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Professional enablement & readiness platform

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Disprz is a continuous people development platform which helps organizations onboard, upskill, engage with, and train their employees on a daily basis, using transformative solutions like gamified learning experiences, AI-driven team management, and impact analytics to monitor performance

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Performance enablement platform for MNCs

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Gnowbe is an award-winning performance enablement platform with rapid authoring, all in a microlearning format which significantly accelerates time to business impact.

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YOOBIC Mobile Learning Platform


Empower your frontline teams with a new way of learning

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Mobile Learning platform to facilitate workforce training quickly and effectively with microlearning, gamification, employee engagement.

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Game-based microlearning for employee engagement

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mLevel is a cloud-based eLearning solution which utilizes game-based microlearning to increase learner engagement, knowledge retention, & learning effectiveness

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Inkling Systems


Mobile-first enablement platform for distributed workforces

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Inkling is a mobile-first enablement platform which connects distributed workforces through interactive experiences, group messaging & real-time updates

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Learning, training, and development experience management

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NovoEd Learning Platform enables the creation, curation, and delivery of collaborative, engaging and relevant learning experiences that are aligned with business objectives. Progress can be monitored through mentorship, coaching, and assessments.

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Connected Training and knowledge management for SMBs

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Whale is a knowledge management software designed to help franchisees, managed service providers (MSPs), system companies, and real estate agencies create, maintain, and share training documentation including processes, policies, and procedures with employees.

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Cloud-based microlearning software for schools & businesses

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Brainscape is a cloud-based microlearning software designed to help businesses and educational institutions manage learning and employee training processes using space repetition technique-based flash cards to improve overall knowledge retention rates.

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EdApp is a free, mobile-first microlearning training LMS.

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EdApp is one of the most progressive microlearning solutions on the market with advanced LMS features. Microlearning is the breaking down of information into topical, bite-sized chunks. These highly-targeted learning bursts are easy to digest, increase completion rates and knowledge retention.

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learn more is the only learn-by-doing platform that helps organizations solve challenges, keep employees engaged, and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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Enterprise video platform

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Panopto is the only video platform that provides businesses and universities with integrated video recording, live streaming, video management, and inside-video search.

Panopto is the only integrated software built to help businesses and universities share knowledge using video.

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Ultimate Privacy-Preserving Messaging Platform

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Productivise is for businesses of all sizes to quickly build and deploy their own private & secure messaging app

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Redhero Group


Goal-based learning tech for measuring & raising performance

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Redhero Group combines technology with marketing, sales and psychology intelligence to create engaging corporate learning experiences that heatmap employee skill, knowledge and performance levels in real time to move it and measure it against ambitious business goals, providing detailed ROI reports

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Microlearning platform for training and development

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Shotclasses is a mobile-based microlearning platform which assists enterprises with the training and development of employees. Its key features include course authoring, assessments, gamification, progress tracking, curriculum design, evaluation management, progress tracking and content publishing.

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Microlearning platform to provide DEI training

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Thrive is a cloud-based microlearning platform designed to help organizations provide personalized and self-paced DEI training to employees. Based on machine learning technology, it lets supervisors evaluate team members' current proficiency through a question-based learning (QBL) technique.

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Online training courses and personalized digital classrooms

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reteach software enables users the ability to create individual learning spaces for training courses. The digital classrooms offer flexibility for participants as training materials can be accessed on-demand, regardless of time or place.

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