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WorkStory logo



Save hours by automating your employee performance reviews.

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WorkStory's employee performance review process saves you time by integrating with your team's workflow - collecting data automatically without surveys, spreadsheets, or docs.

Automate your process with the tools your team already uses—Slack, MS Teams, WebEx, Gmail or Outlook.

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ClearCompany logo



Recruit, Ramp, Recognize, and Retain Top Talent.

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Easily capture and synthesize feedback from an employee’s peers, supervisor, subordinates, and cross-functional teammates. ClearCompany enables you to provide holistic feedback with ease using 360 reviews.

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Bob logo



A modern HR platform for modern business

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Bob provides a 360° view of your people by incorporating complete career timelines, goals, and achievements into performance reviews. In a few clicks, you can collect reviews from managers, direct reports, and peers reviews for fair and unbiased reviews.

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Blue logo



Flexible automated 360 degree feedback reviews, with Bllue

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Implement a flexible & automated 360-degree feedback review process with the Blue.

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Peoplebox logo



Enterprise OKR Platform used by Disney, Reliance & Razorpay

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OKR focused strategy execution platform that help fast-growing companies align and achieve moonshot goals.

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Multirater Surveys logo

Multirater Surveys


360 Degree Leadership Survey Solution

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Multirater Surveys is a powerful 360 Degree Leadership Survey platform offering ready-to-go templates that can also be customized to fully meet the leadership goals of each management level.

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Motivosity logo



Enhance the employee experience at every level.

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Motivosity is an employee engagement platform that helps develop your managers and build great cultures. Motivosity helps managers at every level have the tools they need for success and to support their team members.

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Culture Amp logo

Culture Amp


Complete solution for employee feedback and performance

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The complete performance solution including developmental 360 reviews, performance reviews, and goal tracking. Culture Amp is a People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention and performance. Learn why 2,500+ companies trust Culture Amp.

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AssessTEAM logo



Employee performance management software

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Setup 360-degree feedback survey in minutes. Use your questions or pick from 100s of professionally design 360-degree feedback questions in our library. Employees love the flexibility of our mobile apps.

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OstendiHR logo



Base your personnel decisions on credible data

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The 360-degree evaluation can help identify employee strengths and development areas, and foster a feedback-oriented culture within your organization.

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SurveyMonkey Enterprise logo

SurveyMonkey Enterprise


360-degree feedback solution for HR professionals

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SurveyMonkey Enterprise is a customer satisfaction solution designed to help businesses in IT, healthcare, education, and other sectors collect, assess, and share survey responses with teams. Administrators can secure confidential data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance standards.

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Spidergap 360 Feedback logo

Spidergap 360 Feedback


360˚ Feedback Software — Easy for Admins and Participants

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Simple, actionable 360° Feedback. Use Spidergap out-of-the-box and start collecting feedback in minutes or customize the 360˚ Feedback process entirely to fit your needs. Spidergap is ISO-certified and GDPR-compliant, dedicated to global data security. No contracts or commitments, use as needed.

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Leapsome logo



Performance Management & Personalised Learning Platform

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Build a culture of feedback with Leapsome’s all-in-one people management platform and implement meaningful, growth-oriented 360-degree feedback processes to enable your managers and develop your employees.

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Trakstar Perform logo

Trakstar Perform


Performance Management and Employee Engagement Software

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Request feedback peer-to-peer, upward manager feedback, as well as feedback from outside respondents to get a full employee performance picture.

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Suggestion Ox logo

Suggestion Ox


Software for designing & managing anonymous suggestion boxes

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Suggestion Ox helps government agencies, associations, and other organizations create, deploy, and manage online suggestion boxes. The platform allows businesses to personalize the interface using custom logos, colors, images, and other attributes to establish brand identity.

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Pando logo



Career management platform

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Pando creates a collaborative environment when it comes to employee performance calibration and growth. Pando enables employees to log achievements set goals and request assessments on an ongoing basis.

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Reviewsnap logo



All-In-One Performance Management Software

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Reviewsnap provides a robust, user-friendly, flexible and cost effective web-based performance management system that includes performance review, 360 degree feedback, journal entries, and reporting packaged in a highly affordable annual subscription fee. With over 1,200 customers and more than 10 years experience, our customers have found Reviewsnap to be an ideal solution to enhance employee communication, productivity and morale creating a high performance culture.

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Factorial logo



HR software for small & medium companies

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Factorial is a powerful HR software for small to medium companies to automate administrative tasks such as documents, holidays, absences, and much more. Manage payrolls and securely store important documents or even offer flexible compensation and benefits for employees in just one place.

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Users also considered logo


Most Intuitive OKR Software

visit website is the most intuitive OKR Software for managing individual, team, & organization-wide goals for businesses of all types. Businesses can utilize to define custom metrics and roll out OKRs across the entire company in order to track goals & results.

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PerformYard logo



Goal & performance management software

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PerformYard is a goal & performance management software which supports continuous feedback, 360 reviews, annual reviews, project-based reviews, and more

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VideoAsk logo



Get personal with face-to-face interactions: at scale

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Interact face-to-face with your audience using short and simple video chats. Ideal for converting leads, speeding up recruitment, getting authentic testimonials, and engaging your audience.

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Press'nXPress logo



Capturing customer feedback in real-time at any interaction

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Press’nXPress is a 360-degree feedback solution to listen to the voice of the customer at all physical and digital touchpoints. Automatically analyzes data and generates actionable insight, enabling organizations to detect the gap, and take action. Utilizes metric scores such as NPS, CSAT, and CES.

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Primalogik logo



Employee performance management made easy

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Primalogik is an online employee performance management solution that provides performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback and engagement surveys into a single platform.

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Achievers logo



Changing the way the world works

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The leading employee experience platform with all the products you need to effectively move the dial on engagement. Each product suite (Listen, Recognize, Reward) is powerful alone, but they’re even stronger when used together.

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LightWork Performance Management logo

LightWork Performance Management


Dynamic performance management system for SMBs

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The LightWork Performance Management system encourages employee development, highlights strengths, and identifies areas for improvement in employee performance

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