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Exemplar LIMS

Integrated laboratory information management system

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Exemplar LIMS overview

What is Exemplar LIMS?

Exemplar LIMS is a cloud-based, integrated suite of LIMS (laboratory information management system) tools designed to help clinical research and medical facilities manage laboratory samples, genomics data, medical billing, sales force automation, and sample preparation. Scientists can use the bioanalysis module to streamline various stages of drug discovery and development through instrument calibration, method validation, reagent preparation, and more.

Key features of Exemplar LIMS include certificates of analysis, data import/export, an electronic laboratory notebook, inventory management, sample tracking, lab instrument interface, workflow management, audit trails, data security, and test panels. It comes with a research tool, which allows teams to check data generation, manage data mining and analysis, track bench protocols, and monitor samples. The diagnostics functionality assists commercial companies with sample collection, instrument integrations, custom algorithm implementation, medical billing, and sales force automation, automating laboratory workflows.

Exemplar LIMS integrates with existing QC genomics instruments and secondary analysis systems, in order to help teams interpret genomics data and streamline the sample needs of research/clinical labs. Its graphical dashboards provide visibility into laboratory activities, enabling tracking of consumables, derivative/aliquot lineage, sample volumes, and more.

Exemplar LIMS’s histology module allows research institutes and hospital laboratories to assess the effects of drugs on various subjects by examining cellular changes after being exposed to candidate drugs. The platform offers numerous layout algorithms that can be viewed according to tissue specifications, staining, and grouping, giving users visibility into each stage of sample processing.


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