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Time clock for clocking employees in & out

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IDEAblox overview

IDEAblox is an employee time clock solution for small business owners looking to calculate payroll efficiently. Users are able to clock employees in and out with a single click, as well as see instant payroll reports. The web based time clock app replaces the physical time clock to track hourly employees, helping to eliminate potentially expensive errors with time cards.

Employees must log in with a password to clock in, with optional IP tracking for added security. Clock in & outs are always accurate, and cannot be modified without the administrator’s approval. Payroll reports allow managers to see total hours for various pay periods or date ranges, with all regular and overtime hours calculated automatically.

IDEAblox allows users to track and manage all employee time offs and accruals by setting up the organization's time off (PTO) types. Employees can generate the requests themselves, and send them in for manager's approval. The platform’s in / out board enables users to monitor who's in or out, whether at their desk, or while on-the-go via mobile device.

IDEAblox saves all records and timesheets for 5 years, with bank level security using SSL encryption to create daily backups, never disclosing any data to third-parties.


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IDEAblox screenshot: Employees log in with their password and clock inreportingIDEAblox screenshot: See total hours for any pay period or date range with a clickIDEAblox screenshot: Keep track of time off requests and accrualsIDEAblox screenshot: Regular and overtime hours are automatically calculatedIDEAblox screenshot: Users can edit their profile and pick an avatar

IDEAblox reviews

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Shaunak Shukla

Very Nice Product!!

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-01
Review Source: Capterra

I am happy with timezone facility, in-out and report facility. Though there is issue with multiple clock in at same time which calculates wrong time difference, but it can be negotiable! It calculates time perfectly and give perfect reports for that! Very nice product!Perfect time calculation and reports.

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Colsum Mohammad

Employee Time Clock Made Easy!

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-02-23
Review Source: Capterra

My overall experience with IDEAblox has been wonderful! The website is very simple and easy to understand and if there is something that you don't know the staff is always willing to help. Also, if you are wanting to add a feature they would be delighted to do it. IDEAblox is the best website I used within 25 years and I recommend it for all businesses. Everything included in the website.

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Steve Hinkel

Great Value and Amazing Customer Service

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-03-08
Review Source: Capterra

I'm blown away by the level of customer service! When I inquired about certain features that weren't yet available, I was able to speak with someone on the phone to make sure they understood what I was looking for. And in no time, the features I requested became available. The only reason I rated ease of use and features and functionality 4 instead of 5 is that I would like the report section to have a shortcut button for "this pay period". Great customer service, easy to use, amazing price.

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Christian Martinez

Great way to manage time on the clock

Used daily for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-02-08
Review Source: Capterra

So user friendly so easy to clock in clock out time adjustments everything is straightforward for employees and for management

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Nathan Corbett

Employee review

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2017-02-23
Review Source: Capterra

I think it is a great and easy way to clock in a manage my hours. I would like to set up a way to have it emailed to me personally at the end of each pay period. Also I do not like my employer choosing a round up or down option. If I clock in at 8:31 I am clocking in at 8:35 and therefore lose 4 minutes. But overall I think it is great and easy to use.Ease of use. Ability to look back on hours and add notes to specific clock in times.

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IDEAblox pricing

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1 - 3 users: $5 per month

4 - 10 users: $10 per month

11 - 25 users: $25 per month

26 - 50 users: $50 per month

51 - 100 users: $75 per month

101 - 150 users: $125 per month

IDEAblox features

Customizable Reporting
Time & Attendance Tracking

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Additional information for IDEAblox

Key features of IDEAblox

  • Salaried employee tracking
  • Flextime tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Payroll hours reports
  • Overtime calculations
  • Time off (PTO)
  • Customized reports
  • Unlimited email / phone support
  • Mobile / tablet ready
  • Secure, SSL Encryption
  • Data backup
  • Clock in & out
  • Clock in on approved computers
  • Payroll hour reports
  • Overtime totals
  • In & out board
  • Time change requests
  • History of all changes
  • Time off (PTO) requests and accruals tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Flextime tracking
  • Hourly employee tracking
  • Salaried employee tracking
  • Sick leave tracking
  • Vacation / leave tracking
  • Workstation tracking
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Employees can clock in and out with a single click using a password, with IP tracking for added security.

IDEAblox instantly shows automatically calculated total and overtime hours for accurate payroll reports.

Employees can request a time card change, which can either be approved or denied by the administrator.

IDEAblox also includes a time off requests and accrual feature, allowing employees to file the requests themselves.

The platform uses bank level security and 256-bit SSL encryption to safely store data.