FAQs, user manuals, explainer videos, and help sites. Make courses and other resources accessible to learners 24/7.

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WordLift logo

AI-powered SEO

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A platform to automate SEO. WordLift creates a Knowledge Graph to help search engines understand the content that you write and the products that you sell.

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Elucidat logo

The smarter, faster way to produce quality digital learning

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Elucidat is a fully cloud-based and powerful authoring platform, designed to allow any user to produce high-quality digital learning, on a global scale, on any device.

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