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Software solution for driving direct online hotel bookings

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Hotelchamp overview

Hotelchamp is a marketing solution for the hotel trade, providing a suite of targeted tools for increasing direct website conversions. Backed by intelligent online technology for monitoring and analyzing visitor behavior for the purpose of understanding a customer audience, the software allows a number of integrated widgets to be added. Many of these are event-triggered to show messages, prompts, content, links and booking tools at the optimal moment and positioning for grabbing attention persuasively. Hotelchamp's "triggering toolset" of 10 widgets can add desktop-like popup notifications, welcome messages, discount voucher offers, exit intent popups, toolbars and even instant chat capabilities. In addition, comparison windows allow USP and pricing details to be displayed against those of alternative booking channels and offering transparency over the implied benefits.

A range of targeting options then allow these triggering tools to be optimized so they become more relevant and effective. URL targeting ensures only certain Hotelchamp features are activated on certain pages of a website where they make the most sense. Audience targeting shows tools to certain audience groups based on five different criteria such as OTA source, geolocation and time spent on the site. Behavioral methods then include smart Interaction and personalization targeting to respond to activity in real time or send notifications based on known customer attributes. Hotelchamp then invites users to observe the results for themselves with A/B and Proposition testing, providing feedback on site performance before and after.


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Hotelchamp screenshot: A smart toolset with 10 triggering tools encourages visitors to book directly via a hotel's website and raise conversionsHotelchamp - How does it work?Hotelchamp screenshot: Smart notifications add pop-up messages to a website, triggered by user actions and behaviorsHotelchamp screenshot: The voucher tool shows discounts and gift vouchers to visitors when making a direct booking through the websiteHotelchamp screenshot: The exit intent tool appears when visitors attempt to leave the website to convince leaving visitors with a final triggered messageHotelchamp screenshot: Online support chat capabilities add live chat features to a website to improve the online customer service experienceHotelchamp screenshot: A USP comparison window displays the reasons and advantages for why visitors should consider booking directly over other methods or outletsHotelchamp screenshot: Price comparisons show the current hotel pricing via the website against the prices of other booking channelsHotelchamp screenshot: A welcome tool warmly greets visitors when they initially enter the websiteHotelchamp screenshot: The trigger tab adds available tools within a customizable dock positioned to the edge of the websiteHotelchamp screenshot: The floating tab offers a range of possibilities for displaying content and USP messages at the side of the pageHotelchamp screenshot: A sticky tool places an unobtrusive bar at the foot of the page displaying three USPs alongside a booking buttonHotelchamp screenshot: URL targeting allows choice over showing the tools across a whole website or only on specific pages onlyHotelchamp screenshot: Audience targeting opts to trigger notifications based on a targeted audience defined within specific groups sharing certain attributesHotelchamp - Learn how it works

Hotelchamp reviews


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Ric van Holthe tot Echten

Since we started working with Hotelchamp we have established a huge growth in conversion

Used weekly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-04-28
Review Source: Capterra

Huge improvement in conversionWhat I like most about the software is the direct results it brings. It learns you that small changes can lead to big results. Since we started working with Hotelchamp we do not only see positive results in conversion, but we also learn how we can drive conversion. Hotelchamp is not a service that you pay for, it is a partnership where we learn from each other and try to reach the best possible results.

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Philip van Slooten

With Hotelchamp's technology we increased our direct bookings, which is great!

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-05-01
Review Source: Capterra

With Hotelchamp's technology we can easily convince our website visitors that booking with Stayokay has many advantages. Because of this we increased our direct bookings, which is great! - Philip van Slooten, Online Specialist Stayokay Fast implementation, fast changes. Quite flexible, you can change the tools in the design and communication of your brand The testing possiblities, to make progress. Personalization possiblities

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Brandon White

Software that can increase bookings via your website property customer support desk that is helpful.

Used monthly for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2017-05-16
Review Source: Capterra

The tools are useful and quite targeted to the user. You can drive key unique selling points and customise your message.

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Hotelchamp pricing

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Small (0 to 49 rooms): $229 per month, paid annually

Medium (50 to 99 rooms): $349 per month, paid annually

Large (100 to 149 rooms): $449 per month, paid annually

Enterprise (149 rooms & chains): Contact for quote

Hotelchamp features

Automatic Notifications
Discount Management
Online Booking Integration

API (41 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (35 other apps)
Availability Management (40 other apps)
Billing & Invoicing (34 other apps)
Billing Rate Management (32 other apps)
Booking Management (70 other apps)
Calendar Management (59 other apps)
Channel Management (53 other apps)
Credit Card Processing (45 other apps)
Electronic Payments (38 other apps)
Invoice Management (38 other apps)
Multi-Channel Management (29 other apps)
Price Management (36 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (44 other apps)
Reservations Management (50 other apps)
Room Booking (47 other apps)
Third Party Integration (45 other apps)

Additional information for Hotelchamp

Key features of Hotelchamp

  • CRM
  • Guest management
  • Single / group reservations
  • Online booking
  • Payment processing
  • Third party booking
  • Triggering toolset
  • Website integration
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Online booking integration
  • Promotions management
  • Revenue management
  • CRM integration
  • A/B testing
  • Smart pop-up notifications
  • Vouchers & discounts
  • Online support chat
  • USP / price comparisons
  • Exit intent popup
  • Welcome message
  • Trigger tab
  • Floating tab
  • Sticky bar
  • Proposition testing
  • Visitor targeting
  • Geo audience targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • URL targeting
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Using the same smart technology that other leading online booking engines employ, Hotelchamp analyzes website visitor behavior to effectively target customers with personalized engagement tools.

The software allows hotel businesses to integrate a suite of interactive tools into an existing website, delivering customizable messages, prompts and offer incentives designed to raise direct booking conversions.

Inform visitors of the reasons and Unique Selling Points (USPs) associated with why they should book directly through the hotel's own website rather than with competitor channels.

A/B and Proposition testing methods allow the performance of an original website to be compared against the same site with activated tools, or which of those tools work best.

Targeting methods include URL, audience and behavioral targeting which allows only certain tools and notifications to be shown on certain pages, to certain people groups, or only when certain actions occur.