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Private equity software for direct & indirect investments

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What is eFront?

eFront’s private equity software for direct and indirect investments helps investors and managers to more efficiently navigate complex investment structures, analysis demands, and regulatory requirements. The integrated, web-based platform helps automate and streamline operations while reducing risk, delivering insights, and improving investor communication.

eFront enables general partners to optimize their front office operations such as fundraising and deal flow management, as well as their back office operations including fund management and accounting, fee allocation and financial reporting. GPs can track the performance of portfolio companies (portfolio management) and view performance information at any level of a fund’s investment structure.

eFron’t integrated portfolio monitoring solution allows users to gather portfolio company data, and secure it within a single location. Various teams can use it to calculate valuations, run performance analyses, and more. Integrated web portals help facilitate the communication of financial and non-financial data between investments, GPs and their limited partner investors.

Dynamic dashboards enable detailed analysis of private equity investments with real-time insight into performance, exposure, and adherence to investment mandates. Limited partners can ‘outsource’ the collection, transformation, and updating of fund manager data into custom formats, or standardized templates. The eFront LP investor portal (EIP) provides users with a secure platform for obtaining data from fund managers worldwide.


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eFront screenshot: Integrated web portals to facilitate the secure communication of financial and non-financial information between investmentsFrontPM - Portfolio Monitoring TodayeFront screenshot: eFront Investor Services “outsource” the collection, transformation and updating of fund manager data into standardized templates or custom formatseFront screenshot: Integrate with Excel to ensure consistency and collect new dataeFront screenshot: The calculation engine helps normalize indicators across a portfolio

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Disappointed: Flexible but requires a Ton of Configuration and Lacks Basic Functionality out-the-box

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2020-10-08
Review Source: Capterra

The overall experience with eFront has been disappointing. We expected a mature, fit for purpose solution that could address 90% of our requirements out-the-box. Instead, it required an inordinate amount of time and effort to get the system to where it now works. It is disappointing that we do not automatically get new functionality. Furthermore, even basic changes to our business will require us to pay eFront for professional services to make configuration changes e.g. if we decide on a different carry/waterfall structure for a new fund; or if we setup a new fund with a master-feeder structure.

1. Integrated suite of tools. Provides a suite of tools to manage a private equity or venture capital portfolio - managing the deal flow process, doing portfolio management, managing fund investors, doing fund accounting, filing deal docs. It is useful having all the information relating to a deal integrated and centralised in one place. 2. Flexibility to configure screens and data fields Within the constraints of the underlying data structure, there is significant flexibility to configure custom layouts for screens (both to view and enter data). You can also define almost any custom data fields that you wish to track for a portfolio company, fund, or contact. 3. Workflow tool Provides a tool to "automate" the deal flow process - processing a deal through the different stages from when a decision is made to invest until the transaction is completed and the deal has been booked. The deal stages can be customised, required data fields can be enforced, relatively complex deal logic can be modelled. 4. Integrated Accounting The system provide a native integrated accounting system with general ledger entries automatically made when asset (buy, sell, revalue, write off) and fund transactions (fund expenses, capital draws, distributions) are booked.

1. Requires extensive configuration Despite being focussed on the alternative asset sector and having a dedicated offering for private equity/venture capital, the solution requires a TON of configuration. 2. "But you didn't specify that" The fact that a specific type of transaction is available in the out-the-box system does not mean it works. If you did not explicitly state that you want that transaction to work, it might well not be configured. If not discovered during configuration, you have to pay extra to get it rectified. 3. Lacking some of the most basic functionality out the box None of the following was possible without custom configuration (for which the customer has to pay): booking dividends, booking stock splits, booking brokerage or transaction costs on a stock disposal, revaluing foreign currency denominated assets in a batch transaction, booking a valuation for a warrant. 4. Surprisingly buggy During the process of configuring and using the software, we were surprised by the number of bugs we uncovered. Many of the bug fixes are not made available to you - they are only incorporated in new releases. 5. Upgrades not (really) included This is not a modern SaaS application despite being priced like one with a substantial annual license fee. You do not automatically get upgraded or access to new features. You need to go through an extensive upgrade process, which will almost certainly require professional services at an additional cost.

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Key features of eFront

  • Risk analytics benchmarks
  • Stress tests
  • Fund management
  • Multi-portfolio management
  • Real estate management
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Manage direct and indirect investments
  • Automate and streamline operations
  • Front office operations
  • Fund raising
  • Deal flow management
  • Back office operations
  • Fund management and accounting
  • Fee allocation
  • Financial reporting
  • Track the performance of portfolio companies
  • Portfolio management
  • Integrated web portals
  • Detailed analysis of private equity investments
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Performance & exposure insights
  • Adherence to investment mandates
  • Real-time analysis
  • Manage liquidity
  • Standardized templates and custom formats
  • Private equity benchmarking
  • Integration with Excel
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eFront dynamic dashboards enable users to view a detailed analysis of private equity investments, including visibility on financial performance and processes.

The solution's integrated web portals enable safe and secure communication between investments, general partners (GPs) and their limited partner (LPs) investors.

General partners can effectively track portfolio company performance, as well as view performance information at various levels of a fund’s investment structure.

With eFront, investors are able to forecast cash flows across private equity fund investments in order to better manage liquidity, cash requirements and commitments.

eFront's Investor Services help limited partners save time by 'outsourcing' the collection, transformation and updating of fund manager data into custom formats or standardized templates.