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Juno Journey logo

Build Personalized Professional Journeys with Juno Journey

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Juno Journey is a personalized L&D operations system. We centralize, automate & customize all learning processes in one solution.

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Degreed logo

The learning portal to find, track & recognize ALL learning

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Degreed's learning solution aggregates the best content available, maps learning to the evolving needs of the employee and company, and measures all learning & skills.

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MobieTrain logo

Microlearning software for frontline teams

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MobieTrain is a microlearning software designed to help businesses in retail, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, government, and other sectors create and distribute branded bite-sized training content for frontline teams. Administrators can utilize the authoring tool to design learning paths, allocate content to specific users or segmented groups, and monitor progress, knowledge gaps, and completed tracks on a centralized dashboard.

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7taps logo

Course authoring, training & learning management system

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7taps is a training and learning management system (LMS) designed to help businesses create, edit, and publish microlearning and mobile learning courses via a unified platform. The application enables trainers to include GIFs, sound bites, and quizzes in courses, generate custom reports, and share course links to learners using email, text messages, or QR codes.

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MedBridge logo

Learning Management Suite for Healthcare Professionals

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MedBridge is an evidence-based LMS solution for healthcare professionals and organizations.

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Continu logo

The learning management system for modern teams

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Continu is a modern learning platform trusted by some of the world's largest organizations to train their entire workforce, automate new hire onboarding, and boost employee engagement all within a single platform.

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Trivie logo

Closing the loop on learning.

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With Trivie, companies can train remotely with confidence. Based on cognitive science, adaptive learning, and gamification, Trivie ensures employees remember training information through science-based automation.

Trivie is 100% self-service and can be deployed in minutes.

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Vibe logo

Reach the unreachable. Engage the disengaged.

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As a specialist workplace digital signage software, transforms the way internal communication teams produce and deliver highly effective communications to reach their dispersed workforce.

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Cognota logo

The Operations Platform for Learning and Development Teams

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Cognota is the only operations platform for Learning & Development teams. Our software streamlines training intake, project & capacity planning & content design processes, allowing training teams to work more efficiently while providing them with much-needed data and insights about their operations.

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Apty logo

World's fastest-growing on-screen guidance platform

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Enterprise Adoption at Scale

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SlidePresenter logo

The leading video platform for employee-generated learning

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SlidePresenter is the leading enterprise video platform for employee-generated learning. Empower your employees to easily and quickly turn their knowledge into engaging video learning nuggets and share them on your own video platform - so that knowledge is available to all employees at any time.

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Crehana logo

People Learning and Development Platform

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People Learning and Development Platform that helps organizations build competitive and high-skilled workforces.

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Gility logo

Cloud-based training platform

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Gility is a cloud-based platform designed to manage corporate training and development. It streamlines the management of training programs, certified courses, and reporting.

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InReach logo

Empowering Education, Enabling Excellence: InReach CE

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What is InReach CE Learning Management System?
InReach CE: Specialized LMS for accredited content. Easy enrollment, instant confirmation, and compliance management. Streamlined learning for licenses and certifications.

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Innform logo

Innform LMS - The all-in-one training tool for modern teams

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Innform is the award winning LMS for modern teams.

Try Innform Pro free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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Drillster logo

Adaptive learning solution

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Drillster is a smart learning app that keeps critical competencies top of mind, so people can deliver top performance using the right skills at the right time. Effective and efficient, for both learning professionals and learners.

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eduMe logo

Give your workforce the world's most powerful training tool

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eduMe is for modern companies with a deskless workforce that need onboarding, training and consistent upskilling. Give them what they want - engaging training that's mobile, accessible and enjoyable.

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uQualio logo

Video4Learning - easy and affordable online video learning.

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Uqualio is the most affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based Video Learning Platform.

Make video courses in minutes and save time and money on your training and education of employees, business partners, end users, students, sales representatives, etc.

Start a Free Trial or continue with Freemium now.

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Intellek LMS logo

Learning management system for corporations

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Intellek LMS (formerly TutorPro) is a cloud-based, feature-rich, cutting-edge and customizable Learning Management System. The perfect hub to support all of your organization's Learning and Development needs.

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Quickify AI logo

AI-powered learning management system (LMS)

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Quickify AI is an AI-powered LMS for teams. Featuring built-in gamification, various interactive activities, and AI-enhanced admin tools, it offers instant setup and a personalized learning experience. Ideal for up-skilling and boosting productivity, it's your agile, cost-effective LMS solution.

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Foxize Cloud logo

Personalized online training platform

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Foxize Cloud is a LMS platform that lets you create and manage training courses quickly without needing technical knowledge. It offers personalized learning experiences where each student has their own path and pace. The platform combines different content formats, reflects your brand, is easy to manage without technical skills, provides learning analytics, and helps get Fundae certification.

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Percipio logo

Integrated and Customizable Learning Solutions

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Skillsoft is a Learning Management System which customizes with content from Youtube, Coursera, xPro etc. and integrates with other LMS like Sumtotal, Saba, Workday and Cornerstone.

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Mykademy logo

Cloud-based learning management system

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Mykademy is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed for a seamless digital training experience. It is built with excellent features to track and manage the training activities of your trainees. Fuel your business (any type or size) productivity with a tech-powered training system.

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ByteKast logo

Digital learning platform for authoring & publishing content

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ByteKast LXP (formerly Falkor) is a digital learning platform designed to help businesses of all sizes author, publish, distribute & track content across white-labeled Android, iOS and progressive web applications (PWA). It helps administrators filter analytics based on groups, country or location.

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Learner Mobile logo

Next-gen LMS optimized for mobile and field-based workforces

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Learner Mobile is the low-cost leader in the LMS market, delivering on-demand training anywhere, anytime.

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