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Billingbooth overview

Billingbooth is a cloud based accounting management solution that enables the automated creation, delivery, and analysis of the billing and invoicing details of an organizations customers. The product offers features such as setting flexible tariffs and invoices for a customer; fixing differential or recurring charges for the users that are set at different intervals; creating and delivering invoices through emails or in a downloadable format from the web app., and setting customized taxation rates for customers across different geographies or jurisdictions.

The solution supports segmenting customers across several channels that include dealers, distributors, OEM’s, and re-sellers. It also offers extensive data analysis and reporting features by going through the details of all the invoices and charges that are tagged to a customer. Billingbooth enables the analysis of granular details such as which customer is generating the highest turnover, as well as identifying the major dependencies within data sets.

The software has an option of exporting data to other analytics package through its extensive API Ecosystem. Billingbooth also offers REST-based JSON API’s that enable developers to integrate the product to third party order management and production systems across various platforms. It provides a knowledge base on its portal where users can refer for product support. The solution caters primarily to the needs of Telecom companies.


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Billingbooth pricing

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Starter - Up to 20 Customers: Freemium
Business - Up to 50 Customers: $29.95 per month
Professional - Up to 500 Customers: $89.95 per month
Enterprise - Unlimited Customers: $219.95 per month

Billingbooth features

Accounting Management
Billing & Invoicing
Invoice Management
Third Party Integration

Accounting Integration (129 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (129 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (114 other apps)
Compliance Management (90 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (101 other apps)
Data Import/Export (110 other apps)
Electronic Payments (117 other apps)
Expense Tracking (123 other apps)
Financial Analysis (88 other apps)
Invoice Processing (105 other apps)
Multi-Currency (110 other apps)
Real Time Data (112 other apps)
Receiving (95 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (145 other apps)
Workflow Management (89 other apps)

Additional information for Billingbooth

Key features of Billingbooth

  • Open API
  • JsonAPI Integration
  • Customer Database
  • Accounting Management
  • Set up billing run
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Configure multiple schedules for billing
  • Create recurring charges
  • Offers multiple tariffs
  • Tax Rates
  • Send Invoices through emails
  • Automate invoice sending
  • Manage different business channels
  • Reporting
  • Schedule Reports
  • Web Portal
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● Billingbooth allows organizations to access their customer's billing history on-demand from any device.
● Billingbooth allows the creation of automated invoices that can be scheduled at user defined intervals.
● The product provides an option to create recurring charges for subscribed services at specified intervals.
● It offers the creation of differential pricing structures to support various sales models such as channel partners, retailors or wholesalers.
● The product offers the capability to report data in monthly, quarterly or yearly format by analyzing all generated invoices and differential charges.
● Billingbooth provides API integration with all the major Order Management solutions