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Kindertales overview

What is Kindertales?

Kindertales is a cloud based childcare management software that helps childcare centers automate many of their day-to-day operations giving staff more time to spend with children. The software provides digital tools for admissions, enrollment, billing, daily activities and communication tools for families. For owners/directors, the Kindertales platform will also help manage your waitlist and provide analytics on when your classrooms will have space for future enrollments.

Teachers can use this software on their tablets to create checklists, log daily activity and milestone reports for the children. There are options to share these reports and other notifications with parents. The tool stores detailed profiles of the children along with their key medical/illness details and contact information that can be easily accessed by teachers and childcare providers.

Kindertales offers a variety of features that help teachers, childcare providers and parents communicate with each other and receive updates and notifications instantly on their mobile devices. Attendance management, billing and customer (child) account management, staff payroll management and child progress reports are some of the other features offered by this product.

Teachers can use this software on their tablets to create checklists, logbooks, activity and milestone reports for the children, options to share these reports and other notifications with parents is also available. The tool stores detailed profiles of the children along with their key medical/illness details and contact information that can be accessed by teachers and childcare providers.

Kindertales allows parents to communicate with the childcare center using online tools provided by the suite. They can complete forms, sign approval forms, reports and other documents through their mobile device or desktop. Settings can be configured so that parents receive the updates that matter most to them.


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Kindertales user reviews


Very good

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Shelly L.

Parents experience

Reviewed 2015-07-22
Review Source: Capterra

Kindertales has allowed me access to my child's day that I never thought possible. the information shared by the software and the timeliness of the updates makes me feel connected to my child and the daycare. The mobile and desktop versions are easy to use and if I have an issue the company is there to support their product.

Response from Kindertales

Thanks very much for the feedback Shelly. It's nice to hear from parents and how much they enjoy Kindertales.

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Jennifer H.

I don't know what we did before Kindertales

Reviewed 2015-08-08
Review Source: Capterra

I'm not great at writing reviews but I felt I had to for the team at Kindertales. This application has changed childcare. Staff love it, parents can't believe how easy it is and management has never been so organized. Thanks guys!

Response from Kindertales

Thanks so much Jennifer we really appreciate the kind words.

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Ydamarie H.

accounts and management for messages

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2020-04-04
Review Source: Capterra

NOt very happy with functionality. logging out constantly. loosing input data without warning Online help always delayed because of time zone differences. Really not happy with billing trying to load billing out of date. They did not refund my inflicted bank charges our school is looking out for a new data base!

data of each client is well displayed and stored good use of accident reports

1.Programs logs itself out and then you loose all data and letters and messages- NO WARNING 2. asked many times to have the billing of the school go off on the 17th of every month- NO USE!!! THEY STILL attempt to take the monies even after I told them I only get monies after the 17th. so bank charges of declined purchases are on me. sometimes even 8 times on a time!!!! Ridiculous feedback to change the charge dates. and all of a sudden 3 deductions at once!!! NO MAN! 3. milestones not user friendly 4. cannot use camera - improper camera access 5. parent billing useless in international countries- not valid 6. small schools do not get incentive for payback☺

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Carol S.

Love Kindertales

Reviewed 2015-07-21
Review Source: Capterra

I don't know how I got along without Kindertales. A very user friendly product that the teachers love. I would highly recommend it.

Response from Kindertales

Thank Carol! We really appreciate the feedback.

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Kindertales features

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Key features of Kindertales

  • Accounts receivables reports
  • Add photos to milestone reports
  • Billing & Bookkeeping
  • Control panel allows for customization
  • Daily activity reports
  • Digital Signature
  • Enrollment forecasting tool
  • Live streaming of videos
  • Manage accounts of the children
  • Manage ratios and payroll
  • Manage staff profiles and access
  • Messaging between parents & teachers
  • Supports ZOOMiN and Square add-ons
  • Teacher check-in and check-out
  • Track children’s attendance
  • Track progress/milestones of students
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Kindertales makes online billing easy with KinderPay. Collect secure payments online quickly and easily from your parents.

● Kindertales emphasizes on communication of information between parents, teachers and childcare providers and enables messages to be sent to mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

● The software enables teachers to take pictures of children when they achieve milestones during their various activities at the childcare center and send them to the parents electronically.

● The product supports online enrollment & waitlist management and offers forecasting tools to predict seat availability.

● Kindertales help ensure the health and well-being of the child while at the child care facility by keeping a record of accident or illness reports and medication logs.

● The tool enables childcare providers to prepare various types of reports including those for attendance and payroll management, accounts receivable reports, petty cash management and billing.

● Kindertales is 100% FREE TO USE when you bill your families through KinderPay.