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CareCloud logo

The EHR + PM Choice for High-Growth Medical Groups

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CareCloud’s award-winning financial, clinical, patient experience and revenue cycle solutions run at the speed of your practice to drive your performance and delight your patients.

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Mercury Medical logo

Billing management solution for medical clinics

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Mercury One helps small clinics and medical practitioners manage processes related to billing, payments, compliance, and more. The platform comes with a demographic data capture functionality, which enables organizations to collect patient information such as age, gender and income.

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Rectangle Health logo

Our mission is to simplify the business side of healthcare.​

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Rectangle Health is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations streamline healthcare practices' financial and operational well-being by improving patient experiences, optimizing payment processes, and minimizing compliance risks.

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Psykdesk logo

Practice Management Software for Behavioral Health

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Psykdesk is a modern behavioral health EMR built for the group practice.

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ProviderSuite logo

Cloud-based medical practice management solution

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ProviderSuite is a cloud-based medical practice management solution, designed to help small to midsize organizations streamline their entire scheduling and billing processes. Its automated patient registration system enables users to manage appointments, patient data, schedules, claims, & payments.

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Gensolve Practice Manager logo

Practice management software for health professionals

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Gensolve Practice Manager is a cloud-based practice and patient management solution for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The software includes tools for scheduling appointments, managing inventory, creating and storing clinical notes, processing billing and claims, and more.

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Dr.Pad  logo

Medical practice management software

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Dr.Pad is a medical practice management software designed to help doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and other healthcare practitioners manage patient appointments, billing, payments, and reporting. The platform enables managers to organize the office, schedule appointments, and communicate with patients.

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PracticeSuite logo

Cloud-based Medical Billing & Practice Management platform

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PracticeSuite is a full medical practice management & medical billing software with EHR & patient portal services for medical practices & billing companies

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myCare iMedicWare logo

EHR & PM Platform for Ophthalmologists to Improve Workflow

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myCare iMedicWare is a cloud-based solution for ophthalmologists and optometrists, which helps medical practitioners manage electronic health records, office communication & workflows to facilitate patient care. It aids enterprises in handling staff training, web check-ins, data migration, & more.

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AMS Ultra Charts logo

Medical software made easy!

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Ultra includes EMR software, patient portal, appointment scheduling and practice management software.
Ultra Charts helps organizations schedule appointments and also provides a self-service portal to facilitate communication between patients and physicians via messaging.

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AbbaDox logo

We Simplify Healthcare IT.

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AbbaDox is a healthcare software provider specializing in radiology workflow solutions. The company’s comprehensive cloud-native platform helps outpatient imaging centers optimize their operations throughout the entire patient journey.

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Unified Practice logo

Cloud-based EHR and medical practice management software

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Unified Practice is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software designed to help clinics handle appointment scheduling, patient intake, ePrescribing, billing, and insurance verification, among other processes on a unified platform.

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MYLE logo

The MYLE Integrated Care Platform is built for better care

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The MYLE Integrated Care Platform streamlines processes encountered daily by a busy primary care clinic. By uniting care teams, physicians and patients on one platform with a user-friendly interface, all aspects of patient care are managed efficiently to save time and offer a higher quality of care.

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Adracare logo

Virtual practice management & telemedicine tool for clinics

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Adracare is a virtual practice management software designed to help healthcare professionals connect with patients through video conferences, share documents and medical reports, and generate electronic prescriptions.

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INVOX Medical logo

Real-time dictation and transcription of medical reports.

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INVOX Medical is a speech recognition software for real-time dictation and transcription of medical reports. It is compatible with any medical or EHR software and we have specific dictionaries for more than 15 medical specialties to ensure maximum accuracy in dictation transcription.

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inBehandlung logo

Streamline Vet Care: Simplify, Manage, Thrive!

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Discover the future of veterinary practice with inBehandlung! The web-based software supports veterinary practices, veterinary clinics, and veterinary practitioners in the digitalization of their practice and thus enables efficient processes and smart practice organization.

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CureMD logo

Cloud based solution for small to mid-size medical practices

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CureMD offers an all-in-one solution which allows users to manage a practice, electronic health records and medical billing

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CarePaths EHR logo

E-Health Records & Practice Management System w/ Telehealth

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ONC-Certified & HIPAA compliant cloud-based EHR and practice management platform with telehealth. Accept e-referrals, FREE claim submissions, online payments, E-statements, online scheduling, appointment reminders, clinical documentation, customizable forms, secure messaging, outcomes monitoring.

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Clinicmaster logo

Practice management software for the healthcare industry

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Clinicmaster is a practice management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry streamline appointment booking, billing, and marketing operations. It offers a case management portal, which enables medical professionals to maintain patients’ treatment records, monitor payments, and track their health progress in real-time.

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Consentz logo

Clinic management system for building patient relationships

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Consentz is a clinic management software with a range of features designed to enhance the patient experience, improve revenue, and mitigate risks for businesses. With Consentz, users can educate patients about their treatments, ensuring they have all the necessary information.

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Clinicea logo

The best Clinics across the world trust only Clinicea.

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We're the best all-in-one, cloud-based, clinic management platform for growing, ambitious clinics.

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MDaudit Enterprise logo

A robust billing compliance and revenue integrity platform

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For the ultimate billing compliance and revenue integrity achievement, MDaudit is a platform that helps healthcare professionals manage their regulatory mandates, boost efficiencies, and mitigate risk, thereby increasing their bottom line.

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Aesthetic Record logo

Cloud-based practice management system for aesthetic clinics

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Aesthetic Record is a cloud-based practice management software designed to help aesthetic clinics manage online booking, patient records, invoices, inventories, and more.

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AccuMed logo

Behavioral health and substance use EHR solution

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AccuMed is a behavioral health and substance use EHR solution that includes clinical EMR, billing, reporting, practice management, patient portal, and telehealth processes. It includes a configurable rules engine, a workflow engine, security profiles, configurable forms, notes, treatment plans, reports, and more.

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TherapyPMS logo

Therapy-Based Practice Management Software for ABA/ST/OT/PT

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TherapyPM a practice management software designed to therapy-based providers and clinics streamline practice and daily operations, allowing them to focus more on the patients.

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