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Connecteam logo



Enhance employee management with the only all-in-one app

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Time clock software that simplifies your day-to-day operations so you can track and manage employee work hours on jobs, projects, customers or anything else you need.

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BambooHR logo



Everything works together in one platform.

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BambooHR brings all your employee, payroll, time, and benefit information together in one place, giving you the data accuracy, security, and coordination you need to sleep soundly.

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7shifts logo



Simplifying team management, one shift at a time.

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7punches increases punch accuracy, eliminates payroll errors & promotes labor compliance. Easily manage clock in's on the same app you already use for scheduling and ensure your restaurant is meeting its labor targets. Time clocking integrates into your schedule to easily manage time and attendance.

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Homebase logo



Free employee scheduling, time tracking, and more.

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Photos make sure the right person is clocking in. Use GPS to allow off-site clock ins. And you can save on labor costs by preventing early clock ins.

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Synerion logo



Workforce management software

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From simple badge readers to biometrics. Synerion has Time clocks that will help accurately track employee time and eliminate buddy punching/time theft.

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Small Business Time Tracking for Payroll and Billing

learn more combines an online time clock, time off requests, a calendar, & reporting tools, with project time tracking, leave management & expense tracking.

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busybusy logo



GPS Time Tracking and Job Costing Software for Construction

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busybusy is the #1 GPS Time Tracking and Job Costing Software for Construction. Accurately track field hours and reduce payroll time by 67%.

Join the 55,000+ happy customers that have found relief from frustrating, outdated paper time cards.

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Smartlinx logo



Workforce management software for the senior care industry.

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Smartlinx is a workforce management software that enables businesses in long-term care, post-acute care, senior care, and behavioral health facilities to manage their workforce and HR needs on one easy-to-use platform.

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Rhumbix logo



Time and materials tracking for construction businesses

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Rhumbix is a cloud-based T&M (time and materials) management application that helps construction businesses manage field-level data. Ideal for medium to large firms, it provides features such as timekeeping, cost coding, T&M tracking, daily construction reports, payroll management, & more.

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When I Work logo

When I Work


Staff scheduling, time tracking, communication & attendance

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Use When I Work to schedule, track time and attendance, and communicate with employees, all in one place. Put the time clock in your employees' pocket with free mobile app. Manage shift requests & time off. Save time. Improve accountability. 14-day free trial.

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Jolt logo



Comprehensive Digital Food Safety & Operations Software

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Jolt turns any tablet into a time clock with face detection, pre-punch announcements, & geofencing for field employees and multi-location owners. You get foolproof punching & a daily task manager all in one platform. The same tablet employees use to clock in will keep them accountable & on task.

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Factorial logo



HR software for small & medium companies

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Factorial is a powerful HR software for small to medium companies to automate administrative tasks such as documents, holidays, absences, and much more. Manage payrolls and securely store important documents or even offer flexible compensation and benefits for employees in just one place.

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AgencyHR logo



Time and attendance tracking software for insurance agencies

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AgencyHR is a cloud-based workforce management software, which helps insurance agencies manage time-off requests, monitor work hours, and onboard new hires. Features include notifications, overtime calculation, remote access, attendance tracking, and roster management.

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PayClock Online logo

PayClock Online


Time Tracking for Employees

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PayClock Online is a cloud-based time clock solution that helps businesses manage workforce attendance from any location.

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Users also considered logo


Cloud-based employee time clock app

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Enjoy the latest features in time clock software technology. Job Costing, GPS, Employee Survey, Mobile App, Punch Restrictions, Scheduling, and more. Our system automatically calculates your employees' punch times to provide accurate time card data for accurate payroll. Know who's on the clock!

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Rippling logo



#1 Global Workforce Management Platform | HR, IT, Finance

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Rippling fully automates time tracking from check-in to paycheck. No manual entries, syncing issues, or late approvals from supervisors.

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BigTime logo



Time, billing, expense, payment, and project mgmt software

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BigTime helps simplify budgeting, project planning/execution, team communication, task management, resource management, invoicing and project financials. Our customers see an average improvement of 25% in gross margins and a substantial increase in expansion and referral revenue.

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ZoomShift logo



Scheduling software for hourly employees.

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ZoomShift is scheduling software designed for hourly employees. You can easily create schedules online and communicate seamlessly with your employees.

