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What is MyTalent?

MyTalent is a customizable 360 degree feedback system that offers SMBs a single and centralized platform from which to manage 360 projects. Incorporating real-time feedback tools, dynamic dashboards and multi-language functionality, MyTalent aims to deliver a smart yet simple 360 degree feedback solution.

In order to manage 360 activity effectively, MyTalent equips users with powerful development tools including an integrated behavioral tracker, development performance management system and development planning workbook. Besides integrated development tools, MyTalent serves to support the learning process by providing users with dynamic dashboards.

Designed to promote a unique learning experience, MyTalent organizes reports on the user dashboard into simple feedback widget boxes. From MyTalent’s dynamic dashboard, users can gain valuable insight into individual and team performance. Moreover, users can utilize other HR data sources for analysis with MyTalent’s Multi-source dashboard. Using 360 statistics and other HR data, users can obtain insight into cultural change. Alongside dynamic dashboards and integrated analytics, MyTalent reveals powerful performance insight through professional reports.

To enhance the user experience, MyTalent offers expert support. By allowing users to partner with the MyTalent project management team and utilize the MyTalent researched leadership framework, MyTalent ensures that users receive full support when creating their 360. Equally, MyTalent affords users the flexibility to self-manage their 360 projects and use their own competency model.


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Very good
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Sonya Bangalore-Chowdhury

Love this software

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2019-01-19
Review Source: Capterra

I loved how its very easy to navigate and use with the proper instruction. I used this software for the HR jobs that I had.

I didnt like how this software would stop in the middle when I was using it the majority of the time. It didnt have anything to do with the internet speed, I just think that it was more to do with the software malfunction.

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Zakariyya Amejee

Review of 360° feedback process

Reviewed 2016-03-07
Review Source: Capterra

The overall 360° Feedback Process helps the appraisees to develop increased self awareness, to better understand their strengths and to discover any blind spots. Above all, it helps them take ownership of their personal and professional development. As a CPD tool, it is very good for both the individual and organisation, it just depends to what extent an organisation maximises the 360 feedback process in order to drive change and improvement. We have been using the the 360° Feedback Process developed by Talent Innovations for the past two years and have found it fulfills our current organisational needs. The report for each participant (including both quantitative and qualitative data) is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format which our staff and their line managers have found helpful. The customer service from Talent Innovations are excellent; the staff are very helpful and prompt in responding to queries and reports are sent swiftly when requested. I would definitely recommend Talent Innovations if an organisation is planning on using the 360° Feedback Process.

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Sapna Patel

Very easy to use and the support from the team is excellent

Reviewed 2016-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

MyTalent offers a great system for 360. we use it frequently for feedback for all levels of staff. The system itself is very user friendly. Once you have your head around how it works and how to upload data, you find it is in fact very straightforward and quick to use. There is a lot of flexibility in being able to change categories easily, merge users should you accidentally create 2 accounts and event formatting of reports. Producing a report takes seconds. I would say the one con is that if you don't have enough people complete in one category, it often groups the feedback with another category to protect anonymity (rightly so). However, there is no control over which category it combines with so sometimes this not appropriate. There is a way round it though.

Response from Talent Innovations

Hi Sapna,

Thanks so much for the lovely review, it¿s a real pleasure working with you!

In regards to the grouping, it is something we are developing towards the next MyTalent software update.

At the moment it picks the group most statistically similar to merge with to avoid any misleading data.

In the meantime we can do this behind the scenes for you though, so do let me know of any that you would like merged manually and I can get that done for you.

Speak soon

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Mike Shreeve

Self -install 360

Reviewed 2017-04-25
Review Source: Capterra

Self install 360 is a new tool from Talent Innovations. It is very flexible and you can tailor aspects of the Inspiring Leader questionnaire to suit your clients or even design your own 360. This widens the scope any 360 project you may have. It is easy to use and any areas not understood there is an excellent team under our rep with people like our rep to support so you are not alone despite the name. Our rep has bailed me out of any mistakes I have made in my first project going beyond what I could reasonably expect. I think this tool complements the existing 360 tools that Talent Innovation has on offer and ought to be relevant to HR consultants and HR people who want a great 360 tool to help develop their organisation and its leadership potential.

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Maureen Summers

Very impressed.

Reviewed 2016-02-25
Review Source: Capterra

Very impressed with the whole process both as a participant/user and as the lead coordinator of my Company's internal project team. Everyone at Talent Innovations has been professional, approachable, helpful and proactive throughout. I am not a 'Techie' so what I feared from inception, given the complex nature of our international business and reporting structure, would be an administrative nightmare was in fact very smoothly managed from start to finish. From my perspective as a focus subject, the software was extremely user friendly, communications were clear and the report generated was exceptionally detailed and imformative.

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Customizable Branding
Performance Management
Reporting & Statistics
Self Service Portal

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Key features of MyTalent

  • Comparative reports
  • Aggregate reports
  • Multi-source dashboard
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Automatic reminders
  • Benchmarking at sector, company or cohort levels
  • Customizable branding
  • Multi-language
  • Development tools
  • Real-time feedback
  • Summary reports
  • Competency management
  • Survey management
  • Feedback management
  • Feedback collection
  • Customizable questions
  • Rater selection
  • Development tracking
  • Question library
  • Surveys & feedback
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Graphical statistics
  • Group summary report
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Report access controls
  • Performance management
  • Feedback widgets
  • Self service portal
  • Behavior tracking
  • Performance review cycles
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MyTalent employs powerful development tools, permitting users to plan, track and manage development performance efficiently.

MyTalent provides an intuitive and dynamic dashboard option, granting users a smart way to gain valuable insight into individual competency results.

MyTalent offers specialist support, helping users implement 360 questions, survey design and competency analysis effectively.

MyTalent promotes multi-language functionality, affording users the flexibility to utilize the MyTalent platform in different languages.

MyTalent includes reporting technology, enabling users to produce professional and visually attractive reports.