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Payroll + Benefits Administration + Time & Attendance + Human Resources data all totally integrated and ready for access. All of your important, commonly needed, mission-critical employee data in one place. Before iSolved, Payroll, Benefit Administration, HR and even time & attendance were separate pieces requiring exporting, importing, duplicate data entry, separate resources, software and logins. iSolved changes all of that. It is a completely integrated solution—data, payroll, benefits administration, time and HR.


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Sarah Rowan

I use it daily to onboard new associates, track training, schedule reviews, upload documents

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2018-06-13
Review Source: Capterra

It's easy to use once you get the hang of the system including to upload documents, schedule reviews, change salaries, schedule training, etc. It is easy for associates too to track their pay and vacation, change address, withholding, etc

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Amy Couts

HRIS Review of Infinisource

Reviewed 2016-09-14
Review Source: Software Advice

That they have improved the product considerably, on an ongoing basis, over the last 2 years, which means they will continue to improve it as things change going forward.

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Karen Cassway

Love the Software-Not the Customer Service

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2019-03-28
Review Source: Software Advice

Up until now it has been great. However, I have a tax issue and I'm trying to figure out where the mistake is. It is impossible to get support. General Customer Service tells me that I need to wait for the Tax department to respond, but after 15 days of calling and emailing, I am still waiting. This is totally not acceptable. If they want to keep customers, there should be a 24 hour turn around. Price, functionality, ease of use, ability to generate my own reporting

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Jenessa Everett

Terrible product with terrible protocols

Used daily for less than 6 months
Reviewed 2016-12-30
Review Source: Software Advice

As an employee, user of iSolved for payroll, I completely despise this software. It is actually inconvenient in every aspect; iSolved is slow to the point I'm unsure if it is even working, an organization does not exist for users to perform tasks and customer support is not available for non-admin users even when it requires for an error page to be fixed! The product is so slow that even a "quick punch" takes extended moments to complete. If you go further into the program it only gets worse. Try setting up a request for PTO and you are muddled to believe the program didn't notice you pushed a button. oh, wait for it. it is thinking!! Back to requesting PTO/editing absences thinking you've found where it is located to realize the organization is really expressive creativity. "Employee Absences" and "Time Off Requests" are delightful in the fact they are both the same thing but are they really? You can perform one function in both but all other functions are split apart between these tabs pushing you further into a maze of the program. Forget about remembering how you did it the first time. When it comes to requiring to update a password the procedure is completely backward. Changing a password for a payroll system should be done during work hours. However, it is always on a Monday morning when I can't clock in and need to take the time to create a new password forcing me later to have my time card edited. It is possible to send an e-mail out a couple of business days before giving the option to either update it when it's convenient, during work hours! Bringing me to my last complaint that brought me to write a review, Customer Support. I have a great appreciation for customer support centers, they always get the brunt of frustrations and then continue to make sure the customer is satisfied. I feel they are the biggest asset in a company. I completely understand the problems that arise if you let a non-admin user contact customer support as every company has different procedures and that is why you create an admin. However, I am not allowed to contact customer support to clear error messages, my administrator needs to. Even when the program directed me to do exactly that. I am then directed to "take a screen shot of the required information", send it to my admin and have them forward it along. This is extremely inefficient. I will never recommend this product to anyone due to the fact that it is slow, unorganized and inefficient. I am shocked by how much our company is paying for this unprofessional program.

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Katy Rogers

Much better than what we had before

Used other for 1-2 years
Reviewed 2017-12-12
Review Source: Software Advice

Overall pretty easy to use, it's just lacking some features I would like to have a fully integrated system instead of partners for Benefits and applicant tracking. Was a big step up from our previous system- OnlineEmployer where we used paper time cards and manual data entry.ESS, Onboarding, Time cards. Viewing pay history and stubs, web-based access. Manager approvals of PTO requests and PTO Balance/accrual tracking and rules that automatically adjust accruals based on length of service. One database for most information, partners for benefits administration/carrier feeds and ATS Partner.

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API (351 other apps)
Activity Dashboard (293 other apps)
Activity Tracking (183 other apps)
Applicant Tracking (213 other apps)
Automatic Notifications (292 other apps)
Automatic Reminders (185 other apps)
Compliance Management (160 other apps)
Customizable Branding (219 other apps)
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Data Import/Export (202 other apps)
Employee Database (155 other apps)
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Employee Portal (173 other apps)
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Real Time Reporting (167 other apps)
Recruiting Management (180 other apps)
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Third Party Integration (220 other apps)
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Key features of iSolved

  • Single data-entry point
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Simplify operation
  • HR, time, and payroll are always in sync
  • No more running imports and exports
  • Increase organizational productivity
  • Eliminate extraneous work
  • Boost efficiency, accuracy, and profitability
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