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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

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Plum overview

Plum is a cloud-based pre-employment assessment solution which assesses candidates on their problem solving abilities, behavior and attitude, and social intelligence. Hiring managers select the most important qualities required for each role through a short role analysis survey, and Plum uses its inbuilt algorithm to calculate a role match score for each applicant based on their assessment responses and the output of the role analysis.

Plum’s Problem Solving assessment evaluates candidates’ capacity for logical thinking and their ability to solve new problems, using questions which require candidates to identify relationships and patterns. The test is designed to estimate each candidate’s ability to acquire new knowledge and solve work-related problems. The Personality Inventory test assesses 10 character qualities - assertiveness, compassion, openness, politeness, enthusiasm, self-regard, stability, orderliness, intellectance, and industriousness - designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the most important temperament, traits, and dispositions of candidates. The test was developed with a forced-choice methodology, preventing candidates from increasing scores for all traits by falsely reporting their character traits.

Plum’s Social Intelligence test evaluates candidates’ individual differences in understanding social cues and their ability to anticipate the impact that different actions may have on the feelings and impressions of others. In the assessment, work situations are presented and candidates are asked to select the most and least effective courses of action that could be taken in response to the problem from several different options. Scores for the three sections are calculated in percentiles and color-coded, with darker colors representing more exceptional scores. Users can create and apply thresholds and filters to identify optimal candidates, and results are accompanied by short descriptions of the significance of the score. Candidates can then be shortlisted and interviewed using the provided structured behavioral interview questions.


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Plum screenshot: Plum enables users to edit application requirements and post jobsWhy you need PlumPlum screenshot: Hiring managers complete a short survey in Plum to identify the most important traits required for each rolePlum screenshot: Plum's problem solving assessment requires candidates to identify patterns and relationshipsPlum screenshot: Candidates are assessed on their behavior and attitude, social intelligence, and problem solving abilitiesPlum screenshot: Candidates character traits are assessed across 10 facets from the Five-Factor model, such as openness, politeness, enthusiasm, stability, and compassionPlum screenshot: Detailed breakdowns of individual candidate scores show how well matched they are with the role requirementsPlum screenshot: Candidates' scores are color-coded based on their scores for each assessment and character traitPlum screenshot: Plum provides scores and structured behavioral interview questions to assist users in interviewing shortlisted candidatesPlum screenshot: Once a role is filled, Plum reminds users to carry out performance reviews of new hires

Plum reviews


Very good

Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Devon Lind

We use PLUM for a stepping stone in our hiring process and it is a very helpful tool!

Used monthly for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2018-04-27
Review Source: Capterra

The biggest benefit is to filter out 10s - 100s of candidates to fit a particular style of work that you are hiring for. It is a huge time saver for that feature alone. - Behavioral Analysis is great to filter candidates - Building an ideal candidate profile - Easy to sort through and determine which candidates are a good fit - Simple to use for the potential candidate

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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

Norrie Davidson

Plum is integral to our HR process. We do not even entertain meeting unless they have done a Plum.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-05-16
Review Source: Capterra

It works. It is simple to use and it helps guide you towards what your criteria (soft skills) are for each role you are recruiting for.

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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

Brian Klingensmith

Gives us another perspective on how a candidate will fit into each role, and our culture.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-01-03
Review Source: Capterra

Another tool to assess culture fit within our organization. Multiple users able to create assessment criteria. Easy for the candidate to use. Gives the candidate a small report for completing.

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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

Jennifer Thornton

There is nothing out there like Plum when you are looking to hire candidates that are the right fit!

Used weekly for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-07-06
Review Source: Capterra

This software helps me screen candidates and saves a huge amount of time when trying to decide the right fit culturally and professionally. It's the first stage of our hiring process and the results on candidates is quite uncanny!The next level of info it gives me on potential hires & the accuracy of the results. Plum results are integral to our hiring process. The customer support and training is awesome and I love that it's a Canadian company.

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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

Joshua (Grades) O'Grady

Fastest, the most accurate psychometric tool to date. Our organization did extensive research.

Used daily for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-07-17
Review Source: Capterra

Ability to pinpoint the exact types of personality for our team' desires. Timeline to shorten our screening process with 1000s of resumes. The ability to save exponential amounts of time on screening candidates for our roles. The ability to understand humans more and more after reviewing their profiles.

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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

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Pricing is tiered based on the annual number or hires required.

- Basic: up to 6 hires annually.
- Pro: 7-48 hires annually.
- Premium: 49-200 hires annually.
- Enterprise: 201-800 hires annually.

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Plum Pricing Reviews

  • Multiple users able to create assessment criteria. Easy for the candidate to use. Gives the candidate a small report for completing.
  • - Behavioral Analysis is great to filter candidates - Building an ideal candidate profile - Easy to sort through and determine which candidates are a good fit - Simple to use for the potential candidate
  • - Rapid reduction of applicant volume based on intelligent data points curated with contextual awareness to our organization's culture and roles - Speed to hire has decreased dramatically, alongside the investment of resources required per hire
  • - Certain advanced features are on the product road map but currently require manual assistance from Plum's (stellar) customer support team
  • Could improve the navigating/search functionality on the admin end. Detailed reporting available for each position would also add value. Wording on assessments can seem a little harsh when a candidate scores low. Interview questions are generic and guides are not auto generated, requiring extra admin work.
  • - Monthly pricing doesn't seem right for this type of software. A per-job pricing would be ideal for the way that we use it. - Account management is simple, but seems lacking on a few features - It would be nice to have another section or custom sections for different stages of the interview process rather than just "shortlisted" and "hired"... Many candidates go through several stages of the interview and sometimes want to keep track of that.
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Additional information for Plum

Key features of Plum

  • Hiring assessment
  • Role-specific behavioral profiles
  • Structured behavioral interview questions
  • Data-based applicant matching
  • Applicant survey
  • Employer survey
  • Role match scoring algorithm
  • Problem solving assessment
  • Behavior & attitude assessment
  • Social intelligence assessment
  • Candidate profiles
  • Shortlisting
  • Gap analysis
  • Assessment of current employees
  • Candidate comparison
  • Online testing


Hiring managers complete a short Role Analysis survey to indicate the most important qualities required for each role, and Plum uses this to calculate role match scores for individual candidates.

The problem solving test evaluates the ability of each candidate to solve new problems, think logically, and learn new job-related knowledge by asking them to identify relationships and patterns to determine the answers to questions.

The behavior and attitude analysis, or Personality Inventory, assesses candidates across 10 trait dimensions that make up the most important facets from the Five-Factor Model - orderliness and industriousness (from conscientiousness), self-regard and stability (from stress tolerance), intellectual and experiential disposition (from openness), enthusiasm and assertiveness (from extraversion), and compassion and politeness (from agreeableness).

The social intelligence test gauges individual differences in each candidate’s capacity to understand social cues and their ability to anticipate the potential impact of different courses of action on the others.

All scores presented on the dashboard are calculated in percentiles and color-coded to assist managers in identifying the most promising candidates.