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Zed Axis

Import, export and update utility for QuickBooks

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Zed Axis overview

: Import Module - "saves you hours in entering transactions into QuickBooks" ::

Import a comprehensive range of QuickBooks transaction types - Invoices, Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Estimates, Credit Memos, Receive Payments, Deposits, Purchase Orders, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Transfers Bills, Vendor Credits, Bill Payment - cheque, Bill Payment - credit card, Time Entries, Cheques, Deposits, Credit Card Charges, Credit Card Credits, Journal Entries.

Intelligently creates items, customers, or jobs if they are not in QuickBooks - if a customer, vendor or item is not yet setup in QuickBooks it will create it for you during the import saving you even more time.

Set up a constant – you have the option to select a constant value like a date or a class that can be applied to all transactions. Just specify the constant in the mapping and it will be added for all the transactions that are included in that import. You can even save the constant as part of the saved mappings options.

Preview your data before you import it into QuickBooks - before you commit your import to QuickBooks you can preview the transactions and edit those if you need to.
Powerful data validation - finally Axis will check your data before importing into QuickBooks to ensure it is in the format that QuickBooks can accept, if it finds an error it gives you the chance to correct it and reattempt the import.

Option to update, skip or duplicate - You can set an option so that if the transaction already exists in QuickBooks it will either, duplicate it, skip it or replace it.

:: Export Module - "makes exporting transactions from QuickBooks easier" ::

Choose from a range of export transactions types - Invoices, Sales Receipts, Credit Memos, Receive Payments, Bills, Bill Payment - Check, Bill Payment - Credit Card, Check, Credit Card Charges, Journal Entries, Time Entries, and Price Levels lists.

Select only the transactions you want - Choose to filter for date ranges, since the last export or references numbers to extract only the transactions you want.

:: EDI Module - "adds powerful advanced ecommerce features" ::

Import orders from eBay - You can now download orders from eBay Selling Manager into your Axis Inbox and with one click add sales into QuickBooks. Axis is connected directly to your eBay account so no more going online to check orders are delivered directly into the Axis Inbox

Import orders from your web store* - Connect to your web store and download orders and with one click import them into QuickBooks. Orders are added directly to your Axis EDI Inbox and with one click can be imported as sales receipts directly into QuickBooks.

Automatically monitor a folder for new messages - you can set up Axis to automatically watch a folder for new import files according to your specific criteria. Matching files are then retrieved and added into the Axis inbox ready for processing.

Automatically process import files in the background - as new files arrive in the inbox Axis can be set up to automatically process those in the background and import into QuickBooks using a predefined mapping.

*Only with supported web stores.


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Zed Axis reviews


Very good


Value for money
Ease of use
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Margaret Wood

Greatr Multi-platform use

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-15
Review Source: Capterra

We are very pleased with its performance and would highly recommend.We have been using this product for EDI purposes to import into QB Pro. The ease of use of this product along with the dependability makes this a go-to product for this type of integration. Currently working on purchasing additional licenses for use in importing invoices, lists and streamlining other segments in accounting. This is one of the easiest integration apps into QB I have used.

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Julian Lopera

Love the software. It makes our life so much easier importing sales to Quick Books

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-01
Review Source: Capterra

The best way to import your sales to QB.So easy to use. We used to input all our sales manually to QB, after we purchased Zed Axis we have been able to import them all in just one click.

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Ghiyath Alnajar

Good Idea - Bad Implementation

Used other for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2018-11-22
Review Source: Capterra

The system did not work for me, the Support was not able to help, I spent money and time, and ended up entering data manually. Am looking for another solution which is easy to use, with accessible support.The idea is great, am an accountant, I use QuickBooks a lot, and I need a tool to help me transfer data from Excel to QuickBooks on a daily basis.

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Walter Jones

Product Doesn't Work

Reviewed 2015-03-10
Review Source: GetApp

This product is a great idea. I have a website where I manage my business, but must manually enter time sheets, etc. into QuickBooks. I have built a time sheet module, but have no way to get the data from the website into QuickBooks. Found Zed Axis by searching the web, saw the videos, great IDEA!!! I can use excel to import and export data from my website into QuickBooks. My problems are over!!! Downloaded the trial version, installed, connect to QuickBooks, tried to do some exports of invoices, timetracking, bills, etc. and the software would not create the excel files. Hmm! Maybe the trial version will not allow me to create the EXCEL files. So, I purchase the software, installed the key and tried again. Nope didn't work.Don't know yet. It doesn't work. Waste of money.

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Syam Vadlamani

Tons of data to post into Quickbooks? Zed Axis is the INSTANT solution

Reviewed 2012-05-08
Review Source: GetApp

I am a professional Accountant from Canada. When I had to do quickly deliver year-end financials to my client, I searched and tried various software to automatically post transactions to Quickbooks. Each of them has some problem at some stage and added more frustration and when I just about to start manual postings, I accidentally found Zed Axis in youtube!! Since the program looked with cool features and interface, I thought to give a try. With few "learning curve" errors, and with the use of 'help menus', I posted about 2500 transactions in less than 2 hours! Isn't it AMAZING!!?. * Quick ROI for your investment on the software. Even first couple of hours of work will pay back your investment. * Easy to track and fix errors * Use of saved templates results in no errors * Less expensive * 5 star rated customer service

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Zed Axis pricing

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Free 30 day trial
Import module - $195
Import & export modules - $285
Import, export and EDI modules - $350

Zed Axis features


Accounting Integration (125 other apps)
Accounting Management (122 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (124 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (111 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (87 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (126 other apps)
Compliance Management (87 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (97 other apps)
Data Import/Export (106 other apps)
Electronic Payments (114 other apps)
Expense Tracking (122 other apps)
Financial Analysis (85 other apps)
Invoice Management (174 other apps)
Invoice Processing (103 other apps)
Multi-Currency (106 other apps)
Real Time Data (109 other apps)
Receiving (94 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (137 other apps)
Third Party Integration (115 other apps)

Additional information for Zed Axis

Key features of Zed Axis

  • Import transactions and lists into QuickBooks
  • Export transactions and lists from QuickBooks
  • Import transactions into MYOB
  • Setup and save import maps
  • Advanced import features
  • Automators and schedulers
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Our goal is to eliminate data entry from the workplace. Zed stands for zero entry data.

Zed Axis will..

* Save you hours in tedious data entry tasks, whether its entering transactions or updating lists

* Improve accuracy when entering data into QuickBooks

* Enable you to transfer transactions quickly and easily between QuickBooks company files.

* Streamline the bank and credit card reconciliation process in QuickBooks