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Fitzii overview

What is Fitzii?

For smaller businesses without in-house recruitment resources, Fitzii delivers a combination of expert services and tools that help companies hire better.

Depending on the open role, Fitzii delivers a variety of services, from professional job ad writing and discounts on premium job boards, to tools that improve screening like the predictive Fitzii Assessment, skills tests, video screening, and more.

All hiring activities are managed in an easy-to-use applicant tracking system that saves time at every step, and centralizes all your candidates, notes, and activity.

Despite many advances, hiring is still too hard for SMBs, who spend twice as much per hire as a large enterprise, while taking twice as long to fill their open roles. With the Fitzii hiring platform you can turn the tables in one fell swoop, clearly improving your hiring process, while spending less money per hire than most big companies do.


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Fitzii reviews


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Coralie D'Souza

Saving time, energy and money with Fitzii

Reviewed 2014-07-08
Review Source: GetApp

I recently used Fitzii to hire an Administrative Assistant. As an entrepreneur with a day job, I didn't have as much time as I'd like to have spent on recruitment. Yet I know that finding good people is critical to the growth and success of any company. Fitzii has been an incredible resource in recruiting an excellent calibre of staff, with valuable skills and experience, but most importantly fit - to contribute to my growing beauty business. The application is intuitive, self-explanatory and easy to use - even for the not-so-tech-savvy.

Fitzii does an excellent job of sharing the job, resulting in plenty of suitable candidates to choose from. The sorting function was the most helpful part of the process - helping keep me organized, while at the same time determining who was a fit.

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Melissa Alvares

Fitzii is a huge time-saver for our organization

Reviewed 2015-12-21
Review Source: Capterra

We've been using Fitzii for all our hires and we love the tool. It's easy to use, saves hiring managers a ton of paperwork and time, and it's great value. Also, so many of our applicants have commented on the Fitzii tool. They see it as something that shows our commitment to finding great people, and that's great for our brand. PROS: - It's a really simple interface that everyone in our organization that is hiring can learn to use easily (so it doesn't fall all on one person's plate to update!) - For roles where we get a ton of applicants, the tool allows us to quickly scan and find the best ones based on their score and high level qualifications. - We love using the feature to track the shortlist and send quickly send emails. Before all applications were stored in folders in our Outlook, so it's much more organized having it in a system like Fitzii. - It's also great that right in the tool you can purchase things like LinkedIn or Monster/Workopolis Ads. Having this all in one spot and not having to log into multiple sites is great. - The price point is amazing, and it's flexible to what services you want to add-on. This is key since each role we are hiring for is different (and the bandwidth of the hiring manager is different too), so it allows us to build a package that is suited for exactly what we need and not waste money on the bells and whistles if we're not going to use them.

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Sara Bradley

Attractive user interface

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-07-28
Review Source: Capterra

Easy to use. Engaging for hiring managers. Interview guides helpful.

Attractive appearance, basic assessments are helpful, interview guides generated are helpful, the scoring to compare applicants.

Many applicants do not choose to take the assessments so the comparison feature becomes moot. At least half of the emails I sent to applicants, they claim they did not get. You cant create a candidate or add resumes, they must apply. Getting information on the add on services was impossible. Customer support was slow and poor. There is no customization and the stages are not sufficient. Not an easy way to review applicants experience. No at a glance feature.

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Likelihood to recommend: 3/10

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Luz Iglesias

Best Recruitment Software I've Ever Used

Reviewed 2014-07-07
Review Source: GetApp

Fitzii is the best recruitment software I've ever used. Fitzii has an algorithm that scores candidates based on their qualifications, psychometric traits, and culture preferences. Each candidate gets a score out of 100 which means at quick glance, I can see who the top candidates are. Then I review the complete profiles of the top people and don't spend any time reviewing the completely unqualified people. Saves me so much time and increases the quality of my hires. Plus the interface is simple, cheerful and easy to use. Love it.

reduces time spent screening gives a lot of useful info about each candidate includes psychometric assessment attractive, simple, easy to use affordable

it doesn't have a million bells and whistles like some of the big ATS, but for me that's a plus

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Miranda Pawlett

Fitzii is Fantastic!

Reviewed 2016-01-15
Review Source: Capterra

This software has been a a huge help and time saver for me. Prior to Fitzii we received applications via email, so having the software to help display and filter applications has been fantastic. Fitzii is very easy to use and understand. They offer a complete FAQ with print screens and instructions and the support team is phenomenal, always a quick same day turnaround to provide an answer (sometimes even within minutes). The sales team is amazing too, the person we have worked with is genuine, professional and sincerely focuses on what we need and checks in periodically, we have never felt hassled. We don't use all of the Fitzii services currently however we have tested a few and had success. Understanding the software is simple and Fitzii offers 1:1 training. I highly recommend Fitzii, it's fun, easy and affordable!

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Fitzii pricing

Pricing options
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Fitzii provides an enterprise-class applicant tracking system to post and manage all your job openings. Every time you post a job you can engage a Hiring Advisor to create a hiring plan that includes purchasing discounted postings on premium job boards, a variety of value-added hiring success services, or the Fitzii Assessment, which evaluates applicants on their skills, personality and working environment fit. With Fitzii you can hire as well as big companies, at prices you can afford.

Fitzii features

Applicant Tracking

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GetApp Analysis

Fitzii is a free hiring platform designed to help SMBs improve hiring while saving time and money. Instead of offering paid subscription options like the majority of applicant tracking systems, this web-based hiring platform provides applicant tracking for free, and then delivers add-on job boards and hiring services only when users need the help.

