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Private equity software for direct & indirect investments

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eFront overview

eFront’s private equity software for direct and indirect investments helps investors and managers to more efficiently navigate complex investment structures, analysis demands, and regulatory requirements. The integrated, web-based platform helps automate and streamline operations while reducing risk, delivering insights, and improving investor communication.

eFront enables general partners to optimize their front office operations such as fundraising and deal flow management, as well as their back office operations including fund management and accounting, fee allocation and financial reporting. GPs can track the performance of portfolio companies (portfolio management) and view performance information at any level of a fund’s investment structure.

eFron’t integrated portfolio monitoring solution allows users to gather portfolio company data, and secure it within a single location. Various teams can use it to calculate valuations, run performance analyses, and more. Integrated web portals help facilitate the communication of financial and non-financial data between investments, GPs and their limited partner investors.

Dynamic dashboards enable detailed analysis of private equity investments with real-time insight into performance, exposure, and adherence to investment mandates. Limited partners can ‘outsource’ the collection, transformation, and updating of fund manager data into custom formats, or standardized templates. The eFront LP investor portal (EIP) provides users with a secure platform for obtaining data from fund managers worldwide.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, China and 6 other markets, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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eFront screenshot: Integrated web portals to facilitate the secure communication of financial and non-financial information between investmentsFrontPM - Portfolio Monitoring TodayeFront screenshot: eFront Investor Services “outsource” the collection, transformation and updating of fund manager data into standardized templates or custom formatseFront screenshot: Integrate with Excel to ensure consistency and collect new dataeFront screenshot: The calculation engine helps normalize indicators across a portfolio

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eFront features

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Additional information for eFront

Key features of eFront

  • Risk analytics benchmarks
  • Stress tests
  • Fund management
  • Multi-portfolio management
  • Real estate management
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Manage direct and indirect investments
  • Automate and streamline operations
  • Front office operations
  • Fund raising
  • Deal flow management
  • Back office operations
  • Fund management and accounting
  • Fee allocation
  • Financial reporting
  • Track the performance of portfolio companies
  • Portfolio management
  • Integrated web portals
  • Detailed analysis of private equity investments
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Performance & exposure insights
  • Adherence to investment mandates
  • Real-time analysis
  • Manage liquidity
  • Standardized templates and custom formats
  • Private equity benchmarking
  • Integration with Excel
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eFront dynamic dashboards enable users to view a detailed analysis of private equity investments, including visibility on financial performance and processes.

The solution's integrated web portals enable safe and secure communication between investments, general partners (GPs) and their limited partner (LPs) investors.

General partners can effectively track portfolio company performance, as well as view performance information at various levels of a fund’s investment structure.

With eFront, investors are able to forecast cash flows across private equity fund investments in order to better manage liquidity, cash requirements and commitments.

eFront's Investor Services help limited partners save time by 'outsourcing' the collection, transformation and updating of fund manager data into custom formats or standardized templates.