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Scaffold Platform


Corporate Companies Franchise Chains Industry Schools/ Unive

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Next generation LMS Platform that saves T&D plans resources, increases the access and quality of employees' onboarding integration and training.

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Share any surface online, using nothing but your laptop

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ShareTheBoard is a cloud-based, remote visual collaboration tool that allows users to share any traditional surface (e.g., whiteboard, blackboard) online, using only a laptop. The app digitizes handwritten content in real time while making obstacles (e.g., people) appear transparent.

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eLecta Live


Online learning, training & assessment management software

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Electa Live helps organizations plan, launch and manage online learning programs using virtual classrooms. The platform enables professionals to design multitopic audio-video/text-based courses, record meetings, deliver online lectures, and organize one-on-one or group tutoring sessions.

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Changing paradigm in classroom learning

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symphonyX is a classroom learning management system, which helps schools manage academic courses throughout the semester and facilitates communication between faculty and students.

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