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Quizzes4Leads logo

Quizzes, Polls & In-moment Feedback for Lead Generation

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Allows users to create customer experiences without requiring an experienced coder or graphic designer. Launch quizzes, polls and in-moment feedback within 10 minutes.

The easier your lead generation, the better for your business!

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Framework360 logo

Piattaforma completa per chi lavora con il web.

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Framework360 è una piattaforma in cloud che aiuta i marketers nella gestione delle loro attività di marketing da un'unica piattaforma. Le caratteristiche principali includono un builder di siti Web o landing page, marketing automation, email e sms marketing, report, gestione vendite.

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allswers logo

Customer and employee engagement platform

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allwers allows businesses to collect information about clients, analyze all comments and activate actions to achieve organizational objectives. Teams can measure and manage the employees' and improve productivity using action plans based on intelligent surveys.

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Happyforce logo

Employee engagement and feedback collection platform

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Happyforce is a cloud-based employee engagement platform designed to help organizations retain talent, interact with the workforce, and analyze employee sentiment or requirements through pulse surveys and feedback channels.

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eContact logo

Make Every Contact Count, Actionable and Optimized

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eContact is an integrated operations & customer outreach platform that optimizes every contact and delivers actionable insights.

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Users also considered logo

Cloud-based Feedback Management Solution

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Survey2Connect is a cloud-based CX platform that offers features for data collection, benchmarking, customer recovery, and data integration.

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Fortay logo

An inclusive EX insights platform built for business impact.

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Fortay, a platform for corporate EX insights, helps innovative firms develop varied, wholesome, high-performance cultures. Through a thorough, human-centered strategy, Fortay enables firms to combine cutting-edge technology & contemporary research to get superior commercial results.

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ExpiWell logo

Cloud-based forms automation tool for researchers.

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ExpiWell is a cloud-based forms automation solution that helps conduct mobile surveys via real-time data collection, collaboration tools, participant engagement, and more. With ExpiWell's mobile application, users can send questions to participants through push notifications and choose from various question types, including multimedia options like video, audio, and image data.

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SurveyCTO logo

Survey and data collection software

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SurveyCTO is a survey software that helps researchers manage survey designing and data collection, storage, and monitoring processes from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize a drag-and-drop interface to create and test custom questions, forms, and workflows with complex branching logic and non-linear navigation.

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ProProfs Survey Maker logo

Survey & Feedback Software to Collect Customer Insights

learn more
ProProfs Survey Maker is a powerful survey tool which is used by educators, instructors, online marketers, and organizations to gather valuable customer feedback, market data, and much more. Create surveys easily, customize it based on your requirements or choose free our in built templates.

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Userflow logo

Userflow lets your whole team build in-app tours and surveys

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The fastest way to fast user onboarding

Userflow is the fastest and most user-friendly product tour and survey builder on the market.

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Anova logo

Employee engagement and feedback solution

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Anova is a science-backed assessment platform that collates data from your organisation to help you build a happier, healthier workforce. Measuring wellbeing and following Anova’s recommendations will ensure you have a highly productive, engaged, and retained workforce.

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AirVote logo

QR smileys to monitor service levels in public restrooms

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Business owners use AirVote QR smileys to monitor service levels through the eyes of their customers. This self-service platform is free forever for moderate use. Ideal customer: any brick-and-mortar business with a public restroom or a portable restroom operator

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Rungway logo

An employee listening platform like no other

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Rungway is an employee listening platform that enables leaders to continually get ahead of emerging issues and drive organisational change. The unique platform enables leaders to identify the small changes that will make a large impact.

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Upsiide logo

Automated research technology for marketing & insights teams

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Automated research technology for marketing and insights teams who want to innovate wiser and go to market faster.

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AkioSurvey logo

Cloud-based platform for creating and managing surveys

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AkioSurvey is a powerful survey platform designed to help businesses gather valuable customer feedback and insights. With a user-friendly interface and customizable survey options, it enables businesses to create engaging surveys tailored to their specific needs.

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Poltio logo

All of Your Essential Tools Working Together With Poltio

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Poltio is a customer engagement platform that uses interactive content and engaged data to engage users across multiple channels. Poltio’s customizable UI/UX technology allows organizations of all sizes, across industries, to create a personal relationship with their customers at scale.

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Shout logo

Compliance-friendly survey software

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Shout is a compliance-friendly data collection tool that enables you to create surveys, quizzes, forms, and calculators. With options to create single question per page and multiple question per page surveys, collecting feedback vital to your business has never been easier.

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Surveypal logo

AI-based customer service software

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Surveypal is an AI-powered data solution that automatically delivers customer service analytics and insights from Zendesk tickets. Surveypal enables users to create online surveys to collect feedback and data from customers, employees, students, and website visitors.

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Nfield logo

Online, CAPI & CATI survey software for market researchers

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Nfield is an online, CAPI, and CATI data collection platform for market research professionals to conduct secure, high quality, and professional surveys. Organizations are able to present questions using attractive templates which are fully responsive to different device screen sizes.

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VirtlX 360° Success Management logo

360° success management & employee engagement platform

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VIRTLX provides essential data which helps our clients increase business efficiency and boost revenues

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Dito CRM logo

Brand and customer relationship management software

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Dito CRM is a tool that centralizes and manages the relationship between brands and their customers. Through the integration of all information from a company's consumers into its platform, this software performs data segmentation and establishes the best action strategies.

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Google Marketing Platform logo

Advertising campaigns and analytics software

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Google Marketing Platform is an advertising agency management software that helps businesses manage campaigns, monitor marketing performance, optimize websites & handle creatives on a centralized platform. Users can build dashboards and transform raw data into metrics, data visualizations & reports.

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SimpleCRM logo

Cloud-based all-in-one marketing platform

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SimpleCRM is an AI-enabled CRM solution for midsize to large businesses in the Asia Pacific region. The solution supports a portfolio of products that cater to various business requirements such as accounting, CRM, marketing, and more.

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Jebbit logo

Survey management solution for customer experience

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Jebbit is a digital experience management solution that helps enterprises create, launch & manage interactive survey campaigns for data collection and customer engagement. The white-label platform lets users create a personalized interface using custom colors & themes to establish brand identity.

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