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PhoneBurner overview

PhoneBurner is a Power Dialer and Sales Acceleration platform that increases productivity over the phone by 447% - without any additional software. Dramatically increase productivity and talk time, boost live answer rates, improve workflow and follow-up, and help agents grow sales.

Our software is cloud based and installation free. Users can log in from anywhere, and conduct dial sessions using any phone. Our delay-free dialer means your contacts will NOT know that software is being used.

Included CRM (API, Salesforce and other integrations available) allows users to intelligently filter leads for better dial sessions. Dial up to 80 contacts per hour. Instantly drop voicemails, and send customized emails based on call outcome. Customize disposition sets, take notes, schedule follow-ups, and more. Call Recording a, Call Transfer, and Local ID are available.

PhoneBurner's proprietary SmartSender feature allows for the creation of resource SmartPacks (individual or groups of documents, images, video, web links, etc.) that can be instantly added to emails. Users are alerted in real-time when emails are opened, links clicked, videos watched, attachments viewed, etc. for perfectly timed follow-up. SmartSender is also integrated with "Retargeting" enabling users to serve targeted ads to contacts as they browse the web, Facebook, or Twitter.

PhoneBurner team accounts include administrative controls, advanced real-time reporting and analytics, LeadStream smart lead distribution, and automated content sharing including call scripts, disposition sets, emails, and more. Team accounts are available at discounts of up to 50% per seat.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada and 8 other markets, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom

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PhoneBurner screenshot: Dial up to 80 contacts per hour with our intuitive, feature-rich interfacePhoneBurner is Power Dialer Software for Inside Sales ProfessionalsPhoneBurner screenshot: Maintain detailed contact records and history, track activity, build a bigger, more engaged sales pipeline PhoneBurner screenshot: Powerful team features get agents up and running quickly with shared scripts, disposition sets, email templates, and much morePhoneBurner screenshot: Create detailed reports to track agent and team performance and productivity with real-time and historical analytics.PhoneBurner screenshot: Create live, self-updating "Leaderboards" to inspire and motivate your teamPhoneBurner screenshot: Intelligently and automatically distribute leads to your team. Highly customizable routing rules help you create LeadStreams to handle any kind of sales situation including real-time lead delivery.PhoneBurner screenshot: Use SmartSender to track email opens, link clicks, attachment views and more. Create a resource library, and bundle attachments togeter into "SmartPacks" for brilliantly simple follow-up and engagement tracking.

PhoneBurner reviews

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Tony Bredin

Great product!!! Especially for cold calling.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-03-08
Review Source: Software Advice

This is a great product for functionality, service, price, ease of use, transparency, and consistency Phone Burner is in a league of its own. There are no hidden fees or charges, no miscellaneous feature upgrades that cost money, no paying per minute on top of the monthly fee. Phone Burner does what it says it does, and quite honestly, does it even better than it claims. Get the free trial if you don't believe me, you'll be sold!!!Before our sales team moved to PhoneBurner we spent a lot of time comparing a ton of dialer solutions, and PhoneBurner was the obvious choice. I am always talking about the level of client support that's available, the flexibility of the platform has, and how easy it has been to get integrate and have the team using it. Best of all, our team's efficiency has significantly improved and numbers are up yet still continue to grow. I can't imagine our team connecting with our fans and clients without PhoneBurner it's indispensable. This is a great product that delivers where it counts!

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Alan Peterson

I've tried them all, believe me.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-04-11
Review Source: Software Advice

As for functionality, service, price, ease of use, transparency, and consistency Phone Burner is in a league of its own. No hidden fees or charges, no miscellaneous feature upgrades that cost money, no paying per minute on top of the monthly fee. Phone Burner does what it says it does, and quite honestly, does it even better than it claims. Get the free trial if you don't believe me, you'll be sold - at least I was. There is not a feature you need that Phone Burner doesn't provide. I have a team that varies in experience levels, and technical aptitude and they all enjoy Phone Burner far more than any of the others we have tried (We have tried them all, yes, even that one) - Everything is so intelligently designed that it's a plug and play application, and the customizations of dispositions couldn't be easier. The customer service is helpful, kind, and consistent. I've had systems prior where we were actually billed for trouble shooting - Phone burner's LEAD ENGINEER went as far as to help me with a CSV file I was admittedly getting jammed up with. It should also be mentioned that the price-point is lower than the competitors and if you are debating on a CRM the automation of the Phone Burner platform out of the box is deeper and more intuitive than many systems I've made the mistake of paying for prior. Phone Burner has it all - it's really that simple.

