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Jupiter logo

Learning management and student information system

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Jupiter is a web-based learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) for K-12, scalable from the smallest charter schools to districts with 100,000s of students. It is the gradebook teachers love! Flexible. Intuitive shortcuts. Homework online. Tests online. Essays online. Lessons online. Simplify scheduling, attendance, referrals, and record-keeping. Turn big data into decisions!

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MarkersPro logo

Single-database, modern & intuitive SIS for K-12 & higher

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Comprehensive, flexible, secure & single-database MarkersPro SIS that scales for your district! MarkersPro is a cloud-based K-12 student information system software that was specifically created to help schools strike a perfect balance of features, cost, customization, and ease of use.

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Deledao logo

The award-winning "set it and forget it” K12 AI web filter.

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Your classroom management can only be as effective as the solution you use to eliminate digital distractions.

- Monitor students’ screens to see who needs help
- Send websites, lock tabs, and close tabs
- Create groups and rules to differentiate learning

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AEC Academia logo

Learning center management system for educational institutes

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AEC Academia is a cloud-based learning center management software designed to help educational institutes manage faculty, students, and courses. Features include class scheduling, grants administration, scholarship and payroll management, data import/export, and financial reporting.

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Pappaya logo

ERP solution for schools

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Pappaya is a campus management & enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for schools with accounting, attendance & timetable management, VR classrooms & more

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ASAP logo

Registration and management software

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ASAP is full-featured and affordable software for online registration and management, popular with schools, universities, communities, and more. Choose your own set of features, reporting tools and level of customization with no long-term contracts. Trust the company that has been in the industry for 30 years.

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Learning and education management software for schools

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EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training.

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Edvance logo

Top cloud-based school admin software for PK-12

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Edvance is a web-based school information management software that enables staff, students, administrators and parents to securely share information online. Integrated solution combining SIS, LMS, Admissions, Parent-teacher conferences, an easy to use gradebook, robust search and reporting.

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InventtEd logo

Free Learning Management System

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InventtEd is an AI platform that helps educational institutions manage students, teachers, and parents.

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Enriching Students logo

Student relationship platform for middle and high schools

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Enriching Students is a classroom management solution for high schools and middle schools that can be used by both students and teachers. The system allows students to schedule appointments with teachers for singular meetings, group sessions, recurring appointments, and special course assistance. Additionally, the system provides data reporting functionality where administrators can monitor class attendance, download export reports, and send out school wide reports.

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Scaffold Platform logo

Corporate Companies Franchise Chains Industry Schools/ Unive

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Next generation LMS Platform that saves T&D plans resources, increases the access and quality of employees' onboarding integration and training.

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Blackbaud Learning Management System logo

Combine all student data into a single integrated platform

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Helps manage the entire student journey, from mastering academic concepts to engaging in extracurricular activities.

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PerformanceWeb logo

Student information management software

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PerformanceWeb is an education management software aimed at educational Institutions such as schools, colleges, colleges, technical courses and free courses. The solution is integrated with collaborative environments, namely the manager portal, student portal, teacher portal and library portal. The solution is embedded with a Cloud server that can be personalized according to the educational business model, serving teaching activities in the hybrid, presential, and EAD format.

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Impero Education Pro logo

Network and desktop management platform

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Impero Education Pro is a network and desktop management platform that helps businesses handle computers, workstations, and servers for students.

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VioletLMS logo

VioletLMS - Cloud based Learning Management System!

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The only LMS Tool you will ever need. Enhance the Digital Learning experience with VioletLMS. Easy to deploy and adapt the cloud LMS is scalable and configurable to meet your immediate needs. Modular design making it “Plug -n- Play” ready powered with AI & ML to meet your growing training needs.

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Chronicle Cloud logo

Classroom and Teaching Management Platform.

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Chronicle Cloud is a classroom and teaching management application built for teachers by teachers.
Chronicle Cloud supports teachers with note-taking (anecdotal and/or conferring ), formative assessments, team teaching, managing groups, optimizing assessment data, and much more.

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ClassIn logo

Virtual classroom management software

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ClassIn is an online classroom management software designed to help educational institutions of all sizes schedule, and manage virtual classes for vocational training, K12, and other disciplines. The platform enables organizations to conduct one-on-one sessions, stream live webcasts, and engage with students using interactive teaching tools and instant messaging functionality.

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SEQTA logo

Learning management solution for K-12 and IB schools

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SEQTA is the world's leading student wellbeing and visible learning platform

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Culmas logo

Class management software for performing arts

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Culmas is a Class management platform for the performing arts. The system streamlines classes and show planning, automates communication, manages students, finances, and more.

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Ucampus logo

Cloud-based learning management system for universities.

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Ucampus is a Spanish-language on-premise and cloud-based learning management platform that helps institutions streamline learning and teaching management operations by observing teaching trajectories, facilitating accreditation, predicting trends, and more.

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Pesofts logo

Online Teaching App & Exam Conducting Software For Education

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Pesofts Online Exam software is a cloud-based examination tool designed to help corporate businesses and educational institutions create customizable online tests and help to provide live classes on a centralized platform.
With pesofts you can sell recorded lectures too with inbuild payment gateway.

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SchoolBrains logo

Web based student information system

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SchoolBrains is a student information system for k-12 schools which provides tools to manage student information, set academic goals and track school activities

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Insight Classroom Management logo

Remote classroom and IT lab management tool for educators

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Insight Classroom Management is a classroom management tool for teachers and IT professionals. It enables them to deliver their lessons remotely across single or multiple classrooms and labs. Users gain real-time visibility into the students' screen content and any distractions hindering engagement.

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NewGenEducationApp logo

Cloud-based digital platform for education sector

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One-stop solution to automate your entire educational structure through digital transformation. NewgenEducationApp addresses all of the digital educational needs of educational intitules, parents, and students. The administration management, workflow automation, monitoring, LMS, and study resources

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Relution logo

Platform independent Mobile Device Management solution

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With the Relution mobile device management platform, mobile and stationary devices can be conveniently managed via an intuitive interface. Wherever smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and interactive whiteboards are used. Digital devices can thus be configured, equipped and controlled quickly.

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