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Open Loyalty overview

What is Open Loyalty?

Open Loyalty is a cloud-based and open source loyalty platform designed to help organizations build custom loyalty and gamification solutions with features including customer management, earning points rules management, and reward campaigns management, plus levels and segments, a customer web portal, API and integrations, and more. Users who take the open source approach can completely customize their loyalty application’s design and features.

Open Loyalty provides access to four different cockpits from which users can manage admin, clients, POS and API and connectors. Users can manage their loyalty application from the centralized amin cockpit, and create a web portal for customers from the client cockpit. The API and connectors cockpit helps users connect their loyalty app with other mobile applications, ERP systems, and eCommerce platforms. An offline panel is accessible from the POS cockpit, and enables users to run their loyalty app in their offline stores.

Customer management and earning points rules features allow users to add and manage customers registered in their loyalty app, as well as define rules for earning points based on transactions and customer behavior. Users can manage the rewards available in their loyalty app by determining who can redeem rewards. Open Loyalty also allows users to establish levels and create segments based on customer transactions and behavior.


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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China and 5 other markets, India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico

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English, German, Polish, Spanish
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Open Loyalty reviews


Very good
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Darío Vasconcelos

The best solution for loyalty program implementations

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2020-03-05
Review Source: Capterra

The application is very responsive at all times and has been designed for scalability, which we've never have had the need to do since the default configuration is more than enough for our customers' user base. We've implemented this solution with several clients and it's been a really quick and easy solution that has kept our customers happy.

This is an ideal solution for companies that seek to complement their current e-business / CRM / ERP with a loyalty program without breaking nor the bank nor their current functionality. Every possible scenario has been thought out: campaigns with a set range of dates, rewards that depend on the client's loyalty level, segmentation of clients based on their number of points, rewards exchanged, number of transactions, etc. It's really easy to integrate with existing front-end solutions and has an admin panel that helps defining and dynamically changing levels, client segments, points-reward conversion rates, and also look at each client's transaction history, solve attribution problems, etc, effectively treating the loyalty program as an external module of their main software.

There have been two main misunderstandings about Open Loyalty so far: that it's free (because of the "Open" part) and that it's an out-of-the-box solution. The development version is indeed free and serves the purpose of allowing the construction of a quick proof of concept of the implementation, when the online demo is not enough for an evaluation of the product. The idea that this product would be a solution that could be configured and just published to the world is a little off. This product serves all purposes and can be easily integrated (through JSON requests) with any existing front-end that can be extended, be it the front-end for the acquisition of points or the one for exchanging them.

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Ease of use

Likelihood to recommend: 10/10

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Pranesh Kri

Open Loyalty is Great!

Used occasionally for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2020-03-16
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to scale and customise. Very good support Easy to integrate the technology

Could have a larger range of generic features

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Eric Pham

Morden / Safe / Customizable Loyalty system

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-10-30
Review Source: Capterra

Open source Easy to use Great community New features are updated frequently Cost effective

Your tech team need to have a big experience with PHP and Docker

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Likelihood to recommend: 9/10

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Open Loyalty pricing

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Open source
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Open Source: Check on GitHub:
Open Loyalty Enterprise: Contact Open Loyalty for pricing information.

Open Loyalty features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking

Automatic Notifications (223 other apps)
Calendar Management (196 other apps)
Contact Database (146 other apps)
Contact Management (149 other apps)
Custom Fields (161 other apps)
Customer Database (185 other apps)
Customizable Branding (236 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (182 other apps)
Customizable Templates (198 other apps)
Data Import/Export (209 other apps)
Electronic Payments (159 other apps)
Email Integration (214 other apps)
Reminders (199 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (287 other apps)
Social Media Integration (193 other apps)
Surveys & Feedback (167 other apps)
Third Party Integration (259 other apps)

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Additional information for Open Loyalty

Key features of Open Loyalty

  • API
  • Administrator account
  • Authorization management
  • CRM
  • Client registration
  • Client search
  • Custom event
  • Customer activity tracking
  • Customer management
  • Customer web portal
  • Dashboard with key metrics, list of levels
  • Earning points rules management
  • Information page management
  • Levels & segments
  • List of agreements
  • Loyalty app management
  • Loyalty card system
  • Membership management
  • Merchant account
  • No-Card loyalty system
  • Offline panel
  • Open source availability
  • POS
  • Password recovery
  • Points balance & transfer
  • Profitability metrics
  • Refer a friend for registration
  • Returns management
  • Reward campaigns
  • System email
  • Transactions list
  • Transactions management
  • Translation editor
  • User management
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POS and merchants features allow users to define and manage loyalty interactions online and offline.

Create and manage customers registered in the loyalty application from the centralized administration cockpit.

Define how customers earn points with the earning points rule feature, based on either purchase history or the behavior of the customer.

Define rewards, set their price in points and choose who’ll be eligible to receive them. Rewards can be in the form of codes or material gifts.

Open Loyalty is available in two editions, both open sourced and self-hosted. For commercial projects, we recommend using the Enterprise Edition.