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MyCaseRecords overview

What is MyCaseRecords?

MyCaseRecords Case Management System was especially created for behavioral health facilities and professionals. It is a full featured, Beginning-to-End case management solution that is affordable, practical and user-friendly. Manage client cases, facility records, HR functions, individual and group schedules, referrals, claims, billing, authorizations and much more in one easy-to-use system.

The Case Management System enables practitioners to keep all client data organized, easy to retrieve and categorize, while avoiding key entry mistakes or repetitive errors.

Streamline the 12 Core Functions of Reports and Record Keeping with MyCaseRecords: Screening, Intake, Orientation, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Counseling, Case Management, Reports & Record KeepingClient Education, Crisis Intervention, Referral, Consultation.

Features: MyCaseRecords Case Management System places many features right at your fingertips to streamline the daily activities of facility management, counselors and staff.

Client management: The Case Management System allows you to view and manage all client records from admission to discharge. If a client requires reentry into a facility or another program, a new case number will be assigned for each instance, allowing access to primary tracking through the original client number.

Case management: Each client can have multiple "cases" or treatment episodes. The system automatically organizes case records in the client profile along with other relevant data.

Activity and forms management: This feature allows you to document all client-related activities and complete necessary forms, while having them electronically organized.

Scheduling: With the Scheduling feature, you can easily schedule individual clients, groups, classes, staff activities, and other recurring events.

Referral Management: This tool allows you to develop a database of referral names, agencies and contact information, as well as track source of referrals, see reports and use the database to send e-mail campaigns.

Employee Management: You can record and maintain important employee data. In addition, you can scan, store and track important documentation such as licenses, certifications, malpractice policy information and much more.

Reports and Dashboards: MyCaseRecords gives you the option to choose a report from our Library of Reports or design your own. The agency and client data is at your fingertips in a concise manner with this feature. The system dashboards show you summaries of data that you choose.

Workflow and Rules: Facility directors can use the Rules function to automate facility processes and save time and reduce mistakes. For example, a manager can write a rule that will automatically generate a pending discharge summary that will be due within 10 days of client discharge.

Security and Roles: The Case Management System is secure and HIPAA compliant. All client data is secure, SSL encrypted and password protected. User access is determined within the role established by the agency administrator.

Simple, Secure User Login: Secure role-based organization for each staff member with specific accessibility to data. Users log into their own personalized homepage/dashboard
Staff do not have to be at assigned stations; any computer with Internet access will work.

Billing: This feature integrates newly entered data with your existing legacy billing process and allows the option of migrating it to MyCaseRecords online billing module.


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MyCaseRecords is delivered through a monthly subscription model (pay-as-you-go).
This method of payment is more affordable than traditional software purchases, which often involve large, up-front license fees and expensive hardware purchases. MyCaseRecords service model allows for an all-inclusive low monthly fee, which also protects you from hidden costs (such as maintenance, software and hardware upgrade, internal and offsite support fees).

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Additional information for MyCaseRecords

Key features of MyCaseRecords

  • Client Management
  • Case Management
  • Assessment Forms, Treatment Plan Forms
  • Scheduling and Calendars
  • Employee Management
  • Activity and Forms Management
  • Facility Management
  • Referral Tracking
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Security and HIPAA Compliance
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Saves Time and Money - MyCaseRecords saves facility owners, counselors and staff time by streamlining the core functions of reports and record keeping. As facilities move towards electronic document format, MyCaseRecords will save money by eliminating paper and printing costs, while reducing time that staff uses to file, search for and maintain records. MyCaseRecords organizes activities and forms chronologically for easy access.

Streamline Reports and Record Keeping - The Herdman Assessment Form (HAF) generates a bio-psycho-social report of client history, while leaving the clinical decisions up to the counselor. The HAF prepares a reader-friendly narrative so that the counselor does not need to rewrite the history obtained from the client. Using the Library of Forms streamlines other types of reports and helps standardize the reporting format and information to be gathered across counselors and agencies.

Eliminate Repetitive Data Entry - MyCaseRecords stores client information in a secure database and will auto populate all created forms with appropriate client data. Gone are the days of needing to write client's name, "today's" date and other repetitive information on forms time and time again - MyCaseRecords will quickly do it for you.

Focus on Clients Instead of Paperwork - It is important to maintain accurate documentation for each client's case. MyCaseRecords streamlines the process by allowing counselors to complete documentation in a more efficient way, thus allowing counselors to spend more time with clients.

Reduce Paperwork - Soon, facilities will be required to migrate to electronic record keeping standards in compliance with the government's efforts to reduce healthcare costs. MyCaseRecords enables facilities to switch to and maintain client data in electronic format.

HIPAA Compliant - Our Case Management System helps you stay on top of mandatory compliance procedures and be more prepared for audits. Your records are kept secure and are easily restored in case of potential disaster situations.

Increases Administration Effectiveness - Rich functionality of MyCaseRecords makes facility management more efficient, allowing management to have comprehensive overview of staff's activities and processes. Counselors benefit from seeing their pending activities and upcoming scheduled sessions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities - Use our Library of Reports to display data in a useful and effective way. For example, quickly see the number of active clients assigned to a primary counselor or in a specific agency program, track referrals to your facility, and view current and pending activities for one or a group of counselors.

Web-based Application, Accessible Anywhere - You do not have to purchase expensive software licenses and hardware or hire additional IT staff. An Internet connection and a web browser is all you need to access and modify your data whenever you like.

Staff Collaboration Across Facilities and Remote Locations - Administrators and Counselors may view client and case information through a single application when reporting activities and charting. Moreover, all records are easily accessible across multiple facilities and users may collaborate with their coworkers from remote locations.

Suited for multi-program and multi-site implementations - Administrators are able to identify specific agency programs and locations/sites for performed services. Managers may further set data sharing rules across multiple locations.

Contributing to Behavioral Health Research - With new data at your fingertips, researchers and administrators can gather collated statistics and build reports to better serve clients and the community. The data collected in the Herdman Assessment Form (HAF), for example, can organize specific data by gender, race, age, and even ZIP code.