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W3B CRM overview

W3B Management Solutions is an all-in-one business management solution which provides integrated tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management and Online Invoicing. W3B is the flagship product offered by US-based developer Web3Box Software LLC, who also provide custom web applications and mobile apps. The web-based solution helps in managing customer interaction and automating processes involved in sales & invoicing.

CRM/Sales helps businesses to create online profiles for their company and employees. The solution helps in establishing and assigning territories for their various sales teams to clarify individual sales process and boundaries. Sales teams can view their client list on a map and highlight potential areas using different color-coding schemes. Team managers can distribute potential leads between their employees and track their progress in real-time through the intuitive dashboard. Once the lead is successfully converted into sales, the solution automatically stores every information around it in a centralized database for after sales follow-up.

Project Management tool helps in defining projects, resources assigned and activities involved in every project. The solution allows project managers to assign people to projects and define individual roles required in completing the project. The instant notification feature sends an alert to respective stakeholders through email or text message whenever a milestone is achieved in the course of project delivery. Other features include inbuilt reporting, project scheduling, setting individual or team level goals & objectives and more.

The Online Invoicing module helps in tracking invoice activity and sending invoices to clients via email. W3B solution also offers a set of predefined financial report templates which can be easily used by businesses for their annual reporting or auditing purpose.


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W3B CRM screenshot: W3B CRM – Intuitive dashboard displays key project informationW3B Customer Relationship Management OverviewW3B CRM screenshot: W3B CRM – Manage daily activities and schedule tasksW3B CRM screenshot: W3B CRM – View monthly sales for the period specifiedW3B CRM screenshot: W3B CRM – Create customer profileW3B CRM screenshot: W3B CRM – Create project descriptionW3B Project Management Overview

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Ron Maas

W3BCRM at StarWalk Kids Media

Reviewed 2015-04-09
Review Source: Capterra

We highly recommend the Web3box CRM to anyone who has complex market requirements, and needs an effective, responsive support team to help them manage their customer contacts. StarWalk Kids Media publishes and sells subscriptions to a streaming collection of eBooks designed for children with access through their school, library or at home. Since the school and library market is complex and has many intermediate channels and buying entities, we needed a CRM that could track and segment contacts in multiple ways to represent individual customers as well as their purchasing and decision-making groups. Our sales team includes both direct and independent reps who have used Pivotal, Salesforce.com, ACT, Sugar, and Zoho CRM's. We wanted a multi-user CRM that was web-based, flexible, and affordable, and found the right fit with Web3xox CRM. While the Web3box CRM is all of those things, we found that the Web3box team listened to our needs and was able to quickly modify and adapt the CRM to our specific requirements. They imported our existing prospects and leads from our ACT database and made changes to accommodate the unique way we segmented our prospects. They made numerous additional modifications to accommodate best practices in our market, and have been responsive and effective in making changes and upgrades as needed, especially in the area of email integration and handling multiple contacts at a single location. The Web3box CRM is linked to our online marketing and sales sites, so capturing leads and responding to customer requests has never been easier. The ability to track and associate subscriptions to accounts is a core requirement, and the Web3box CRM manages this very effectively. We highly recommend the Web3box CRM to anyone who has complex market requirements, and needs an effective, responsive support team to help them manage their customer contacts.

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Pamela Tufts

I can't remember the last time I was so well treated by a company!

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-11-23
Review Source: Capterra

As an independent contractor I'm not really in sales but I have a long client list that I have to work with until I can get their accounts closed. There are many details to address and those all happen over a long period of time. There really isn't a perfect tool for me. Well...there wasn't a perfect tool until I found W3B CRM because I can now customize it to meet my needs. I can make adjustments and changes that work best for my situation. I am not a programming person and I don't care for the setup process. I just want to get to work! I had to ask lots of questions and I was always treated like I was the most important person on their client list. I got the royal treatment from the first day I contacted them. I have been working with George and he is amazingly patient as I define what my needs are and he addresses them in the best possible way. I have resisted this process for the better part of a year. I may have dragged my feet but with George's help I have made up for lost time. He answered my emails with detail and unquestionable knowledge. I am impressed! I am still new to CRM software but I am certain that I made the right decision in choosing W3B. It's perfect!I am able to customize areas to better meet my unusual needs.

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Helga Mikolas

Web3 box for NWI

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-23
Review Source: Capterra

Excellent team to work with and easy to understand right from the beginning. This has helped us get organized and gives us the chance to send out invoices quickly as well as track the payments received and also outstanding invoices not paid. Whenever we have a problem by the time we send out the request they have already sent the answer and fixed the problem. The Web3box team has been a pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend them.ease of use

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Norine Wiebmer

Incredible customer service

Reviewed 2015-12-04
Review Source: Capterra

Web3box was just the product I was looking for. I am responsible for both business development and coordinating independent contractors who are assigned to our client projects. I had no idea that an all-in-one product existed. I was thrilled to find Web3box. Now I can not only stay organized as I pursue a new business opportunity but I can align my team as they work with our clients- all in one system. Our team is virtual, so project management is imperative. They can track their hours and i can bill my clients right from the system. No need for a paper trail. It is all in one place! What sets Web3box apart from the other companies is their incredible customer services. They return your calls immediately. I am not very computer savvy so I prefer a live person who can simply walk me through a process. They are great communicators!! There are also easy to follow videos so you can always refer back to them. The system is easy to use and very intuitive. They also helped me to build a and embed my sales process. Now I can easily train the rest of my sales team!

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Sonja Anderson

Perfect for Advertising Agency! Spectacular company!

Reviewed 2015-04-23
Review Source: Capterra

As the director of an advertising agency, I have wrestled with the way to have a dashboard that truly reflects everything going on with our customers, leads and team activity. I have dabbled with lots of big name software and have found I needed to always employ two - one for CRM and one for Project Management, and the two areas just didn't talk with each other from the 20,000 ft view. I need to see who is contacting who, how that is going, are the clients engaged, what is happening with a project, how does the sales funnel look, are people being active in connecting with their customers and leads. I decided to give Web3Box a trial and couldn't be happier. Their customer support and service is so extensive I was impressed right away. They didn't just walk me through steps - they customized the product to my needs and particulars and made it even MORE functional than before. They are priced right for our organization and they are truly a delight to work with. If you don't at least give them a try you'll be missing out. I have tried all the big name brands as I said, and this one far surpassed the functionality of any of them.

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Additional information for W3B CRM

Key features of W3B CRM

  • Customizable dashboard
  • API
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Campaign management
  • Email marketing
  • PayPal and Authorize.net payments
  • Email integration
  • Document management
  • File sharing
  • Lead management
  • List management
  • Marketing automation
  • Product catalog
  • Quotes / proposals
  • Define type of service & hourly rate
  • Task management
  • Territory management
  • Time & expense tracking
  • Project management
  • Contact management
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• W3B is a web-based integrated business solution which collectively offers the benefits of a CRM, project management and online accounting solution together in a single solution.

• The solution provides a range of functions including contact management, territory management, lead management and campaign management, among others.

• W3B project management tool allows businesses to track project schedules, budgets, project expenses and other key data to monitor project efficiency.

• The solution also offers a collaborative environment where employees, partners and third party contractors can work together to deliver projects faster.

• The solution is completely free for the first user, with a monthly subscription fee for each additional user.