Another differentiator is the Fitzii Assessment, which is available to purchase for any job posting. Identifying the best job applicants from a pile of resumes is extremely difficult (and time consuming), even for the most skilled human resources professionals. The Fitzii Assessment moves the initial screening process from art to science, leveraging big data and psychometrics to pinpoint the candidates most likely to enjoy and excel in whichever positions their companies are trying to fill.

Fitzii is considered an ideal solution for organizations without extensive in-house recruitment resources, and it works equally well for all types of jobs in any different industry. Ultimately, Fitzii is aiming to improve the hiring process for SMBs who would like to adopt the best practices of larger, more sophisticated recruitment teams, without spending a fortune.

What is Fitzii?

A completely free and fully-featured applicant tracking systems (ATS) for small and medium-sized organizations, Fitzii gets the hiring process out of the inbox and into its easy-to-use web-based platform. Optional add-ons exist with any free job posting, including job ad writing, premium job boards at discounted rates, and screening tools such as the Fitzii Assessment, recorded video screening, and automated reference surveys.

Fitzii’s free applicant tracking software has all the main features you’d expect, including posting on free job boards, candidate email management and progress tracking, and a drag-and-drop careers page generator. One unique feature is the optional “objectivity mode,” which allows recruiters to disable pictures, names, dates, and locations when making shortlisting decisions, ensuring that the process is free of bias.

Who is Fitzii For?

  • Experience level: All experience levels
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Freelancers, small businesses, mid-size businesses
  • Departments/roles: Human resources departments
  • Budget/point: Free tools
  • Example customers: Kira Talent, PL Light Systems, Clek

Main Features

The Fitzii Assessment

The add-on Fitzii Assessment is a 10-15 minute test that scores candidates based on three elements: skills/experience, personality traits, and work environment fit. The tool helps recruiters to quickly decide exactly which applicants should be shortlisted for interviews, and even provides a customized interview guide for each candidate, based on their results. This thorough assessment is helpful in identifying the best candidates for any type of position as Fitzii’s algorithm is backed by more than 15 million applicant assessments that have been correlated with employee performance data.

Creating New Job Postings

Fitzii offers straightforward tools for posting jobs online. With a single click you can post onto free job boards like Indeed, SimplyHired and Glassdoor, purchase major job boards like LinkedIn, Monster and CareerBuilder at rates 20-50% off retail, or use custom trackable application links to post on social media or any other source.

Organize the Hiring Process

Fitzii decreases the time it takes organizations to identify and hire the right candidates for their available positions by helping to streamline the recruiting process. You can connect with candidates within the platform by emailing them individually, or by using standard templates to save time. The Progress Tracker is there to make notes and move candidates along the stages of their hiring process. And you can compare or share candidates with a colleague, who don’t even need a login to view your shortlist.

It all starts with the Fitzii dashboard. This functions as a hiring command center, where you can manage current openings and see how job postings are performing. Fitzii also lets you restrict views by individual, team, or company.

Building Your Talent Database

Fitzii’s searchable candidate database captures all the info for every applicant who has ever applied for a position, as well as all your notes from the Progress Tracker, so you can quickly find people.

The Talent Network feature offers the ability for people who visit your careers page but don’t see an applicable job opening to leave their resume and express their interest in working for you. This is an excellent way to build a database of potential applicants who can be searched through when job openings arise in the future.

At any time you can compare applicants with each other to see who best fits the bill.


Fitzii offers a generic export functionality, which allows all your data to be exported for upload into other applications, into a spreadsheet, or CSV. Fitzii is also integrated in one-click with the BambooHR HRIS system, and can accommodate other integrations upon request. For Jobseekers, Fitzii is integrated with LinkedIn so they can import their work history information.


Fitzii offers unlimited use of their ATS for free.

The add-ons within the free hiring platform are priced per job. Premium job boards are available for purchase from between $15 to $295. The Fitzii Assessment costs $195, Job Ad & Success Profile $295, Recorded Video Screening $395, Managed Shortlisting $495, References Survey $95 (per candidate).

For organizations with consistent recruiting needs, Fitzii PRO is a subscription providing the use of the Fitzii Assessment for a maximum number of open job postings at a time. Fitzii PRO plans range from $449 per month to $849 per month and deliver savings upwards of 50%+ compared to buying the Fitzii Assessment each time for $195.

Bottom Line

  • Free applicant tracking system
  • Add-on services and job boards to help you hire better
  • Fitzii Assessment trumps resume screening
  • Perfect for SMBs with limited in-house recruiting resources

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Key features of Fitzii

  • Predictive Fitzii Assessment
  • Free job board posting
  • Premium job boards 20-50% off
  • Super easy-to-use
  • Searchable candidate database
  • Branded careers page
  • Track all applicant sources
  • Powerful reporting
  • Personalized interview guides
  • Integrate with BambooHR
  • Candidate progress tracking
  • Candidate emails & templates
  • Recorded video screening
  • Automated reference surveys
  • Professional job ad writing
  • Shortlisting services
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BETTER CANDIDATES from professionally written job ads and discounted job boards

BETTER SCREENING through the Fitzii Assessment, and many other expert tools

BETTER ORGANIZE your hiring through an intuitive applicant tracking system

SAVE TIME & MONEY every step of the way, with guidance from your dedicated Hiring Advisor