Human Resources (HR) Software

Best Comparison List of Vendor Applications & Tools
  • BambooHR    19

    Personalized HR software for SMBs
    BambooHR combines essential HR features such as time off management, employee profiles, applicant tracking, reporting & tracking of ...
  • Workable    52

    Affordable hiring software
    HR staff can use Workable to attract candidates, track applications, optimize and prepare for interviews, and analyze & report on ...
  • Zoho Recruit    4

    Applicant Tracking System & Recruitment Software for true Staffing and Recruitment professionals
    HR staff can use Zoho Recruit to promote new job posts, publish career pages, review & store resumes, communicate with candidates, ...
  • HireSelect    1

    Pre-employment Testing Made Easy
    HireSelect is a SaaS pre-employment testing service that features aptitude, skills, and personality tests. Small and medium-sized ...
  • Halogen Software    1

    Performance and Talent Management Made Easy!
    Ranked number one in customer satisfaction and endorsed by thousands of HR professionals worldwide, Halogen Software offers the ...
  • Zoho People    2

    Human Resources Information System
    Zoho People combines employee self-service, employee data management, complete time management - from leave to holidays, real-time ...
  • iCIMS Applicant Tracking System    3

    Top Rated Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Software
    iCIMS empowers organizations to streamline the talent acquisition process and simplify applicant tracking onto one easy-to-use ...
  • Recruitee    19

    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring platform
    Recruitee is a fast and easy recruitment software. Named 'best recruitment software of 2015' by RecruitingDaily and serving over 500 ...
  • NimbleSchedule    9

    Online Employee Scheduling & Time Clocking
    NimbleSchedule Employee Scheduling Software is a novel solution to a notorious problem.Many scheduling solutions put the cart before ...
  • VibeCatch    4

    Automated job satisfaction polls for employees
    Keep track of your team's job satisfaction with automatic employee polls and improve your working environment. View results in real ...
  • PeopleGoal    3

    Performance management software in the cloud
    PeopleGoal brings the full performance management cycle online. Manage goals, feedback, reviews, development and reports in a simple,...
  • Time-Off Manager    2

    Most Trusted & Complete Time-Off Management System Available
    Time-Off Manager is a fully automated, 100% web-based solution to easily track and manage employees' paid time-off, vacation, sick ...
  • ExpertusONE LMS    2

    Voted the Best LMS System for Training any Learning Audience
    Experience the future of learning with the #1 ranked ExpertusONE LMS. Engage learners, enhance learning effectiveness and enable ...
  • ClearCompany    1

    Talent Management Software for SMBs
    The ClearCompany platform allows you to easily move talent from applicant to top performer, collecting data and tracking analytics ...
  • Workplace Mobile  

    Workforce management for retail and hospitality
    Workplace Mobile provides retail & hospitality staff with real-time access to schedules. Users can swap shifts, request time off & ...
  • CRG emPerform  

    Online Employee Performance Management Software
    Ongoing performance management made easy with emPerform! CRG emPerform is an award-winning employee performance management ...
  • Sleekr  

    Simple cloud HR software for business owners
    Sleekr helps early stage business in onboarding new hires, build self-service HR central, manage time off & holiday, and communicate ...
  • WISP  

    Mobile employee handbook
    Quick and simple.Helps create customizable corporate applications for employees.
  • Fairsail HRMS  

    Comprehensive Global Cloud HRMS
    Global cloud HRMS for mid sized, multi national companies
  • Breezy HR    73

    Recruiting software for fast growing, modern teams.
    Breezy helps you advertise open positions, manage and organize candidates and streamline all of your team and candidate ...
  • CATS    27

    CATS applicant tracking system: Everything you need to hire!
    Intuitive applicant tracking software optimized for internal HR and recruiting agencies. Build custom workflows, create specialized ...
  • ShiftPlanning    28

    Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management
    ShiftPlanning is an online workforce management software with over 500,000 users in 87 countries around the world. Combining ...
  • Gusto    11

    Modern, delightful payroll
    Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) unites payroll, health benefits, workers compensation insurance and automated tax processing, accessible ...
  • Hyrell    11

    Applicant Tracking & Recruiting Software
    Hyrell is an applicant tracking and recruiting platform used to automate the various tasks related to finding candidates and hiring ...
  • Calamari Leave    11

    Online time-off, leave and attendance management for SMBs
    Calamari Leave makes time-off and leave management easier. Calamari increases efficiency of absence management by over 342,6% in ...