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Daniel Vasquez

Phoner Burner Has Helped Our Sales Team Even With Their Most Recent Changes

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-07-02
Review Source: Capterra

Our customer support representative at Phoneburner actually cares about his clients and does what's necessary to assist his client. It sends e-mails for you, although sometimes this does not work. This saves you a lot of time if you work in the sales industry.

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Monica Sheridan

What a great program for business!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-12-05
Review Source: Capterra

I enjoy the ease of my day when it is time for the calling out. Often times, I am working on other things and I use to dread making my own leads but now it is simply and quick and allows me more time to focus on the calls instead of "WHO" I am calling. Thank you PhoneBurner!I love that when it is time to cold call to generate more business, there is ease with clicking an uploaded list and just dialing. No fussing over who to call next! The dialer keeps dialing!

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Kevin Leveille

Great Product with Great Support

Reviewed 2015-04-10
Review Source: Capterra

They have an excellent trial program which has no time limitations only limitation a total minutes used. So if you sign up for a trial and don't get to it, it doesn't expire on you for the first 30 days it continues until you've used your minutes. Their business practice is true SUBSCRIPTION -- Sign-up monthly, continue month-to-month. No expensive upfront implementation cost, no long-term contract. I love their ROLLOVER Minutes policy where they allow you to roll over unused minutes from this month to the next month so that your investment is protected. It's super easy to create a list from either leads or contacts. Just select your leads upload them and you're dialing away. I also like the integration. An extremely demanding request I had was integration with my existing system. PhoneBurner worked with me tirelessly and efficiently and very quickly to fully integrate into my own community environment, smoothly navigating a tricky technological hurdle that had in place. They just took care of it. Audio quality was not compromised during our trial as it was with other dialing solutions. The interface is extremely easy to use. The integration with makes it a cinch. The ease of recording voicemail and send email is also a huge plus. But easily the biggest clincher for their superior performance is the PhoneBurner organization itself. Jeff Osness was an extremely responsive and accountable stakeholder in our success. When I find an application that does what it says I'm a huge fan. But the real test for me is always whether the organization will support me when I need them. Phone burner more than satisfied on both counts.

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PhoneBurner pricing

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Free Trial - no credit card required. Get 450 rollover minutes per month for $67.50/month, or unlimited dialing for $149/month. Teams save up to 50% per seat, and enjoy an exclusive set of features built for sales teams.

PhoneBurner features

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GetApp Analysis

The number of calls that sales agents make each day is directly tied to their success rates. PhoneBurner is a web-based solution that increases the number of calls that agents can place each hour by up to 447%. The power dialer and outbound call center software also increases live answer rates, boosts live interactions, eliminates repetitive tasks, and improves follow-up and conversion opportunities.

Built for outbound sales teams, as well as individual agents in the real estate, mortgage, insurance, non-profit, telemarketing, IT, and technology industries, PhoneBurner provides its users with a cloud platform that they can use to make calls from anywhere. It improves lead management with real-time alerts when leads open emails, click links, or view attachments. Key features include power dialing and voicemails, personalized emails, custom disposition sets, lead management, real-time tracking, call recording, and local IDs.

What is PhoneBurner?

PhoneBurner is a solution that agents can use to increase productivity without adding new software to their workflows. The sales acceleration tool helps agents close more sales each day by utilizing integrated CRM to maintain all client data and call histories.

Using PhoneBurner’s power dial feature, which replaces manual dialing, sales agents are able to connect with up to 80 contacts each hour. They can also leave instant voicemails and send personalized emails automatically. By eliminating the most onerous tasks related to making sales calls, PhoneBurner frees agents to spend more time on the critical tasks related to closing sales and deals.

Awkward pauses on the telephone line are virtually eliminated when sales teams switch to PhoneBurner. The software not only does away with “finger fatigue” from dialing, but it also enables agents to leave professional voicemails without listening to the message before moving on to the next call. Custom disposition sets let agents re-categorize sales prospects based on the outcomes of their calls and send automated emails with one click. These emails are trackable thanks to PhoneBurner’s SmartSender feature. Any data collected is funneled into the solution’s intuitive CRM, where it can be sorted by tags, call time, and frequency. Premium PhoneBurner features include call recording, call tracking, retargeting, and local area codes with the company’s Local ID plans.