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TimeDrop Time Clock logo

TimeDrop Time Clock


Employee time and project management software

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TimeDrop is an on-premise solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage attendance, work hour calculations, time entries, and more via a unified portal. The platform offers real-time reporting, which allows employees to view their work hours and compare them with their peers and lets managers calculate the time spent on projects or tasks.

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AttendLab logo



Attendance tracking tool for increasing staff productivity

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Capture employees and students timestamp (check in/out) the organization premises or field automatically

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PreciseTime logo



Time and attendance tracking software

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PreciseTime is a time-tracking software that enables businesses to track, report and pay based on employee attendance. The solution allows administrators to configure role-based access controls for staff members and track time cards in real-time. Team leaders can generate and export reports to payroll systems using a centralized dashboard.

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symplr Workforce logo

symplr Workforce


Healthcare-specific workforce management solution

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Developed specifically for healthcare, our cloud-based solution, symplr Workforce, for timekeeping and scheduling, provides actionable data for more proactive staffing decisions, transforming patient care delivery.

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Tempo Timesheets logo

Tempo Timesheets


#1 time tracking app for Jira since 2010.

learn more
Tempo Timesheets is a time tracking software in Jira which enables teams to track time online, and collect reliable data for reporting, invoicing, accounting, and more. The Tempo Cloud app gives users the flexibility to track time on-the-go via iOS and Android smartphone devices.

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Harvest logo



Online time tracking, invoicing & project reporting

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Harvest is an easy online time-tracking software that can help you answer critical questions about your team's time and the health of your projects.

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QuickBooks Time logo

QuickBooks Time


Time Tracking App for Simple and Accurate Payroll

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TSheets offers mobile time tracking with GPS, along with timesheets, PTO accruals, overtime management, DCAA / DOL compliance, and real-time tracking.

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Buyers Guide

Time Clock Software

What is time clock software?

Time clock software, also known as timesheet software, helps business managers track and manage employee hours, including their in-time, out-time, attendance, schedules, and paid time off. It allows employees to clock in and out using a computer or mobile device and records the time and date. Time clock software can also generate reports and alerts to help managers monitor employee time and analyze labor costs on a per-project basis.

How do small businesses track time?

Small businesses use a time clock app or timesheet software to track employee time. It provides digital timesheets that automate the employee time-tracking process across multiple locations. Here are some key features of time clock software:

  • Online time clock: Allow employees to clock in and out through a web-based platform that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. An online time clock tracks and stores in-and-out time information in a central database for further analysis.

  • Timesheet management: Monitor and analyze the time spent on specific tasks and projects. This helps managers calculate the amount of time and resources that are needed to complete a project, as well as to ensure that employees are working efficiently and are being fairly compensated for their work hours.

  • Vacation/leave tracking: Allow employees to submit time off and leave requests, which are forwarded to managers for approval. This feature enables employees to mark leaves in their calendars and sends instant alerts whenever a leave request is opened and edited by managers.

What is the best employee time clock software?

With employees’ work-hour data, businesses can make data-driven decisions and think of better strategies to improve productivity. However, picking the right time clock software that aligns with your business requirements is not easy. To make this choice less challenging and find the best solution based on user reviews, you can look at GetApp’s Category Leaders report for time clock software. This report features top-ranking employee time clock software having the highest ease of use, functionality, customer support, value for money, and the likelihood of a recommendation.

How does time clock software help SMBs?

  • Reduce manual time-tracking errors: Time clock software allows employees to clock in and out using their computer or mobile device, which can help ensure greater accuracy than manual time-tracking methods, such as punch cards or paper timesheets. Manual payroll management requires staff to collect employee timecards, calculate time worked by individual workers, and compute total payroll using hourly wages or salaries. The tool also auto-populates recorded time data on employee timesheets, minimizing calculation errors and reducing associated time and effort.

  • Improve productivity: Time clock software can help employees and managers stay organized and focused by providing them with a clear view of how much time they spend on specific tasks and projects. This can help employees prioritize their work and avoid overbooking themselves, and can also help managers identify areas where employees may be spending too much time on non-essential tasks.

  • Ensure efficient client management and staff scheduling: Client-facing businesses work on multiple projects for different clients. For them, tracking time and revenue is crucial but can also be frustrating. With a virtual time clock, time-tracking software provides real-time reports on time and revenue spent on each project. This information helps managers prioritize projects based on revenue and time required and schedule staff accordingly.