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Lightweight Employee Engagement & Performance Software

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15Five is a lightweight performance management platform that helps you stay connected with your employees, projects, and culture as your company grows

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Cloud-based human resource management solution for SMBs

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People is a cloud-based HR system designed for small & midsized businesses to automate their HR administrative tasks and manage employee-related​ activities

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We put feedback in the hands of those who can take action.

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Alchemer, formerly SurveyGizmo, helps company's conduct 360-Reviews, simply and without hidden costs. All while maintaining high standards of data security. With Alchemer, you have the power and flexibility to create an 360-Review program that fits the unique needs of your company.

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Gamified customer engagement & feedback collection tool

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Feedier is a Feedback management platform to collect qualitative Feedback with highly engaging and gamified forms. Be a leader, turn Feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions.

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Leading OKR, Performance Management & Career Management tool

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Leading tool for lightweight continuous feedback in addition to structured 360 feedback to help your employees grow.

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Cloud-based enterprise survey software solution

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Cloud-based enterprise survey software solution. Users in more than 150 countries use CheckMarket to conduct beautiful surveys, get insights and act on the results.

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Virtual Hi5's for a culture of recognition & appreciation

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Hi5 is an employee recognition & feedback platform that enables staff to recognise and rate each other in real time, and provide continuous feedback. Management & HR teams are able to track and monitor goals, as well as measure culture, happiness, & growth across the organisation with analytics.

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Work with purpose

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Koan is a free software for setting goals and reflecting on progress.

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Survey software and questionnaire tool

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Powerful, flexible and easy to use feedback software, with full support for 360 feedback surveys. Fully responsive with support for multi-language surveys.

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Saba TalentSpace


Put your people in the driver's seat of their own experience

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Use TalentSpace Performance to provide social feedback & employee appraisals, manage competency, align & track goals, create development plans, & more.

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Employee performance management made easy

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Primalogik is an online employee performance management solution that provides performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback and engagement surveys into a single platform.

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Usersnap helps software companies to collect user feedback

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Usersnap is a feedback platform that helps software companies to collect customer feedback and measure user experience (CSAT, NPS, CES), to do visual issue tracking for QA, UAT and beta testing. All-in-one platform. Get all metadata (screen size, browser, etc), screenshots, and screen recordings.

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Tap My Back


Employee engagement & real-time feedback software for SMEs

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Easily understand how employees really feel. Receive private continuous feedback to help you spot problems and give real-time feedback to help your teams grow.

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Clarity Wave


360° workplace feedback, evaluation & engagement tool

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EPIC from Clarity Wave is a bilingual, gamified system for SMBs to measure & improve employee experience and workplace culture with weekly 360° mini-surveys. Organizations can promote peer-to-peer recognition and gather anonymous feedback to help improve the working environment.

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Your Online Learning Partner

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BizLibrary is an online employee training solution that enables learners to view training content related to various fields in the form of videos and lessons

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Saba Cloud


Work Like You

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Saba delivers user-centric, high impact learning that’s personalized, customized and scalable with agile, continuous and self-directed learning, content curation and social collaboration. Use the industry standard for modern, personalized and measurable employee training, compliance & certification

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AI-backed employee development program

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DeveLoop is an intelligent learning platform which allows users to create an adaptive learning experience for employees to uplift the workforce. The AI Superbot Cavis interacts with employees and provides them with prescribed learning journeys based on their development areas.

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Quantum Workplace


Modern tools to elevate employee and business success.

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Quantum Workplace is a cloud-based employee engagement solution, which assists businesses of all sizes with conducting surveys and collecting employee feedback. Key features include data analysis, automated reminders, goal setting, progress tracking, engagement tracking, and talent review.

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The Kazoo Employee Experience Platform brings together everything you need to create a high-performing, connected culture regardless of where your employees work or what device they use.

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PiiQ by Cornerstone


Performance & Learning Management and Analytics for SMBs

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PiiQ is a self-configurable, mobile-optimized, world-class talent management solution that helps SMBs realize the potential of their employees.

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Feedback based employee performance & engagement software

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Synergita is an employee performance & engagement solution for managing appraisals, talent development and review, social recognition & continuous feedback

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Vision Metrics 360


360 degree feedback simplified

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Get everything you need to deploy 360-degree feedback evaluations right in your browser. Segmented feedback through a self-evaluation, managers, peers, reports and even business partners and customers

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Grapevine Evaluations


Web-based employee survey & evaluation platform

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360 Degree Feedback Tool is a web-based employee evaluation platform with which SMBs & large enterprises can manage employee evaluations, assessments & reviews

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Small Improvements


A performance management toolkit for SMBs

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Small Improvements is a flexible performance management toolkit for small and mid-sized companies. The software supports performance reviews, peer feedback, 1:1 meetings, objectives, employee recognition, and pulse surveys throughout the year.

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HR to Inspire

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Meaningful, Frequent and Actionable Feedback. Strengthen a growth driven culture with instant feedback that keeps people motivated, engaged and committed.

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