Who is PhoneBurner for?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: Sales, real estate, mortgage, insurance, non-profit, telemarketing, IT, and technology
  • Business size: Small businesses, mid-size businesses, large enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Anyone who uses the telephone as a prospecting and sales tool
  • Budget/point: Single seat accounts are available at $67.50/month
  • Example customers: Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, Farmers Insurance

Main features

Power Dialing

PhoneBurner eliminates drudgery and repetitive tasks for sales agents and other call center personnel. By doing away with manual dialing, agents are able to reach up to 80 contacts per hour. PhoneBurner’s power dialer feature gives agents complete control over the entire call experience.

To use PhoneBurner’s dialing feature, just pick up your phone and dial into the app. It will call the contacts that you select and leave pre-recorded voicemails. You’ll be able to take notes, schedule appointments, and send emails from within your PhoneBurner dashboard.

Track Contact Activity

PhoneBurner takes lead tracking to the next level with advanced activity tracking tools. From the Contact Activity tab, agents are able to track which of their outgoing emails have been opened, links have been clicked, and attachments have been viewed. Agents can also stay on top of the number of views their videos have received.

Once you’ve set up your account, PhoneBurner will notify you when your contacts open the emails you sent or viewed the associated attachments. This provides you with a clear opportunity to follow up via phone call at the most opportune time.

Managing Contacts

An intuitive CRM helps PhoneBurner users manage leads, take notes, and schedule follow ups quickly online. Through the contact manager, agents should be able to create custom layouts, tags, and searches. They can also sort data fields, as well as tags, and review saved searches to ensure they’re getting the most accurate results every time.

In addition to searching for contacts by name or email address, PhoneBurner allows you to search with a wide variety of unique parameters. Qualifiers—like “equal” or “contains”—are another way to narrow down your search results. Details for the contacts you select are displayed on the left of the Contact Details page, alongside any custom fields or tags you’ve added. PhoneBurner has also integrated Google search, which means you can research on the fly at any time during a call.

Team Reporting

Sales teams and other professional groups can take advantage of PhoneBurner’s team activity reports. Managers should be able to dig down into dial session reports to uncover hidden information regarding their best—and worst—performing agents.

As the admin on a group account, you’ll maintain total control over your agents. You can keep seats independent or network them for shared access. PhoneBurner makes it easy for you to monitor activity and generate high-level team reports as a way to evaluate the activity and success of your team. You can also get deep into individual agent session data and call logs.


PhoneBurner is integrated with Salesforce. It also has an open API for custom integrations.


Single seat accounts are available for $67.50 per month, for 450 rollover minutes, or $149 per month, for unlimited minutes. Team accounts offer savings of up to 50% per seat, with enhanced administrative, reporting, and efficiency tools built specifically for teams.

Bottom line

  • Cloud platform lets agents make calls from anywhere
  • Powerfully customized to fit any workflow or sales process
  • Improves lead management and eliminates repetitive tasks
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Free to try without a credit card

Additional information for PhoneBurner

Key features of PhoneBurner

  • Power dial up to 80 contacts per hour
  • Instantly leaves a pre-recorded voicemails
  • Instantly send personalized emails
  • Real-time alerts of email opens, attachment views & more
  • Included CRM + Salesforce and other integrations, API
  • View call & session statistics
  • For outbound call centers
  • Call tracking, reporting & analtyics
  • Track contact history, email engagement and more
  • Create unlimited custom fields to fit your sales processes
  • Simple import tool included
  • Create detailed custom reports on the fly or via email
  • Access real time reports to measure agent performance
  • Intelligently and automatically distribute leads
  • Advanced lead search and filtering
  • Categorize and tag contacts for seamless lead management
  • Create custom tags for your contacts
  • Use your own email server or ours
  • Create custom disposition sets
  • Record your calls
  • Important leads into our/your CRM
  • Organize and manage contact details and history
  • Effortlessly schedule follow-ups right from the dialer
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- Power dial contacts up to 4x faster
- Drop voicemails without having to listen to customer voicemails
- Send one-click emails based on call results
- Streamline workflows with custom disposition sets
- Know when contacts open emails, view attachments, click links
- Increase live answers up to 4x with Local ID
- Record calls for training and quality management
- Transfer calls
- Access real-time reports and analytics
- Get custom reports emailed to you for superior agent management
- Intelligently and automatically distribute leads to your team
- Use our CRM, Salesforce, or integrate with yours