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Academic management software for K–12 schools in Ecuador

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Idukay is a cloud-based academic management software designed to help K–12 schools digitize administrative processes such as curriculum planning, student management, parent-child monitoring, and more.

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Nutrition & meal management solution for K-12 schools

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LINQ is a web-based solution that helps educational institutions streamline food service management operations via a unified platform. It enables administrators to handle meal management processes for K-12 school districts, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and store students’ data in a centralized repository.

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Dutch-language course authoring & remote learning platform

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LessonUp is a Dutch-language course authoring platform for schools to create and arrange remote, digital and interactive online lessons. The platform includes a library of over 250,000 lessons, including quizzes and videos, which can be accessed via native mobile app, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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K-12 school management platform

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MarkersPro is a cloud-based K-12 school management system that was specifically created to help schools strike a perfect balance of features, cost, customization and ease of use.

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Future Education Institute Management System

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MilGrasp is a cloud-based school management system designed to help educational institutions handle online classrooms, assessments, timetables, staff members, meeting schedules, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can gain insights into students' performance.

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Cloud-based digital platform for education sector

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One-stop solution to automate your entire educational structure through digital transformation. NewgenEducationApp addresses all of the digital educational needs of educational intitules, parents, and students. The administration management, workflow automation, monitoring, LMS, and study resources

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Qustodio for Schools


Information management and security for schools

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Protect students across Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iOS, Kindle ad Android with dynamic web filtering and intelligent reporting.

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Scaffold Platform


Corporate Companies Franchise Chains Industry Schools/ Unive

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Next generation LMS Platform that saves T&D plans resources, increases the access and quality of employees' onboarding integration and training.

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Study Island


Online learning software for K-12 schools

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Study Island is an online learning software designed to help K-12 schools and educational institutions deliver formative assessments, track students' performance, conduct group practice sessions, create custom tests, and more.

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Unique Learning System


Curriculum management software for special students

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Unique Learning System is a cloud-based software designed to help students with learning disabilities gain access to general education curriculum and assignments. It enables teachers to set up class schedules, organize students’ data, create lesson plans, and monitor learners’ progress.

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LMS platform for educators and students

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vSelfLearn is one stop LMS platform for all educators/teachers, students and parents. It provides a medium to conduct online classes by schools, coaching/training centres and all other educational institutions. It helps the students to keep learning even in the phase of the pandemic at the comfort

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