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PBX and VoIP call accounting solution

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WinCall by TeleManagement Technologies is a call accounting software which can be used with analog, VoIP, and Centrex PBX systems, including 3Com, Avaya, Cisco Systems, Mitel, Nortel, NEC, and Shoretel. Multiple locations can be integrated, providing a centralized call accounting and reporting solution.

WinCall can import data from PBX and HR databases and automatically update its extension database, with the option to combine PBX and HR systems for process automation. Internal systems can be fully synchronized with WinCall through the import of multiple databases. Fields to be imported are user-defined, with PBX extensions, usernames, and departments able to be exchanged between databases for synchronization of database changes or updates, billback functions, and facilitating internal directories.

WinCall automatically alerts users to any suspicious call activity, including toll fraud and 911 calls. All calls activity is tracked in real time, whether calls are international or domestic, and through VoIP, digital, and analog services. Data on call activity, data delivery capacities, queue time, abandoned calls, and call routing efficiencies allow users to identify issues and adjust their human resource allocations and trunking configurations accordingly.

WinCall Pricing

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Key Features of WinCall

  • Expense allocations
  • Cost allocations
  • Domestic and international call tracking
  • PBX and VoIP integrations
  • Fraud alerts
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Custom reporting
  • Real-time call collection
  • Import/export of call and database records
  • Department evaluation
  • Employee evaluation
  • Rate optimization
  • Expense aggregation
  • Usage control policies
  • Network and resource optimization
  • Queue times
  • Abandoned calls
  • Call routing efficiencies
  • Suspicious call activity alerts
  • Automatic database updates


Intended Users
Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
Devices Supported
Windows, Web-based
Supported Countries
Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States
Supported Languages
Support Options
FAQs, Online Support

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150 PBX types and formats are supported, including analog PBXs such as Avaya, NEC, and Nortel, and VoIPs including Shoretel and 3Com.

Automatically alerts users of suspicious call activity, including 911 calls and toll fraud.

Calls are tracked in real time, whether domestic or international, and through analog, digital, or VoIP services.

All phone bills and expenses are allocated to employee codes, departments, or business units, allowing users to compare actual performance against plan.

Information is imported daily into the extension database from PBX and HR databases, with users able to define which fields to import.

Call accounting personnel access permissions are limited to allow access to only the required information on their sales team, department, cost center, and more.