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Expenses Mobile

Employee expenses solution for payroll & finance teams

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Expenses Mobile overview

Expenses Mobile is a cloud-based expense management solution with which users can submit, track, manage, and approve expense claims from their smartphone. Multiple mileage validation options are built-in, including GPS tracking, postcode-to-postcode search, and Address+ for pinpointing locations at street level. Receipts can be captured digitally and attached to expense claims before they are submitted. Claim status can be tracked in real-time, and users can provide justifications or make amends to queried claims before resubmitting. Claims are automatically checked for policy and VAT compliance, and missing receipts, VAT and mileage miscalculations, and duplicate claims are flagged. Corporate card statements can also be reconciled with Expenses Mobile, with users able to add expenses for each transaction, or match transactions to existing expense items.


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Expenses Mobile screenshot: Expense claims can be submitted through the mobile appExpenses by SelenityExpenses Mobile screenshot: Users can add full expense details to claims before submittingExpenses Mobile screenshot: Multiple milage verification options are built-in, including GPS trackingExpenses Mobile screenshot: Transactions from card statements can be matched with expense claims based on their date and amountExpenses Mobile screenshot: Digital images of receipts can be captured, uploaded, and attached to claimsExpenses Mobile screenshot: Users can track the status of their expense claims in real-timeExpenses Mobile screenshot: Justifications can be added to queried claims before resubmissionExpenses Mobile Functionality

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Expenses Mobile features

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Additional information for Expenses Mobile

Key features of Expenses Mobile

  • Journey validation
  • Enhanced driver & vehicle check
  • Self-registration
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Corporate card reconciliation
  • Vehicle & licence documentation verification
  • Card management
  • GPS-based mileage tracking
  • Real-time updates
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Full claim status history
  • Transaction matching
  • Discrepancy flagging
  • Scheduled reports
  • User-defined fields
  • Configurable claimable items & limits
  • Postcode-to-postcode lookups
  • Reporting suite
  • Expiration alerts
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Advanced validation ensures that claims are checked for policy compliance and that VAT rules are applied, so VAT and mileage miscalculations, missing receipts, and duplicate claims will be identified.

Multiple journey validation options are built-in, including GPS tracking, postcode-to-postcode lookups, and Address+ for pinpointing locations down to street level.

Images of receipts can be captured through phone cameras or uploaded from the phone’s gallery, and attached to claim items before submission.

Status histories for submitted claims and previous claims can be viewed in real-time, and users can track which claims have been reimbursed and amend or add justifications to queried claims before resubmitting.

Corporate card statements are automatically pushed to the Expenses Mobile app, and users can either reconcile transactions by adding new expenses and attaching receipts, or match transactions to existing expense items based on value and date.