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Dramatically improving employee productivity

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Actus is an intuitive and configurable performance and talent management system designed to improve people performance through more meaningful conversations

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The People Enablement Platform

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Feedback from peers, managers, and self-assessments — all in one place. Automatic reports help managers and individuals align on strengths and areas to develop.

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From practice - for practice

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Toolkit for digital employee communication, agile work, quality and knowledge management, mission statement and leadership in the company.

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Online Employee Performance Management Software

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Easy, Affordable & 100% Flexible Employee Performance Management Software.

Ideally suited for companies with 200-4,000 employees, CRG emPerform offers the most configurable & flexible software for automating and streamlining vital performance processes. Get started today!

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Customer focused pest control software

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Pocomos is a customer focused business management solution for the pest control industry which offers tools for managing field sales, tracking revenue, communicating with customers, scheduling appointments, processing payments, and monitoring business performance, all from one central platform

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Human resource management for Mexican businesses

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Evalúa a los colaboradores de tu empresa, crea las plantillas, envía las evaluaciones y recopila los resultados a través de Worky.

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Collect employee feedback automatically and continuously

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Keep track of your team's job satisfaction with automatic employee polls and improve your working environment. View results in real time and react in time.

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Onboarding, performance, & learning management software

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Cognology’s online 360 degree feedback system makes it easy to run small scale reviews or fully integrate 360 into your talent management processes. The system is fully customisable. Use your own questionnaire or our library. All fully backed by a friendly and experienced support team.

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Cornerstone Performance


Performance management & benchmarking software

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Cornerstone Performance is an online performance management system which enables goal & competency management, development planning, performance reviews & more

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Onboarding and training solution for businesses

learn more is a cloud-based solution, which helps small to large organizations conduct employee on-boarding through learning & training management. Key features include video content creation, induction management, development planning, employee branding, performance evaluation & peer recognition.

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Cloud-based project and resource management software

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PickYourSkills helps businesses create and manage teams for multiple projects and ensure compliance with GDPR standards. The platform lets project managers post staffing requirements, select suitable employees using automated suggestions, and track utilization of resources via a unified portal.

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Sage People


Flexible, Cloud HR to Enable Your Agile Workforce

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Lead, manage and engage your people through the rapidly changing world of work, with a global cloud HR and People management system that’s designed for flexibility and built for the end-to-end employee journey.

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Bizneo HR


Level up your HR game

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Bizneo Appraisals is a cloud-based HR software. Use the most effective forms for your teams performance and skill appraisals. Chose and create easily your model: 360º, top-down, all in a single talent management platform, that helps you to foster a participatory culture that drives business growth.

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Performance & Talent Management

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Elevo is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution which assists businesses of all sizes with goal management and performance evaluation. Its key features include feedback management, appraisals, predefined templates, group summary reports and campaign management.

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Unit4 intuo


Helping companies to attract, grow, engage and retain talent

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Unit4-intuo offers a 360 feedback to managers, HR and employees. Both top-down and bottom-up.

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Talent management software for HR professionals

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Acsendo is a talent management software that enables businesses to evaluate, measure, and optimize the performance of employees through customizable assessments. HR professionals can design branded assessments and build competency models according to organizational requirements.

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Our Tandem


Re-crafting Performance Management to inspire cultures

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Our Tandem is a Continuous Performance Management and Employee Engagement platform that is powered by HR Professionals.

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Real-time employee engagement solution

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Zest is a real-time employee engagement platform which enables businesses to engage, motivate and measure team performance with a range of tools, including surveys, performance appraisals, feedback, ideation, employee recognition, and more. Zest also offers native iOS & Android mobile apps.

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Cloud-based recruitment & human resource management system

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PeopleForce is a cloud-based human resource management system (HRMS) designed to help businesses streamline hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement operations via a unified platform. It enables HR teams to capture and store employees’ details in a centralized repository and track applicants.

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Joyous Suite


Employee engagement platform

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Joyous is a cloud-based employee engagement platform which helps medium to large firms manage HR interactions with staff via performance reviews, surveys, 360-degree feedback, & more. The platform enables recruiters to set goals & track progress against key objectives.

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Skills-based learning and talent management

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SkillsBoard is a skills-based learning and talent management solution for enterprises, which provides tools for managing learning, assessments, feedback, skills, and more. The cloud-based platform provides portable skills passports for employees to track and share their skills.

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Talent management for knowledge based organizations

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Centranum is a web-based modular talent management solution designed for knowledge-intensive industries to manage employee performance and track ​competencies

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Survey platform for retail and hospitality sectors

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IntouchSurvey is designed to help businesses across retail, hospitality, grocery, and other sectors conduct electronic surveys for market research. The application enables managers to measure customer satisfaction scores, collect audience feedback, retain existing customers, and track employee productivity.

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Experience the Power of Listening

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Lissen is a 360-degree feedback tool that enables businesses to monitor their organizational culture in real-time and improve decision-making processes. Managers can streamline engagement with employees, assess received feedback based on key parameters, and gain actionable insights or recommendations.

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Talentia HCM


Manage your employees from hire to retire

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Talentia HCM is an HR & talent management software offering organisations a solution with tools to manage, motivate & retain their employees.

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