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DCAA / A-133 compliant cost accounting solution

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SYMPAQ SQL overview

SYMPAQ SQL is a complete cost accounting solution used by small to mid sized government contractors and non-profits to effectively run their businesses while staying in compliance with the DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) regulations and A-133 audit guidelines. The system includes various closely integrated cost accounting functions for data retrieval and reporting of activities, and seamlessly updates other modules with dependent data for comprehensive project reporting.

SYMPAQ SQL's features package was designed to meet various requirements with focus on CAS (Cost Accounting Standards), and the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations). All modules are fully flexible and scalable, and reflect the components of project cost accounting including time entry, indirect cost allocations, indirect rate calculations, and labor distribution.

SYMPAQ SQL offers a large variety of essential core and add-on configuration options. The general ledger saves post transactions for auditing, calculates them for analysis, and reports them in various formats. The job cost module administers mission-critical reports, contract briefs, and various project cost and management operations.

Government contractors can use the labor and leave module to define employees, labor categories and human resource data. With the cash management module, users can register manual cash transactions, void receipts and checks, and even import cash journals. Other modules include purchase order, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll.


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SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ builds schedules to submit to auditers such as the DCAA.How to Calculate Indirect Rates in SYMPAQ SQLSYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ users can link the various schedules and pull selected data into the pre-formatted spreadsheet. SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ SQL users can define indirect tiers to calculate indirect rates. SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ SQL generates reports that show the summary of indirect rate calculations for each defined tier. SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: The job cost ledger displays the effect of the allocation of indirect costs to projects in SYMPAQ SQL.SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ's job cost ledger report shows inception, year, and current period totals by elements of cost.SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ's contract or task order process applies burdens, generates billing and calculates adjustments. SYMPAQ SQL screenshot: SYMPAQ's final invoice worksheet displays the total amounts funded, historical totals, and current totals for the period of performance.How to Handle Indirect Cost Allocation in SYMPAQ SOLHow to Generate Transactional Billings in SYMPAQ SQLHow to Track Incurred Cost Electronically in SYMPAQ SQL

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Karen Van Cura

I have been an extremely satisfied customer since 2007.

Reviewed 2015-04-29
Review Source: Capterra

I bring over 30 years of Government Contracting experience to my position as Chief Financial Officer of a small business. I have used other products over the years and have never been more satisfied with an overall product for Government accounting. The product is easy to use if you have multiple staff members or are running it individually. The Aldebaron staff is friendly and knowledgeable in both their product and in overall compliance issues.

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John Hughes

Recommendation of SYMPAQ SQL

Reviewed 2015-03-26
Review Source: Capterra

The product meets my expectations regarding costing rates, labor distribution, project costing summaries and an effective dashboard for financial statements, statement of indirects and special projects.

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Anna Tkach

Great Product and Customer Service!

Reviewed 2015-05-10
Review Source: Capterra

Great overall product!!! Would strongly recommend!

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Budget: $5k–$15k /year
Single user accounting
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SYMPAQ SQL features

Accounting Management
Expense Tracking
Financial Analysis

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Additional information for SYMPAQ SQL

Key features of SYMPAQ SQL

  • Accounts payable module
  • Accounts receivable module
  • ADP payroll interface
  • Billing & revenue module
  • Cash management module
  • Electronic time card interface
  • General ledger
  • Job cost module
  • Labor & leave module
  • Payroll
  • Purchase order module
  • Indirect cost accumulation and allocation
  • Accumulation of actual direct costs
  • Calculation of multiple indirect rates
  • Inception-to-date job or task detail
  • Tracking and segregation of unallowable costs
  • Uncompensated overtime
  • Bid and proposal
  • Segregation of direct and indirect costs
  • Employee labor tracking
  • General & administrative expenses
  • Overhead expenses
  • Occupancy expenses
  • Claimed allocation bases
  • Reconciliation
  • Summary schedule of costs
  • Comparative analysis
  • Contract briefs
  • DCAA and A-133 compliance
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Government contractors can use the electronic time cards interface for one-step import and validation of timekeeping data which is processed as native time card data through the labor and leave module.

Users can ensure accurate and complete payroll reports with the ADP payroll interface that creates and exports files, and maps the earnings category codes between both ADP and SYMPAQ.

Contractors can avoid manually re-entering employee reimbursements using the expense import utility which enables companies to import validated expense reports directly into the system.

SYMPAQ SQL users can take advantage of the Unanet PSA interface that helps organizations to more effectively and accurately plan, track, and manage projects as well as project reporting, resource management, timesheets and more, all via the web.

Government contractors can use the payroll module to benefit from auto-generated payroll records with time and attendance data application, as well as determine gross-to-net pay utilizing the federal and state tax tables.