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NICE Robotic Automation

Cloud-based robotic process automation solution

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NICE Robotic Automation overview

What is NICE Robotic Automation?

NICE Robotic Automation is a cloud-based suite designed to help businesses automate and streamline tasks, from process development to deployment. The artificial intelligence-enabled solution comes with an automation finder module, which lets users utilize cognitive technologies such as machine/deep learning and desktop analytics to identify business processes with ROI (return on investment) opportunities. NICE Robot Automation analyzes data including key strokes, mouse selections, handle time, applications used, field entries, pages visited, and more in order to provide automation recommendations for sequences and tasks, and enhance operational efficiency across the organization.

Installed on back-end servers, NICE Robotic Automation enables businesses to allocate robotic resources and gain real-time visibility into processes. It provides task control capabilities, which allow users to monitor specific tasks for successes, failures, and volume of work executed, and receive alerts on incidents requiring manual intervention.

NICE Robotic Automation comes with OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities, which let enterprises automate processes using data from unstructured sources including scanned documents, chats, and text messages. It facilitates integration with artificial intelligence technologies, streamlining automation across all business processes.


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NICE Robotic Automation features

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Key features of NICE Robotic Automation

  • Attended Automation
  • Business Process Automation
  • Integration into Third Party Applications
  • OCR
  • Unattended Automation
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