GetApp lists the best Human Resources (HR) software vendor reviews. Including examples of their program solutions, company comparisons, and other types of application options.

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What is Human Resources (HR) Software?

Human resources software is used to improve the overall management of employee data by automating administrative tasks otherwise performed by the HR department. Core functionalities of HR software include employee data management, applicant tracking and recruitment, benefit and payroll administration, time off and sick leave, as well as training and development.

With a HR application, employee records and applicant data can be recorded, updated and accessed from one central location by all team members. This overview of personnel profiles also allows managers to keep an eye on events such as pending performance reviews, upcoming time-off and payment.

These apps help to further improve workforce management with features to manage training and development, as well as to track employee performance over time. HR software often includes talent management tools such as learning and development, succession planning, rewards management and employee evaluation.

Many HR applications can also be used to attract and recruit the right talent. With features such as job boards, CV collection and storage, online application tools and social media integration, your company can ensure it is finding the best matches. Once the hiring process begins, features such as interview note sharing and consolidation can be used to streamline the process.

HR software can also be used to increase company wide communication through social features such as peer recognition, goal and value sharing, business news feeds and sharable company calendars so no one forgets birthdays and anniversaries.

More robust HR solution can also be used to align corporate goals with company value and culture. This can be done through company related documents, such as employee handbooks and safety guides. You can also set defined employee or team objectives and raise awareness of company values with reward schemes and public recognition for goals reached.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Recruitment and talent acquisition
  • Applicant tracking and hiring
  • Benefits, tax and payroll
  • Training, development and succession
  • Management of employee data
  • Sharing of company resources and cross-company communication
  • Time off, sick leave and attendance
  • Payment, position and pay grade reviews
  • Performance evaluation, reward schemes and disciplinary actions

GetRank Q1 2016 for Human Resources (HR)

GetRank is GetApp’s quarterly ranking of the top 25 Human Resources (HR) apps based in the cloud. Each app is scored using five criteria, each worth 20 points, for a total possible score out of 100: User Reviews, Integrations, Mobile Apps, Media Presence, and Security. Each app’s GetRank score is completely independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that GetApp has with app vendors. For a full report on GetRank and quarterly industry trends, check out the research tab above.


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GetRank Q1 Research for Human Resources (HR)

This research report is part of GetApp’s quarterly product ranking, GetRank. The report, ‘HR in the Cloud: Key Trends for 2016’, highlights the most important trends in the human resources space to help you choose the right cloud-based HR, Employee Scheduling, LMS, Applicant Tracking, or Workforce Management application for your business.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • Expert analysis and industry commentary with insight into some of the most notable developments in human resources software in Q1 of 2016.
  • Unique insights from data collected through GetApp’s research program, GetData, as it relates to user perception of cloud-based business software.
  • The Q1 2016 ranking for HR, Employee Scheduling, LMS, Applicant Tracking, and Workforce Management software.
  • A detailed explanation of GetRank and the five unique data points used to calculate an app’s GetRank score.

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How is the GetRank score calculated?

User Reviews

The GetRank score for user reviews is calculated using a Bayesian estimate, which is a weighted average that includes the number of reviews and the rating of an app, benchmarked against other apps in the category. This raw number is then scaled to represent a value between 1 and 20.


Integration scores are calculated by scaling and adding two different averages for the number of listed integrations on GetApp: the first 15 points are awarded for the total number of integrations scaled against the average for the top 25 percent of apps in the category, while the final 5 points are awarded for the total number of integrations scaled against the leader in the category.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platform scores are calculated using data pulled from Google Play and the Apple App Store. In this case, a maximum of 5 points is attributed for having an Android App, and another 5 for an iOS app. The additional 10 points are calculated based on the ratings of the app in each store, rated out of 5, for a total of 20 points.

Media Presence

Media presence is calculated using the number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans a vendor has. Each social network contributes a maximum of 10 points to the total score. The first 5 points are awarded for total number of followers scaled against the average number of followers that each vendor in the category has, while the other 5 points are awarded based on the total number of followers scaled against the category leaders. The scores for Facebook and Twitter are added together for a total score out of 20.


Security is calculated using answers from a vendor-completed survey. The questions in the survey are based on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form as part of the Security, Trust & Assurance Registry. With 15 questions, each answer is assigned a point value based on vendor response, with additional points given for security certifications, for a maximum possible score of 20.

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